Are Golf Cart Keys Universal? (Plus Other Key Questions)

Were you driving your golf cart recently and misplaced the keys?

Losing keys is something that we all will do once, even for the golf cart. 

If you have a golf cart of the same brand, just grab that golf cart key and head on out for your errands. If you are wondering are all golf cart keys are the same, the answer is some are universal. 

Are Golf Cart Keys Universal?

The short answer to the question is sort of.

They are not universal from brand to brand, nor is there a one size fits all key.

Any Club Car key can work on another Club Car cart, even if it is not yours or even the same model. 

You will not be able to use a Club Car key on an E-Z-Go or Yamaha golf cart. They are not universal in that way. 

Club Car Golf Cart Keys

Let’s be clear, there are a few models of Club Cars that a modern key will not fit. Any Club Car key now fits models 1982 and newer. 

Yamaha Golf Cart Keys

There are actually two keys that are found among used Yamaha golf carts. The first key fits most single-digit G-model golf carts. 

The second key is made for the G14 – G29 series models that are both gas and electric. 

E-Z-Go Golf Cart Keys

The majority of current keys fit all models from 2008 onward. This is true for both the electric and gas models. 

If you have an electric golf cart that is older than 2008, then the 17063G1 key is essential for them to use on all of these models. 

Where Can I Find a Replacement Golf Cart Key?

If older golf carts have been scrapped due to extensive damage, most scrap metal locations and junkyards will keep the keys on hand to sell to owners who are looking for replacements. 

You can even head over to your local golf cart dealer in the area and see about ordering a replacement key for your golf cart. Even older models can have a replacement ordered. 

If you do not have a dealer, but you have the same brand as the course near you, give them a call or head up there to see if they have a spare key they are willing to part with. 

Tips If You Can’t Find Another Golf Cart Key

If you have been looking for a replacement key for your golf cart and you are not having any luck, it is time to consider some other options for starting your golf cart. 

  1. Has the ignition changed on your cart? If your golf cart is one that is too old for a replacement key, you should update the ignition to match the current keys in your brand. 
  2. Keep a flathead screwdriver on hand. By using it in the place of a key, you are likely to get any of the leading golf cart brands switched on and running. 

But Are Universal Keys Safe?

Having keys that can fit thousands of golf carts at once can be a bit unsettling. This is unfortunately another reason why golf carts are targeted during burglaries and theft opportunities. 

This is why you should consider locking your golf cart regularly. Not locking your golf cart leaves it vulnerable and exposed.

How Can I Lock My Golf Cart?

Since many of your neighbors probably have the same key as you do for your golf cart, it is a good idea to keep your golf cart locked. There are a few ways to do that so that your golf cart stays secure. 

  1. Get a unique ignition switch when you have it updated. Instead of having it match the universal key, a locksmith can give you your very own key for your golf cart. 
  2. Put on a boot or steering wheel lock
  3. Pedal locks are also easy. 
  4. Install a secure Key FOB
  5. Hook your golf cart up to a disconnection switch

There are several ways that you can consider if you want to lock your golf cart. Taking one or more of these measures will ensure safety if someone does decide to break in.

You can install a lock in several places on the cart, requiring a key to open the golf cart and disarm it. An electrical lock requiring a pin is also available. 

No matter what you decide to lock your golf cart, you do not want to leave it open and easy to get to on a regular basis. 

Can I Get Into The Wrong Golf Cart?

So since many of these golf cart keys are universal, it is important to know which golf cart is yours when you park it amongst others.

Golf carts that do not have any customization and park next to other carts that look similar can easily be mixed up. 

This is common at a golf course, but this is not something you want to do when driving to your neighborhood pool or the beachfront a couple of blocks away. This is when customization options for your golf cart are also recommended. 

Can You Hot Wire A Golf Cart?

If you are unable to locate your key or find a replacement, you can hot-wire your golf cart to get it running. First, you will need to make sure the power to your golf cart is off and unhook the two wires connected to your ignition

Take a little tape and bind the two wires together after removing the insulation. Switch your golf cart to power and will start. 

Moving Forward With a Universal Golf Cart Key

If you have recently purchased a golf cart or are looking to do that soon, it is important to get a replacement key on hand in case you lose yours.

In the meantime, you want to make sure that you take advantage of locks for your golf cart. 

You do have options, however, if you need a replacement key by purchasing one or having a new key made with your local locksmith for your golf cart, no matter which brand you choose.


Do all Yamaha golf carts have the same key?

No, not all Yamaha golf carts have the same key. Each cart is assigned a unique key code that matches the locks and ignition. This ensures that the correct key is used for each cart, preventing security issues and potential damage from using the wrong key.

What to do if you lose your golf cart key?

If you lose your golf cart key, contact the manufacturer or a golf cart dealer for a replacement key. Provide them with the make, model, and serial number of your cart. If that’s not possible, a locksmith can create a replacement key or you may need to replace the lock set.

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