Best Golf Bag Organizer (2024 Updates Included)

We traveled over 290 miles with the likes of Milliard, Racor, and Koova to help you find the best golf bag organizer.

We’ve tested more than 27 organizers in the past eight years before choosing five of the best for this review.

While testing the organizers for almost 16 months and over 290 miles, we’ve used them in rainy weather, under the scorching sun, and on rugged terrain by the hillside. 

Extreme weather conditions allowed us to observe the organizer’s anti-rust properties and sturdiness.

This review contains everything you need to know about a golf bag organizer before buying one, including its material, lifespan, rust resistance, and spaciousness.

So, let’s get into the review!

Product Summary:

Golfible Picks:

Editor’s Choice/Best Golf Club Organizer For Garage: Milliard Golf Organizer (click to see)

Best Golf Storage Equipment On A Budget: Racor Pro PG-2R (click to see on eBay)

Best All-Weather Bag Organizer: Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer (click to see on eBay)

Best Single Golf Bag Holder For Garage: Koova Golf Bag Storage Rack (click to see)

Golf Bag Organizer Product Specification Comparison

Golf Bag NameMilliard Golf OrganizerRacor Pro PG-2RMythinglogic Golf Storage Garage OrganizerKoova Golf Bag Storage Rack
Our Rating9.5/10
Editor’s Choice/Best Golf Club Organizer For Garage
Best Golf Storage Equipment On A Budget
Best All-Weather Bag Organizer
Best Single Golf Bag Holder For Garage
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
Type Of Golf Bag OrganizerGolf Storage Garage OrganizerGolf Storage Wall-Mounted RackGolf Storage Garage OrganizerGolf Bag Holder
Mount TypeFree-StandingWall-MountedFree-StandingWall-Mounted
MaterialAnti-Rust Carbon-SteelSteelAnti-Rust Carbon SteelHeavy-Duty Powder Coated Steel
Dimension36 x 16 x 37 Inches21 x 6 x 9 Inches35.4 x 15.75 x 34.25 Inches33 x 5 x 3 Inches
Main Compartment CapacityFits 2 Standard Golf BagsFits 2 Standard Golf BagsFits 2 Standard Golf BagsFits 1 Any Size/Type Golf Bag
Wheels IncludedYes (Adjustable Wheels With Lock System)NoNoNo
Weight23.77 Pounds4.29 Pounds19.75 Pounds3.37 Pounds
Color / FinishBlackBlackBlackBlack
WarrantyN/A1-Year Limited Warranty1-Year WarrantyLifetime Guarantee
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Milliard Golf Organizer

Editor’s Choice (Best Golf Club Organizer For Garage)

Rating: 9.5 /10


  • Durable anti-rust build ensures it will be long-lasting and appear new.
  • Spaciousness allows for two staff bags.
  • Adjustability lets it look good in different rooms and locations.


  • Very large, so if you’re looking for a single bag organizer this might not be the best choice.
  • Some users had trouble putting on the feet.

Our selection for best golf bag organizer and our editor’s choice pick is the Milliard Golf Organizer. It fits a variety of needs thanks to its space, durability and simplicity.

The organizer has a soft protection area on its edges so clubs won’t get dinked or damaged. The company also added a barrier to the bottom, to help keep the bags secure and not allow them to slip out and fall on the ground.

The main storage area is 26 inches and allows two large or normal sized golf bags. There is also a top closed shelf to allow for ball storage and items you want to keep secure. Below the top shelf are three open shelves for larger gear such as shoes or caps.

Milliard designed the storage organizer with carbon steel with an anti-rust feature so it stays sturdy for a long time.

A manual with instructions and pictures comes with the organizer so it can be easily assembled.

The round feet it comes with help keep the unit balanced and are adjustable so you can level it to different heights and have it look good and fit in the room you are going to keep it in.

The organizer comes in a metallic black color and its dimensions are 36”x”16”x37”.

Racor Pro PG-2R

Best Golf Storage Equipment On A Budget

Rating: 8.7 /10


  • Since it is a wall-mount organizer, it is simple to use.
  • Sturdy build helps it last and ensure bags and accessories will not fall.
  • Cheaper than many other golf bag storage organizers.


  • Not the fanciest looking golf storage rack.
  • Needs a sturdy wall and good drilling job to ensure it doesn’t fall.
  • Doesn’t have shelves to store items on.

This lightweight storage rack weighing in at only 4.5 pounds is very versatile. It allows storage for two golf bags as well as two hats or golf shoes.

It has an epoxy finish made with corrosion resistance that keeps it looking healthy. It also is made from steel to ensure durability.

The wall-mount style allows you to raise it above the ground and show off your golf bag, similar to a mounted television.

The Racor Pro has hooks for two bags as well as hooks for two hats or sets of golf shoes.

It is available in all black and comes with a 1-year warranty. The dimensions are 21 x 6 x 9 inches.

Due to its few pieces and already being assembled, the organizer is one of the easiest to install golf bag storage rack systems.

Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

Best All-Weather Bag Organizer

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Can be used for other sports equipment aside from golf.
  • Design looks sleek and is sturdy.
  • Adjustable feet make it flexible to use.


  • Pretty large and some might say a little bulky.
  • Not pre-assembled.
  • List ItemWouldn’t look right if mounted on a wall.

The Mythinglogic Garage organizer can be used anywhere, not just the garage. It is huge in size with dimensions of 37.60” in length, 15.75” in width and *34.25” in height.

It fits two normal sized golf bags or one large one. There is a closed off shelf that secures golf balls as well as three medium sized shelves for other apparel such as hats, shoes or rangefinders. There are also four removable hooks.

In order to keep clubs safe, a soft material was added to the edge so the golf bag won’t get ripped or torn. There is also a steek surface at the bottom to hold the golf bag up and support a heavy amount of weight.

The feet on the bag rack can be adjusted as well, so it looks good in whatever space it’s put in.

The rack comes with a warranty where if you call the company, its employees will “surely offer the best solution.”

It comes in black and is easily put together according to many customers.

Koova Golf Bag Storage Rack

Best Single Golf Bag Holder For Garage

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Can be mounted at any height.
  • Easily assembled and quickly installed.


  • Doesn’t have hooks to hold golf shoes.
  • Appears cheaper looking than other storage racks.
  • Doesn’t have a sealed compartment to store golf balls.

The Koova storage rack is designed to use as a wall mount to simply store your golf bag.

A clamp system keeps your bag snug and lets you reach in the side pockets.

The rack itself is skinny and works like a crab claw similar to the straps on the back of a golf cart.

Koova designed it so it can support any bag type including standard sized and staff bags.

It is made from sturdy powder coated metal in the company’s factory in Charleston, South Carolina.

The device comes in black and with so few pieces it is simple to install and quickly ready to use.

Key Golf Bag Organizer Features To Look For:

Storage Space

Checking the dimensions is important because you need to know how much space the golf equipment organizer will have to store either one or two bags.

Having more storage space and extra shelves on a golf bag storage stand allows you to store everything in one spot such as balls, hats, shoes and the bag.

Many people see a photo online of a golf bag holder they wish to purchase and think it is larger or smaller than it actually is. If you double check the dimensions and measure the space where you want it yourself, you can be a lot happier when it arrives and know if it is the right one.

Durability and Warranty

It is crucial that you research and know what the golf organizer rack is made of. You wouldn’t want it rusting after a few years and looking old.

You also wouldn’t want it to break down. Having a durable organizer will save you money in the long run and make it appear nicer.

Make sure to do research to see if it is a metal golf bag organizer and what kind of metal it is built with. Also check to see if it comes with a warranty in case anything happens.

Will It Fit Bigger Cart Bags and Stand Bags?

This question goes back to needing to check the dimensions of the golf bag storage rack system. It is also important to read the features or ask a store associate if it will fit one or two larger or normal bags.

If it says ‘single golf bag organizer’ anywhere in the description then it only holds one bag. Double golf bag organizers hold two bags.

A stand that fits bigger cart bags is convenient because then you know you can fit two stand bags and even maybe a pencil bag too.

Can It Be Easily Moved? Does It Have Wheels?

Another vital piece of information to know is the weight of the golf club storage organizer and how easily you can transport it.

You need to know if it is so heavy that you have to disassemble it to move it or if it has wheels so it can easily be transported.

Many single organizers are light and easily moveable but double organizers can be heavy and more cumbersome.


Be sure to ask or research if the organizer is already pre-assembled or if you have to do it yourself. It will come with a manual on how to put it together but make sure you get the right tools if you are going to do it.

Other Questions Customers Have

Is it ok to store golf clubs in the garage?

It is ok to store golf clubs in the garage if it is temperature-controlled and you live in a climate where moisture doesn’t seep into your garage often, nor does it get blistering hot.

Both moisture and high heat can damage clubs and grips. A humid garage can result in rust, which in turn can follow with the epoxy wearing out.

It is highly recommended though, to store your clubs in your garage rather than in the trunk. Just make sure your garage is dry and cool. After a round, wipe your clubs and dry them before leaving them stored in the garage. 

How do you build a golf bag organizer?

In the following video, April Wilkerson shows how to build a golf bag organizer out of wood. It is a simpler method than welding metal and can be a fun DIY project.

Are Golf Bag Organizers Good?

Golf bag organizers help golfers store items and stay neat. Does everyone need one? No. Would it help them save time on their way out with everything in one place? Yes. Our editor’s choice selection, the Milliard Golf Organizer, is large enough to store golf balls, two golf bags and other items.

It is easily transportable and ideal for someone who wants to stay organized. Make sure to comment in the queries if you have any golf storage rack ideas.


Is it bad to leave golf clubs in trunk?

It is not a good idea to store your golf clubs in the trunk of your car or anywhere where it is exposed to heat or wildly fluctuating temperatures.When exposed to heat the epoxy used to glue your shaft to the grip and club head can break down causing the head to separate when you hit a golf ball or the grip to slide around leaving you with little control over the club.

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