2-Hybrid Golf Club

A 2-hybrid is a golf club in the hybrid family that is considered a mix between an iron and wood.

The club is generally the length of a 2-iron with a larger head similar to a fairway wood. The club is a lot easier to hit than a long iron.

2-hybrids are designed to be used off the tee, in tall grass and on flat surfaces. It is a versatile club that is rarely seen in golf bags but can be used to efficiently lower scores.

What Club Does A 2 Hybrid Replace?

A 2-hybrid is a good replacement for a 2-iron or 5-wood depending on which club is in the bag and what situations you want to use it in.

A 2-iron is an extremely difficult club to hit so using a 2-wood can make shots a lot more forgiving. It is easy to hit a 2-iron thin or fat, as well as slice or hook it both on the tee and off the deck.

A 2-wood has a more forgiving center of gravity and thanks to its wood-like head, allows mishits to come off better than a long iron would.

💡 Golfible Tip: Using this club to replace a 5 fairway wood is also a good option. Both have similar lofts between 17-19 degrees.

A 5-wood will usually have a lower trajectory when hit and a much higher rollout making it harder to control when landing on a green.

Using a 2-hybrid is more logical when trying to hit out of a fairway bunker or clear water. The 2-hybrid will also have more spin and be more controllable when hitting onto a narrow or small green.

2-Hybrid Distance And Loft

The average male golfer will hit their 2-hybrid between 176-222 yards depending on the degree of the club. Some longer hitters or players that have it adjusted a degree less than 17 degrees can potentially hit it further.

The average female golfer will hit a 2-hybrid between 104-176 yards.

Best 2-Hybrid Golf Club

Our selection for a great 2-hybrid golf club is the Cobra Speedback thanks to its many features and forgiveness.

  • The club features a low center of gravity to help improve the trajectory of shots and gather a high clubhead speed from various lies.
  • It features a 455 stainless steel face that helps golfers hit it long and allows the ball to spring off the face of the club.
  • The Cobra Speedback has a large clubhead that helps increase the moment of inertia as well as a square leading edge and low toe allowing golfers to make solid contact easier.

2-Hybrid Vs 3-Wood

A 3-wood will carry further than a 2-hybrid thanks to many being around 14-16 degrees. Since a 2-hybrid usually is 17-19 degrees you won’t get as much distance like you would from a 3-wood.

The ball flight with a 3-wood will also be lower than a 2-hybrid.

A 2-hybrid will land softer on greens and be easier to hit off the deck than a 3-wood. It will be a lot harder to control the rollout of a 3-wood then it would be with a 2-hybrid.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you have more space and need more distance, reach for the 3-wood.

You can also hit a 2-hybrid out of taller rough. It’s a lot harder to do that with a 3-wood and make solid contact. The 3-wood is a longer club making it more difficult to hit the ball clean.

2-Hybrid Vs 3-Hybrid

A 3-hybrid will have less distance and a higher ball flight than a 2-hybrid thanks to its common loft ranging between 19-21 degrees.

It will be easier to hit off the ground and allows golfers to control it better.

The 2-hybrid will roll out more compared to the 3-hybrid. The 3-hybrid will spin more on landing and can even be used to chip around a flat green over the fringe.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you’re needing more distance on a narrow par-4 then reach for the 2-hybrid.


The 2-hybrid is a rare club compared to other hybrids and woods available on the golf market. If you can get your hands on one it could work wonders on the course and give you distance as well as a soft landing.

Be sure to mention in the comments section your experiences with a 2-hybrid and share what model you like.


Is a 2 hybrid hard to hit?

No, a 2 Hybrid has an average loft of 15 degrees and this bigger loft makes it easier to hit. However, it has a shorter shaft, so it may slightly cover a lesser distance. 

Who makes a 2 hybrid?

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Hybrid, Cobra, Ping, TaylorMade, and Titleist are a few well-known brands that make 2 hybrid golf clubs.

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