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Golfible Mission

There are three pillars in Golfible’s mission outlined below. We aim to be an information hub for golf enthusiasts and media companies looking for engaging golf data.

Golf Knowledge Database

Build a free encyclopaedia of all golfing terminology

Data-Driven Graphics For Journalists

Help sports journalists drive their reader engagement With Our Engaging Visual Graphics

Buy Golf Products With Confidence

Help Golf Enthusiasts Make Buying Decisions Through Informed Content

Our Mission Pillars Explained

Golf Knowledge Database

Online golf communities are full of questions on lesser-known golfing terms and concepts like Gross vs Net Golf or How Do Pro Golfer’s Know Yardage? Our mission is to answer these questions in an easily digestible way, so our reader’s base knowledge of the sport improves with every visit to our website.

Data-Driven Graphics For Journalists

Sports journalists and media outlets often don’t have time to dig deep into golf data and create appealing visuals when working against deadlines. Golf fanatics ourselves, we utilise our team’s expertise to create data-rich visual golf graphics for external media brands who are looking to increase user engagement. 

Buy Golf Products With Confidence

Golf is flooded with a dizzying array of equipment and gadgets each targeting different aspects of the game. Assessing what golf club or golf ball is best for a particular skill level or age can be difficult for the average golf consumer.

We create detailed golf product reviews to remove that buying decision stress and these are written by our team of experienced golf writers. Each golf review uses a rating system so consumers can easily break down the strengths and weaknesses of the product. The reviews are published after an unbiased testing process by our golf writers and information verification by our editorial team.  More detail on our writers and editors can be found further down this page.

Alec Rose Founder

Al Rose

Co-Founder, Head Editor

Golfible co-founder and head editor, Al likes to write about golf from a graphical perspective. With a data modeling background, he enjoys converting raw golf data into user-friendly visual charts. Interests include statistics, Tiger Woods, and the history of golf’s 4 majors. He is also responsible for the editorial aspect and strategy of Golfible.


Callaway XR Irons


Tiger Woods curved Fairway Bunker shot at WGC Mexico

rob rose

Rob Rose

Co-Founder, Senior Editor

Rob previously worked in the trading department of a leading online gambling company specializing in golf and also has a degree in data science. Interests include technological advances in golf, John Daly and Tottenham Hotspur.


King Cobra Driver


Tiger Woods curved Fairway Bunker shot at WGC Mexico

Lawrence Smelser

Staff Writer

Lawrence Smelser is part of the Golfible writing staff and is a freelance golf journalist. Smelser has covered the PGA Tour including the U.S. Masters with Augusta.com. He holds a journalism Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M and a Master’s journalism degree from the University of North Texas


Taylormade Spider X Putter


Bubba Watson hook shot at the Masters

Charl Jooste golfible writer

Charl Jooste

Staff Writer

Charl is a full-time writer who loves research and learning new things. He is an avid golfer and tech enthusiast. When not writing, he tries to squeeze in a round of golf or escape to the mountains or the beach


Taylormade P790 Irons


Louis Oosthuizen double eagle at the Masters

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