Best Golf Cart Brands and Models: Find Your Perfect Golf Cart

Buying a new golf cart is a lot like buying a car in terms of what to consider.

Some questions you’ll need to answer include:

  • What will you be using it for (aside from golf, likely)?
  • Do you want an electric or gas cart? Keep in mind that some golf courses no longer allow gas carts.
  • How much seating and storage space will you need?
  • What features and golf cart modifications are must-haves?
  • What will future maintenance costs look like? How important is a long warranty?

Let’s explore some of the best golf cart brands, and some of their best carts, in the market today.

We’ll cover a few industry staples and some incredible carts you may not have heard of before. We hope this info will help you narrow down your options as you’re shopping around.

Club Car

Club Car is arguably the most recognizable name in the golf cart industry. And, for good reason – they’ve been around for more than 60 years, and they hold the distinction of being the official golf car of the PGA of America, the PGA TOUR’s TPC (Tournament Players Club) network, and the DP World Tour (formerly known as the European Tour).

Ever watched the Ryder Cup and seen the captains and assistant captains traversing the course on their custom Ryder Cup carts?

They’re driving Club Car golf carts.

Whether you’re purchasing a cart for personal use or replacing an entire fleet, Club Car is always a brand to consider.

A couple of Club Car’s most popular models are the Villager 2 and the Precedent I3. You’ve likely seen one or both models at your local golf course.

Club Car Villager 2

The Villager 2 comes in both gas and electric models, depending on your personal preference and what your course allows. Some courses have stopped allowing gas carts in favor of quieter and more eco-friendly electric carts.

While it doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, the Villager 2 is a reliable cart, as evidenced by its longevity and popularity in the golf industry.


  • Available in red and blue metallic colors or white, green, or beige non-metallic colors.
  • Eco-friendly engine
  • Available in gas or electric models.
  • Smooth ride


  • Limited to two passengers (although Club Car’s 2+2 LSV model can carry more)

Club Car Precedent I3

Like the Villager 2, Club Car’s Precedent I3 is a no-frills model but is tried and true in the industry. Its dependability has made it a popular option for golf course fleets, where maintenance costs can quickly multiply.

If you’ve played your fair share of golf courses, chances are you’ve driven or ridden in a Precedent I3 at some point.

The Precedent I3 was named Golf Digest’s best golf cart in 2017. We know, we know, that was a few years ago. But it’s a testament to its longevity.

📋 Keep in mind: It’s not the flashiest cart on the market, but the Precedent’s reliability makes up for its simple exterior.


  • Tried and true – it’s an industry staple
  • Smooth ride
  • Available in both gas and electric models


  • Like the Villager 2, it only holds two passengers

Club Car Onward

The Onward model is one of Club Car’s more premium offerings and is a little more rugged, making it a nice mix of comfort and utility.

Club Car’s Onward model boasts an aircraft-quality aluminum frame, premium seats, and a beautiful interior.

Add some options and you can build yourself a truly custom – and premium – Onward 2. This is a good-looking cart, whether you’re on the golf course or riding through the neighborhood.


  • Whether you’re traversing the course or an off-road trail, the Onward can do it all
  • Available in both gas and electric models
  • Includes the Club Car Connect technology
  • Available in two, four, or six-seat models


  • Pricier than other Club Car models, especially with some available options


Like Club Car, E-Z-GO has been an industry mainstay for decades. And also like Club Car, you’ve very likely seen some of their most popular models used in golf course fleets.

E-Z-GO’s proprietary Pace technology integrates the GPS and green heat map functionality from GolfLogix and allows the golf course to accept food & beverage orders and send alerts to golfers.

All of these features not only make for a great golfing experience but also can drastically improve a course’s pace of play.

E-Z-GO Freedom RXV

Part of E-Z-GO’s RXV line of carts, the Freedom RXV is available in both gas and electric models.

One excellent feature of the electric Freedom RVX is its IntelliBrake technology, which automatically engages the parking brake when the cart comes to a full stop. If you’ve experienced this for yourself, you’ll agree that it’s a handy feature.

Want options?

The Freedom RXV gives you plenty. Build your custom cart and choose everything from the color to the size of the Pace technology screen.


  • The RVX line has been a popular choice for more than a decade
  • Completely customizable – keep it basic or go big
  • Reasonably priced with the standard features


  • With all the available options, it’s easy to customize it out of your budget

E-Z-GO Liberty

E-Z-GO says that the Liberty is “pushing everything in a new direction.”

That’s a nice play on words because the Liberty changes the direction for the rear passengers, making that seat forward-facing. But they’re also figuratively pushing things in a new direction with this cart.

The Liberty has seating, storage, and style to spare.

If you’re ok with a heftier upfront price tag, E-Z-GO claims the Liberty’s Samsung SDI lithium battery is maintenance-free, which may save you some cash and headache down the road.

📢 Need To Know: They stand behind this claim with an impressive 8-year warranty.


  • Seats four comfortably
  • 8-year warranty
  • Plenty of storage


  • The Liberty will cost you more upfront than some of the other options on this list
  • Not available as a gas model


If there’s a Big Three of golf cart brands, Yamaha is likely the third of that trio, along with Club Car and E-Z-GO. Though maybe not as popular as the other two, Yamaha offers a nice range of models for both personal use and golf course fleets.

Yamaha Drive2

The Drive2 may be one of Yamaha’s base models, but it offers some nice customization options and accessories to make it yours.

The first choice you’ll have to make with the Drive2 is gas or electric. The gas engine is a bit less expensive, and Yamaha’s QuieTech EFI technology assures a smooth, fuel-efficient ride.

📋 Keep in mind: While it’s not quite the head-turner that some of these other carts are, the Drive2 is known to be a dependable, low-maintenance cart.  You’ll get a lot of miles out of this one. Literally.


  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable, even with some premium options added
  • The gas option is quiet and fuel-efficient


  • Not a lot of premium options to add to the base model
  • Limited storage space


Like Will Ferrell asked Maya Rudolph in their 2005 Saturday Night Live Jaguar spoof, “Do you like luxury?” If you do, Garia’s got you covered.

Garia’s line of carts is premium right out of the gate, and it only gets better from there. A beautifully designed interior and exterior still leave room for some ultra-premium options for seating, the console, wheels, and more.

Garia Golf / Courtesy / Via / Supersport / Monaco

Garia’s model lineup is similar across the board, with the differentiation made in the number of passengers each can carry, and which is street-legal in the US or EU. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Golf – 2-seater – not street legal
  • Courtesy – 4-seater – not street legal
  • Via – 2-seater – US street legal
  • Via – 4-seater – US street legal
  • Monaco – 2-seater – EU street legal
  • Monaco – 4-seater – EU street legal
  • Supersport – street legal in both the US and EU

Using their “Create Your Garia” tool makes you feel more like you’re building a car than a golf cart. You’ll not only choose your model from the choices above, but you’ll also choose the body color, rims, seats, interior design & features, and exterior features, among others.

There are even premium packages you can add on. Again, it feels a lot like building a new car.

I took a few minutes and built my dream cart. I spared no expense.

I wound up with an MSRP only about 10% lower than the car that I bought new off the lot in 2019.



  • Beautifully designed inside and out
  • An incredible number of features and options to choose from
  • It’s got a heated windshield, for Pete’s sake!


  • Even the base model MSRP is about what you’d expect to pay for a base model sedan
  • The 3-year warranty is the shortest term of the manufacturers we’ve covered


What is the best golf cart manufacturer?

There are several golf cart manufacturers that are considered to be the best in the industry including Club Car, Yamaha, EZ-GO, and Cushman. Ultimately, the best golf cart manufacturer for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

What are the best Chinese golf cart brands?

Some of the best Chinese golf cart brands are YAMAHA, Shenzhen Marshell Green Power, Dongguan Excellence Golf & Sightseeing Car, Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car, Taizhou Tongli Machinery & Electric, Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing, Wuxi Hongling Power, Changzhou Xinder-Tech Electronics, and Wuxi Hengchun Power Technology.

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