Best Golf Cart Phone Mount 2024: Stay Connected on the Course

Being able to safely transport your phone is critical, even when traveling in a golf cart.

Like your vehicle, there are phone mounts available that will give you a variety of options and work across all the different golf cart brands.

Our team has done a deep dive into the best golf cart phone mounts for different needs and our top picks are compiled below.

Be sure to also check out the key factors to look for when buying a phone mount at the end of the article.

Best Golf Cart Phone Holder Options

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.2 /10

blue Phone Caddy from Desert Fox Golf on a white background.


  • This can be mounted in seconds with no tools needed at all. 
  • Versatile to all golf carts, fitting along all arms with stretchy Velcro. 
  • Large enough to hold all size phones with their cases.


  • Not as sturdy as those that lock-in and could fall from the golf cart. The Velcro can become moist and start to slide. 
  • Easier to remove by others.

One of the leaders in the industry, Desert Fox is known for phone mounts, so creating one to accommodate the golf cart was on the horizon. You can choose from an array of color options, allowing your phone mount to match your golf cart.

Being universal for different golf carts was at the heart of this design.

After testing it out, we found that Desert Fox’s phone mount can be easily Velcroed to the side of your golf cart arm, which makes it a convenient option for golfers who need their phones close at hand.

You can place your phone mount along any arm, making it mobile and easy to grab if you need to store it in your bag.

📋 Keep in mind: This phone mount is also large enough to hold phones and their cases, which isn’t something most of them can do.

Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Mount

Runner Up

Rating: 8.8 /10

Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Phone Mount mounted on a golf cart's steering wheel on a white background.


  • Affordable compared to other phone mount options. 
  • Can be adjusted to hold various types of smartphones
  • Rotates so that you can access the scorecard.


  • It can only be placed on the steering wheel. 
  • No color options

Seated right in the middle of the steering wheel, one of the more popular phone mounts is the Caddie Buddy Golf Cart Steering Wheel Phone Mount. There are no tools needed to install this mount, just simply click and lock it into your steering wheel.

It has the flexibility to fit the slimmest 2-inch wide phones to 3.5-inch phones, allowing the popular Smartphones to be secured safely. Also, this mount comes with a holder for your pen and scorecard.

Our testers loved that with the Caddie Buddy, adding your score during a round of golf was as easy as tilting your phone up or down.

📢 Need To Know: Both a pencil and a ball marker come with the phone mount.

Ampcaddy Phone Holder With Clamp – Universal Cell Mount Holder

Best On A Budget 1st Option

Rating: 8.5 /10


  • One of the cheapest phone mounts available. 
  • Can be used anywhere on your golf cart with the clamp. 
  • Universal to both phones and golf cart brands.


  • Only one color option is available.

Designed with iPhone and Samsung in mind, the Ampcaddy phone holder with clamp comes with the ability to hold most of these different phone models. It clamps on an arm or the dash of your golf cart so that you have a reliable place to mount your phone.

Our testing showed that this device has the ability to rotate and swivel 360 degrees, making it an ideal solution for drivers who need to adjust the device’s position while on the road.

Make with silicone, it will soften the blow to your phone when driving and you hit a rough patch. You do not need to have tools on hand to install this phone mount.

📢 Need To Know: This phone mount is so flexible that you can take it with you beyond the golf cart and use it on your bike, vehicle, or anywhere else you need to mount your smartphone.

Skycaddie SX400 Golf Cart Mount

Best For GPS Units

Rating: 9.0 /10

Skycaddie SX400 Golf Cart Mount mounted on a golf cart on a white background.


  • Rubber clamp reduces scratches and damage to your golf cart. 
  • Stainless steel allows the phone mount to be used in all weather conditions. 
  • Comes with a warranty.


  • More expensive than competitor models. 
  • Heavier than some other phone mounts on the list.

Designed for golf carts and your golf game, the Skycaddie SX400 comes highly preferred among golfers everywhere.

In our extensive testing, we found that these caddies are also spacious enough to handle large GPG models that need to be carried.

They come with a rubber clamp that can fit anywhere on your golf cart, either on the dash or one of the arms on your golf cart. It is made of stainless steel and is rust-proof, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

📢 Need To Know: It comes with a one-year warranty when purchased and is one of the most durable phone mounts on the market.

Golf Gadgets – Swing Recording System

Best Durability

Rating: 9.1 /10

a smartphone mount from Golf Gadget for golf carts against a white background.


  • Rubber and silicone materials reduce the chances of scratches. 
  • Cheaper option compared to other models.
  • Universal with all golf carts


  • The materials of rubber and silicone mean that this phone mount could wear out quickly if exposed to the weather. 
  • Only has one color option.

Some golfers like to take advantage of the camera on their phones and this is where Golf Gadgets Swing Recording System comes in. It does more than hold your phone, it allows you to get those priceless videos of your best shots.

Our testers loved the fact that the phone mount swiveled and rotated, allowing them to easily maneuver their phone to capture the perfect shot from any angle.

You can go out on the green alone and still get shots thanks to this system.

With the silicone band on the clamp and mount, the electronics that are stored in this gadget will be secure when you are traveling or parked.

📋 Keep in mind: You can add more than a phone, but also your GPS or rangefinder can be clamped and secured with this phone mount.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

Best Cup Holder Mount

Rating: 8.8 /10

cup holder and phone mount from TOPGO on a white background.


  • Offers an anti-slide feature to protect the phone. 
  • Rotates in all directions and offers an adjustable neck for your preference.


  • Limited to golf carts that have cup holders. 
  • Can only hold the phone in one place, so it is not as versatile as other options.

If you have a golf cart that has a cup holder, then you can take advantage of the TOPGO cup holder phone mount.

This mount does not clip on the dash or the arm but is meant to sit in the cup holder and lock into place.

You can adjust the neck of the holder to make it taller or shorter, fitting your preference. You can also turn the phone mount to face all directions so that you can use it in any way that you need.

We tested this phone mount and found that it can be used not only in golf carts but also in other vehicles.

📢 Need To Know: This design also has an anti-slip surface available to assist with the phone dropping and getting caught beneath your feet when driving.

DHYSTAR Cell Phone Mount For Golf Carts

Best On A Budget 2nd Option

Rating: 8.7 /10

black DHYSTAR Cell Phone Mount For Golf Carts on a white background.


  • Has a 360 swivel option to catch views from all angles. 
  • Universal to all golf cart models.
  • Cheaper than other options on the list.


  • Only has one color option. 
  • Does not fit all smartphones.

Maybe you want a phone mount that is as modern and stylish as your golf cart. The DHYSTAR is one that is sought after by golf cart owners.

The clip attaches easily to the frame or dash of your golf cart and can be used on any golf cart model. It is also an ideal phone mount for many of the iPhone series and Samsung smartphones.

Our testers’ favorite feature was the silicone belt that comes with the product, which prevented damage or absorbed trauma to their phone when traveling.

📋 Keep in mind: There is a lifetime warranty available with this phone mount.

Roykaw Golf Cart Phone Mount

Most Flexible Golf Cart Phone Holder

Rating: 9.0 /10

Golf Cart Phone Mount from Roykaw on a white background.


  • 360-degree rotation is unlike other competitors. 
  • Attach it anywhere on the frame or arm of your golf cart. Both high and low angles are available. 
  • 1-year warranty available. 
  • Easy installation process.


  • Higher price point than other options on the list. 
  • Can fit most but not all golf cart models.

Not only does it clamp, but the Roykaw golf cart phone mount will shift inside and out of your golf cart for your viewing needs. It was designed with the leading golf cart brands in mind, specifically Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO models.

No matter what series iPhone you have, it will fit in this mount holder with the case. This is also true for Samsung, short of the Samsung Fold.

In our testing, we found that the phone mount’s 360-degree rotation eliminates the need to stress about blind spots when recording your shot.

💡 Golfible Tip: You can also push the phone mount to the side, keeping it from obstructing your view when driving.

What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Cart Phone Mount

There are several features that you need to keep in mind when you are selecting a phone mount for your golf cart. Depending on how you plan to use it and the type of equipment you have, you need to make sure the one you choose will fit and work for your needs.

Will It Fit Your Golf Cart?

Most golf cart phone mounts are universal and can fit any model golf cart.

There are some that are meant for the most popular brands and the clamps adjust to those frames better than others.

There are some mounts that are meant for specific areas like the cup holder phone mount from TOPGO. If your golf cart does not have a cut holder then this mount is not an option for you.

Will Your Phone Fit?

When you are searching for the right phone mount, you need one that will fit your phone. While it may say that it can hold your particular phone model, you need to see if that includes the case, also.

Most smartphone owners have a secure phone case to protect their phones. This needs to be counted in the width when reviewing measurements for a phone mount.

How Secure Is The Phone Mount?

All of these phone mounts come with different designs and materials to make them secure. Some use Velcro to secure the phone to the golf cart, while others use a sturdier brand to keep the phone still.

If you plan to drive a lot with your phone on the mount, then you should consider one of the options that have silicone and rubber in the design. Silicone can help eliminate a lot of the shock that can come to phones during a collision or hitting a bump on a path.

It is important that the golf cart phone mount you choose is one that will keep your phone safe and keep it from falling when driving.

Is There A Warranty?

Not all the listed phone mounts have a warranty available. Many of those were on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Those with warranty options had a range of offerings. Some of the more durable golf cart phone mounts carry a one-year warranty where the manufacturer will replace the mount if it is damaged. Others carried a warranty 30 days after the purchase.

Does The Golf Cart Phone Mount Fit My Budget?

Even at the most expensive, the cost of these phone mounts is minuscule when it comes to securing your phone while out on the green. If you go with some of the cheaper options, you may find that you get just what you pay for.

Those that cost a little more come with more durable materials and have the ability to last for several golf seasons as opposed to one.


How do phone mounts work?

Phone mounts work by securely holding a smartphone in place while attached to a surface, such as a dashboard. Most phone mounts use adjustable clamps or grips to hold the phone, while others use magnets or adhesive pads. The mount allows users to easily view and access their phone hands-free while driving.

What are the key features of a phone Mount?

A good phone stand should be stable, adjustable, and compatible with various phone sizes. It should also have non-slip padding to keep the phone from sliding around and scratching. Additionally, it should be portable and easy to use, with a design that allows for easy charging access.

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