Best Golf Cart Roof Racks to Fit Your Lifestyle 2024

Getting stuck with the wrong roof rack for your golf cart can be a major headache.

Many people buy racks that are in no way compatible with their golf cart model.

For example, a roof rack that is too heavy for your golf cart model can seriously impact performance. That same rack could also cause significant wind noise which will make every journey

We have made this guide so you don’t fall into the same trap.

Because there are various brands of golf carts and styles, there is not a single roof rack that is better than the rest.

Our list looks at the most popular golf cart models and chooses a winner for each. Budget and universal roof racks are also considered.

Let’s get into the details.

Best Golf Cart Roof Racks In 2024:

Best EZGO Golf Cart Roof Rack for RXV Model: EZGO RXV Roof Rack System (click to see)

Best EZGO Golf Cart Roof Rack for TXT Model: EZGO TXT Roof Rack System (click to see)

Best Yamaha Golf Cart Roof Rack: Performance Plush Roof Rack (click to see)

Best Universal Golf Cart Roof Rack: Dakine New Longboard Roof Rack (click to see)

Best Club Car Golf Cart Roof Rack: Madjax Armor Roof Rack System (click to see)

Best Budget Golf Cart Roof Rack: Great Day CCRR750 Roof Rack (click to see)

EZGO RXV Roof Rack Storage System

Best EZO Golf Cart Roof Rack for RXV Model

Rating: 9.4 /10

Roof Rack Storage System from EZGO RXV model golf carts on a white background.


  • This rack spreads the span of the roof, giving you the maximum space available. 
  • Designed specifically for this golf cart model. 
  • Can be installed in minutes.


  • Has a higher price point than other golf cart options. 
  • This roof rack does not hold as much weight as some of the others.

If you have an RXV model of the EZGO, you may want to choose the system designed for that specific model.

This roof rack system can hold up to 40 pounds, which is ideal for traveling on the course or down the road to an event.

It is designed to cover the entire roof of this golf cart, so you can maximize your space options. This makes some of those awkwardly shaped items easier to haul, which impressed some of our testers.

📋 Keep in mind: It is made of steel, so you need to keep your eye on the rack, making sure it is not rusting and is being washed when you wash your golf cart. You want to avoid any corrosion opportunities.

EZGO TXT Roof Rack Storage System

Best EZO Golf Cart Roof Rack for TXT Model

Rating: 9.3 /10

Roof Rack Storage System from EZGO TXT model golf carts on a white background.


  • EZGO is one of the most popular brands, making it an ideal option for most of the golf carts out there. 
  • It will fit both electric and gas models. 
  • Heavy duty and stronger than competing roof racks.


  • It may not be compatible with other brands. 
  • Has a higher price tag than others.

Designed for the TXT models, this roof rack storage system is built wide with the ability to store a variety of different items.

You can use it to carry luggage, but also camping equipment if you are in the campground, or beach equipment if you are going to spend the day in the ocean.

It is strong and meant to carry significant weight from the items, so heavy-duty chairs, tools, tents, or coolers can be carried safely on this roof rack. Our testing showed that this rack has a protective coating to prevent corrosion.

Performance Plus Carts Roof Rack

Best Yamaha Golf Cart Roof Rack

Rating: 9.3 /10

Roof Rack Storage System from Performance Plus Carts designed for golf carts on a white background.


  • High-quality metal that is protected from elements and damage from unloading. 
  • All parts are included in the kit
  • Fits the Yamaha model efficiently to maximize the space.


  • This roof rack costs much more than the other competing options and could be the most expensive on the market.

Designed with Yamaha in mind, the Performance Plus Carts fit perfectly on the roof. Since these dimensions are similar to some of the EZGO, they could be used on those models, as well.

Like other roof racks, there is a layer of powdered protection to keep the steel that is used protected from the weather.

The rack measures 52″x32″x5″ which means it can hold lots of different items, no matter what your needs may be and how you are using your golf cart.

When you purchase the rack, you can expect to get the hardware needed. Our testers reported that brackets and all parts are included, making the installation process straightforward once you receive it.

Dakine New Longboard Roof Rack

Best Universal Golf Cart Roof Rack

Rating: 9.0 /10

Dakine New Longboard Roof Rack against a white background.


  • This is one of the easiest racks to assemble since there is essentially no hardware to mount. 
  • Surfboards are transported the best with this rack system as they are the center of the design. 
  • It can be used on all of the popular golf cart types.


  • This roof rack does not offer the same storable ability as the other options. 
  • It is mostly for surfboards and not secure enough to transport other items.

If you use your golf cart to head to the beach regularly and catch some waves, then this Dakine roof rack might be the right option for you.

It is not meant to haul things like camping equipment or even chairs and lawn equipment.

The main purpose of this roof rack is to provide a safe way to carry surfboards and longboards from your home to the ocean. After testing it out, we found that it fits the leading golf cart brands of EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car, making it a versatile product.

📢 Need To Know: It is easy to install and there are no tools needed. They are pretty much assembled when they arrive, you just have to place the rack on the cart and then load your boards.

Madjax Armor Roof Rack

Best Club Car Golf Cart Roof Rack

Rating: 8.8 /10

Madjax MJFX universal Armor Roof Rack for golf carts on a white background.


  • Has all hardware needed and is easy to install. 
  • Designed for the Club Car Precedent, but can also be used on some other golf cart models with similar dimensions.


  • Pricier than some of the other options.

If you want a roof rack that is meant specifically for your Club Car golf cart, then the Madjax Armor roof rack is right for you.

It has the design and measurements for these carts, so they fit easily during installation.

These roof racks have the environment and element exposure in mind. It is finished with a coating to protect you from changing weather, precipitation, and excessive sun exposure.

During our testing, we found that the Madjax roof rack was easy to install, and our testers loved that the included materials held up well with the frequent loading and unloading.

Great Day CCRR750 Roof Rack

Best Budget Golf Cart Roof Rack

Rating: 8.5 /10

Golf cart roof rack system CCRR750 from Great Day with aluminum frame against a white background.


  • More affordable than other options
  • Strong material base
  • High sides to ensure stability


  • It must be drilled to be installed on your golf cart. 
  • It is higher so you need to be careful of clearance levels when traveling.

Not quite as costly as other options, the Great Day CCRR750 roof rack system has a security policy in place to keep items from falling.

The design of this rack is meant to not only hold but stabilize these items with their larger height.

During our tests, we found that it was versatile for most golf cart models and could be used by different brands as well.

📢 Need To Know: It is designed with aircraft aluminum, which makes its durability stronger than some of the other options you may be looking at when it comes to roof racks.

What Makes the Best Golf Cart Roof Racks?

When you are looking through the best golf cart roof racks available, there are a few things you need to keep in mind so that you make the right purchase for your and your golf cart. 

  1. Is it compatible with your golf cart? 
  2. What is it made of? 
  3. Can it carry what I need? 
  4. How much does it cost? 

Is it Compatible With Your Golf Cart?

While many of the best roof racks available are universal, there are some that are made with certain golf cart brands and models in mind.

If there is a roof rack made for your specific golf cart, that may be the best option, as it will maximize the space and have the appropriate hardware.

Some of the universal roof racks require drilling or additional brackets.

📋 Keep in mind: You could potentially make it compatible but at the cost of labor and some serious ingenuity.

What Is the Roof Rack Made Of?

Because some golf carts are left outside and exposed to the elements regularly, you may want a coated roof rack to provide that protection.

A roof rack that is just steel with no protection will get more damage over time from the weather and start to deteriorate faster.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you plan to keep your golf cart stored in a garage or other shelter, then uncoated metal can work for your golf cart and be a viable option.

Can The Roof Rack Carry What I Need?

Golf carts have long become essential vehicles off of the course.

Many golf cart owners actually use them for quick trips around neighborhoods, hauling equipment around the property, hunting, and many other uses.

If you know what you will be hauling on your roof rack regularly, you want to make sure that it can sustain its weight and keep it stable during the trip.

You do not want to have one too small because you can lose your items during transport.

Some of these roof racks are meant for specific items, like surfboards. You do not want to purchase a roof rack for boards and not be able to transport the other things you need.

How Much Do Golf Cart Roof Racks Cost?

Like the sizes, not all prices are the same for these roof racks.

They are based on everything from materials and durability to how much hardware is available in the kit when purchased.

Some of these roof racks require more labor to install than others, which makes them cheaper and more affordable.

Those that appear to be pre-assembled will cost more for convenience.


How much weight can a golf cart roof hold?

The weight a golf cart roof can hold varies based on the type of cart and the manufacturer’s specifications. Generally, golf cart roofs are designed to hold around 150 pounds, but it’s important to check the specific weight limit in the owner’s manual or with the manufacturer to ensure safety.

Are golf cart roofs universal?

No, golf cart roofs are not universal. They come in various sizes and designs that are specific to different golf cart models and brands. It’s important to ensure that you purchase a roof that is compatible with your golf cart to ensure proper fit.

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