5 Somes In Golf

When heading out on the course for the day, you’ll typically run into a select number of group sizes. Most commonly, groups on the course will consist of either 2, 3, or 4 golfers.

However, there are instances where a player will hit the course alone, or in a “5 some”. In the case of having more than 4 in a group, it may change some things for the group and the other groups on the course.

What Is A 5 Ball In Golf

A 5 Ball in golf is when there are five players in one group. A typical group of golfers would be between 1 and 4, you may run into a five ball, and understandably, it may raise a few eyebrows depending on the situation.

Is A 5 Some Allowed In Golf

If you ask many golfers in basically any region of the world, their blood pressure may rise when asked if a 5 Some is allowed in golf. Most would agree that having more than four players in a group is unethical.

However, the legality of a five ball in golf is ultimately up to the course at which the group is playing, and the individual situation.

The reason most will frown at the thought of a 5 some in golf is that having five players in one group is much more likely to slow down gameplay for the rest of the field.

📋 Keep in mind: Groups of 1 to 4 golfers are generally pretty quick and are accepted as fair among other groups behind them. When you add an extra player into the mix, it slows things down much more.

There are certain situations when most golfers would have no problem seeing a five-player group on the course.

Generally, it is when the group is not affecting the play of anyone else’s game. Some examples of this may be when the group is the last to tee off for the day, where the course is uninhabited by other golfers.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you are showing your kids and their friends the ropes of the course and getting them to practice a few shots, this is also best left to very quiet times. 

Golf Games For 5 Players

In the instances when you’re playing with 4 of your buddies, and you’re not impeding the play of other groups, there are some games you can play that may keep things a little more interesting.

There are several golf games for 5 somes that are a lot of fun.

One example of a game five players can play is Wolf. Wolf is a game in which on each hole, one of the players in the group (the wolf) can choose to team up with one of the others or become the lone wolf and try to beat the entire group’s score on their own.

The wolf ultimately decides which players can earn a certain number of points per hole. The lone wolf beating the rest of the group earns 4 points. The wolf and their teammate on that hole can earn 2 points each by beating the other team’s score.

If the wolf’s team loses the hole, the non-wolf team members earn 3 points each. The teams change every hole and are chosen by the wolf, which also changes each hole. The individual player with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Another game a 5 some can play would be skins, where bets are placed on each hole. The winner of that hole can take the pot, but if there are no winners on the hole, the pot carries over to the next.

There are plenty of other good golf games for five players, which we will cover below.

Can You Play 5 Somes At Pebble Beach?

The Pebble Beach website does not explicitly say you can’t play in a 5 ball but it is worth confirming when you book to avoid disappointment.

Golf Betting Games For 5 Players

There are plenty of games you can play with higher stakes on the golf course. Some are designed for a specific number of players, but others can be played with an unlimited amount of players. There are some good fivesome golf games that you and your friends can play.

Some of the best betting games for 5 players include:

  • Sixes
  • Moneyball
  • Big Fish
  • Flying Blind
  • Rattle Bottom
  • Gluts
  • Chicago


If you have any comments or opinions on how to make a 5 some work in golf, please leave them in the comments section below!


Can you play Wolf with 5 people?

Yes, you can play wolf easily if your group consists of 5 people. But you have to be a wolf in rotation, and all the players have to follow the order and tee off in their turn. For example, player 1 will tee off first and then the second player, then player 3 and so on.

Why is a fivesome not allowed on some courses?

One of the major reasons for not allowing fivesome is that the more the number of people or players in a group, the slower the gameplay will be. Fivesome basically depends on the type of course and how busy the course is.

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