72 Degree Wedge

The 72-degree wedge is a rare club not often found in most golfers’ bags. It can be extremely difficult to hit properly since the face is so open and provides significant loft.

Should a player learn how to hit it correctly, the 72 can be a lethal weapon on the course and lead to many birdies and par saves. 

In this 72-degree wedge review, we will explain the characteristics of the club and provide tips on how to use it. 

Can you use a 72-degree wedge in golf?

A commonly asked question is: Is a 72-degree wedge legal?

A 72-degree wedge is permitted by the USGA to be used during a round. This goes for any level of golf whether it be junior golf, amateur men’s league, or professional golf. 

If you buy a 72-degree wedge and use it during a tournament or with your friends and someone questions it, tell them to check the USGA rulebook.

Can a PGA Tour player use a 72-degree wedge?

Yes, a tour player can use a 72-degree wedge. It’s extremely rare to see any professional carry a wedge with more than 64 degrees though.

Phil Mickelson regularly carries a 64-degree in his bag during tournaments and that number is considered vastly high. 

What Is A 72 Degree Wedge Used For

These wedges are used primarily for the short game when chipping around the greens. With 72 degrees of loft, it’s easy to make the ball stop on a dime and limit rollout. This makes getting up and down much easier than with other wedges. 

It can be easy to get too far underneath the ball and mess up chips if the club isn’t hit solid. 

📋 Keep in mind: The 72 can also be hit from the fairway, be used in bunkers, or help hit the ball over trees. 

What Is The Average 72-degree wedge distance?

A full swing for a 72-degree wedge will result in around 35-50 yards depending on a golfer’s length. The ball will shoot high in the sky and won’t travel far. 

Tips for Hitting a 72-Degree Wedge

The following tips will help provide basic swing knowledge to hit the 72-degree consistently and solid:

  • Put the ball closer to your feet during setup. 
  • Open up your stance, and align your feet and your body slightly left of your target.
  • Grip the club lower so you have more feel and it’s easier to make contact.
  • Make sure your legs are spread apart with an open stance.
  • Make sure to transfer your body weight to the left through your swing. 
  • Keep a good tempo on the swing and don’t slow down through impact.

In the video below, golf teacher Peter Finch explains how to hit a 70-degree wedge and how to add spin to it.

Best 72 Degree On The Market: Editors Choice

Many golf consumers who want to try out a 72 ask: Who makes a 72-degree wedge?

BombTech creates different wedges including a 72.

Our editor’s choice selection for the best 72-degree wedge is the BombTech 72. The club makes it easier for players to flop their shots while providing a good feel. 

The club features a lightweight heel and provides relief on the toe with a toe grind. 

It was cast from 304 stainless steel making it sturdy and hard to scratch

The bounce is 6 degrees but other versions can be found with 8, 10, or 12 degrees. 

BombTech provides a steel shaft and a D5 swing weight in the club making it feel balanced while swinging and easily providing a good tempo. 

The head weight is 308 grams. 

💡 Golfible Tip: The BombTech 72-degree wedge can be bought individually or in a set from the company’s website or other retailers. 

Should Beginners Use A 72 Degree Wedge: Pros and Cons

Beginners can have a lot of trouble hitting the 72. With a lot of practice, it could be worth throwing in the bag despite it usually being considered a “for fun” club.


  • The club can allow you to put backspin and leave you shorter putts when chipping.
  • If you’re right behind a tree you can easily hit the ball over due to the high loft.
  • The club can help lift the ball out of thick rough or over sand traps.
  • A 72-degree wedge can also be used as a sand wedge.


  • The club can be very difficult to solidly hit for golfers who don’t play often and have high handicaps
  • It’s easy to get too far underneath the ball and skull it.
  • If you hit it thin the ball will surely shoot low like a bullet way over the green.
  • A 60-64 degree wedge can be flopped similarly if you open the face.


What is the highest degree wedge allowed?

There is no limit for loft by the USGA, therefore any degree of the wedge can be used. If you purchased an 80-degree wedge (There are some on the market if you look hard enough) you could use it legally during a tournament or practice round.

Do pros use a 72-degree wedge?

No, professional golfers typically do not use a 72-degree wedge. They tend to stick to the standard pitching, sand, and lob wedges with loft angles ranging from 46 to 60 degrees. The 72-degree wedge is typically used by recreational golfers with high handicaps who struggle with getting the ball in the air.

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