Best Driver for Seniors In 2021: Detailed Buying Guide

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There are few better illustrations of the improvements in golf equipment over the years than the statistics from the Professional Seniors Tours which show golfers hitting the ball further than they did in their prime. It has been a major boost for pros’ and senior handicappers alike, who are benefitting from manufacturers targeted investment in technology that benefits senior players . Here are some considerations for the best driver for seniors before your next purchase. 

Best Golf Driver for Seniors

Short on Time? Here's A Quick Product Synopsis


TaylorMade R15



Editors Choice


5 out of 5

Pick #2

Power Play Juggernaut

Budget Option


4.6 out of 5

Pick #3

TaylorMade M2 D-Type Driver

Senior Forgiving Driver


4.6 out of 5

Pick #4

Cobra Woman’s F Max Offset Driver

Best Driver for Senior Woman


4.7 out of 5

Pick #5

Callaway XR Driver Senior Flex

Best Golf Senior Driver for Moderate Swing Speed


4.5 out of 5

Pick #6

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

Mid Price Range Option


4.7 out of 5

Factors to Consider Before Buying

I’m not as young as I used to be; an obvious statement perhaps but something that has an impact on my golf even though my experience stands me in good stead.

The reality of getting older inevitably involves losing a little strength and suppleness.

It means I have to think about whether golf manufacturers can help me compensate for my physical condition being less impressive.

There is no reason why your swing should falter because over time it will become instinctive but as a handicap golfer, I know that it varies slightly from one tee to the next.

Yes, I am happy to get all the help I can get from my equipment and manufacturers have plenty on offer to provide that help.

What Seniors Should Look for in a Driver

Most popular drivers come with a selection of degrees of loft. While professionals and the top amateurs may carry drivers with only 7 degrees of loft, such drivers are extremely difficult to hit with any accuracy.

The aim of every golfer is to minimize side spin off the tee and 7 degrees is extremely severe on anything but a perfect strike.

It is far better to select 9.5, 10.5 or even 12 degrees for us seniors and that is something that ought to be available for testing before you buy.

How Age Impacts on Club Head Speed and the Consequences

As our bodies lose some of the strength of our youth, the consequences when it comes to golf include the swing slowing down.

That means our strike becomes weaker than it used to be. The result is that the golf ball will not travel as far.

There is no escape from that, but golf manufacturers have always been mindful of the senior generation as an important part of the total market and that is reflected in the range of golf clubs that are being developed and marketed.

They cannot hit golf balls for you, but they are trying their best to reduce the problems you face off the tee.

Choice of Shaft for Distance and Accuracy


The maximum length of shaft that the rules of golf allow is 48 inches.

The longer the shaft, the more potential there is for generating clubhead speed but the harder it is to control the golf ball.

At first glance it might be ironic that professionals tend to play with shorter shafts, average 44.5 inches, than the average length that is being made available for amateurs, 45.5 inches.

The point is that professionals do not need to seek extra clubhead speed when there is the risk of losing control.

They all have above average swing speeds anyway and distance is rarely a problem for them. While seniors are in search of increased ball speed, the consequences of less speed compromising accuracy are not worth the price when you see the ball heading offline into the rough on a regular basis.


You can select from five different ‘’flexes’’ when you buy a driver, one of which is specifically for seniors, and another specifically for women.

There are three others include extra-stiff and stiff which are only suitable for very good golfers. That is because they are designed for golfers with high swing speeds.

The stiffer the shaft, the more suitable it is for golfers with natural above average swing speeds.

I used to play with the fifth option, the regular shaft but time persuaded me to switch to the senior shaft because the industry has worked on helping me as I get older.

Material & Weight

You will have the choice of graphite or steel shafts. I have always played with graphite shafts because they are lighter.

It means I have been able to increase my swing speed to help with with maxium distance..

Steel shafts are stronger by their very nature but are more suitable for golfers already happy with their swing speed.

They tend to taper down to the hosel connecting the shaft to the golf club head.

Driver Head

If you have not been playing golf for very long, you may not know that driver club heads used to be much smaller.

Some are now over 500cc with standard heads between 430 and 460 cc.

This has allowed manufacturers to create a larger bulls eye which has certainly helped handicap golfers to master the driver better than before.

Reviewing the Top Alternatives

When you are looking for the best senior golf drivers, you can see that there are several factors to consider.

You cannot possibly try every driver before making your decision so the idea of looking at six alternatives can give you more time to try each of them out. We’ve created a shortlist for you.

TaylorMade R15 Driver

Editor’s Choice


This Driver comes with two head sizes, both pear-shaped, 430cc and 460cc.

You will be impressed by what you see at address and once you find the best weighting for your swing, with the adjustable sliding weights, you should be equally impressed with the results.

The low center of gravity and large sweet spot both help to make the R15 a forgiving driver.

The design encourages a high launch with the 12-degree loft head on a senior graphite shaft likely to be an excellent balance for a senior seeking accuracy with distance.

The driver can be custom-fitted giving you the confidence that everyone needs with the most difficult golf club in the bag. You have four choices of loft between 9.5 and 14.

If you have been playing with a regular shaft and think it is time to change, TaylorMade has senior shafts to make that chance seamless. The standard shaft fitted to the R15 is 45.5 inches.



Power Juggernaut Driver

Budget Option


Those Seniors whose competitive days have gone, just want a bit of fun and exercise from their golf and are not concerned about equipment regulations would find the Power Juggernaut from Hireko to their liking.

They cannot use it in competition, but if that doesn’t apply, the Juggernaut may be the Driver of choice.

I still play competitions so I do not use it, but I have tried my friend’s and there is no doubt it will have a good market amongst social golfers.

It has a huge head, 515cc, the largest in golf so its large centre spot makes the Juggernaut a Driver that will help you achieve both distance and accuracy off the tee.

It comes with a limited choice of loft and shaft, so a buying decision depends on whether the options suit your swing.

The standard shaft length is 45 inches, but you could get that shortened after trying it out. It is 10.5-degree loft and comes with a senior shaft if requested.



TaylorMade M2 Driver

Senior Forgiving Driver 


TaylorMade’s M2 has a range of lofts between 8.5 and 12 although there is less choice for left-handers; that’s me but I was comfortable with the 10.50-degree loft when I tried it although the 9.5-degree option is perhaps a little beyond me.  

The driver has a large head, 460cc which results in forgiving golf clubs encouraging distance as well as accuracy. ‘’D’’ stands for ‘’draw’’ so if you like to shape your shots off the tee, this could be the Driver for you.

Certainly, it helps you counter fade and even fights your slice so if that is a regular problem, this could be the Driver for you.

The weight is in the heel and the slight offset feature helps you square the face on impact. The face doesn’t look closed on address thanks to clever use of paint!



Cobra Woman’s F Max Driver

Best Golf Driver for Senior Women


The F Max is specially designed for golfers with slower swing speeds and has few equals for senior women.

The heel and back weighting help counter a slice with the light shaft also assisting in generating ball speed.  It is designed to get the ball flight elevated which is a regular problem for seniors off the tee.

Cobra offers an offset hosel in this model although there is no adjustable weight facility. You can buy the Cobra F Max with lofts ranging from 9.5 right up to 15.



Callaway XR Driver

Best Senior Driver for Moderate Swing Speed


The XR has been designed for golfers whose swing speed is below average but are happy with the light feel. The result is extra distance and the confidence that provides.

It sits nicely behind the ball at address and the forgiving club face helps users to hit a consistently accurate golf ball. There is plenty of choice in terms of loft and shaft.



TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

Driver With Large Club Head


The AeroBurner’s 460cc head provides golfers with a huge sweet spot to counteract any slight mishit. You can expect accuracy and distance for TaylorMade’s most aerodynamic head.

You will certainly hear the sound of the strike; it feels powerful. It is easy to align and sits comfortably behind the ball at address.



With a good driver in your hands, you will enjoy golf to quite an age because you will be able to get off the tee effectively. There are several decisions to make in getting a senior driver to suit your game. All of these are worth a try but the choice that seems to fit most people, most of the time is the TaylorMade R15.

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