Best Golf Clubs For Seniors 2024: 5 Sets to Buy

Older golfers require specific golf clubs because of their different playing styles which is why it’s important to use golf clubs designed for seniors. 

Getting the right golf club for seniors will enable the players to get more power into their shots, play the right angles, and, most importantly, not strain their bodies during a swing.

But with dozens of options to choose from, it’s almost impossible to make the right choice without deep research. 

Factors like weight distribution, shaft flexibility and length, grip comfort, easy handling, and a larger sweet spot all pitch in toward the best golf club for seniors.

Luckily, our team has done all the hard work reviewing more than 23 golf clubs for seniors so you don’t have to.

Browse through our top five list if you’re in a hurry, or delve deeper and read our comprehensive review and buying guide.

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

Golf Clubs For Seniors Specification Table Comparison

Golf Club Set NameCallaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf SetWilson Golf Ultra Men’s 9-Club SetMajek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full SetWilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf SetAGXGOLF Senior Men’s Magnum Edition Set
Our Rating9/10
Editor’s Choice
‘Best For Feature’
‘Best For Feature’
‘Best For Feature’
‘Best For Feature’
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
Number Of Clubs Included12981010
Driver10.5 Loft / 460cc Head Size10.5⁰ Loft / 460cc Head SizeN/A13⁰ Loft/ 460cc Head Size12⁰ Loft/ 460cc head Size
Fairway Woods3 Wood (15.5 Loft)3 WoodN/A5 Wood3 Wood (15⁰ Loft)
Hybrids5 Hybrid (26 Loft)4 Hybrid3 Hybrid (19⁰ Loft)/ 4 Hybrid (22⁰ Loft)/ 5 Hybrid (25⁰ Loft)/ 6 hybrid (28⁰ Loft)/ 7 hybrid (31⁰ Loft)/ 8 hybrid (34⁰ Loft)/ 9 hybrid (37⁰ Loft)5 Hybrid3 Hybrid (19⁰ Loft)
Irons6,7,8,96,7,8,9N/A6,7,8,95, 6, 7, 8, 9
WedgePitching (44 Loft)Pitching (48 Loft)Pitching (40⁰ Loft)Pitching /SandPitching
PutterMalletHeel-Toe WeightedN/AHeel-Toe WeightedFlange Blade Putter
Type of Golf BagStand BagStand BagN/ACart BagStand Bag
Headcover IncludedDriver, Fairway WoodDriver, Fairway Wood, HybridN/ADriver, Fairway Wood, HybridDriver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid
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Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.3 /10


  • Cavity back irons help seniors with forgiveness
  • Hybrid 5-iron aids golfers who tend to mishit long irons
  • 3-wood is oversized making it easier to hit


  • Pricier than most sets of senior clubs
  • Full set but only includes a pitching wedge not a variety of wedges

Callaway Golf is one of the most reliable and reputable club makers on the market. Once again the company has made a superb set of clubs with the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set.

The 12-piece set includes a driver, 3-wood, 5-hybrid, six through nine iron, pitching wedge and putter as well as a stand bag.

The clubs were designed to provide maximum forgiveness and control which helps increase distance for seniors and all golfers.

The driver in the set is 460cc forged and ultra-lightweight with a large sweet spot to enable long accurate tee shots. The 3-wood is oversized and has an aerodynamic head shape to increase loft upon impact.

The 5-hybrid is perfect for seniors who have trouble hitting their long irons and gives confidence.

The irons are designed with a medium sized cavity back to enhance forgiveness and accuracy.

The clubs are silver and blue and the bag is sleek with a black and blue finish. An all-black blade putter with an alignment aid is included with the set.

Since the set includes every type of club, a player can head straight to the course after purchase.

Wilson Golf Ultra Men’s 9-Club Set

Budget Option

Rating: 9.0 /10

A golf club on a grass background from the Wilson Golf Ultra Men's Package Set, which includes 9 golf clubs.
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  • Cavities on irons help mishits be not as bad versus other irons
  • Large lightweight driver helps improve swing speed and distance on drives
  • Available for both left and right handers


  • Only nine clubs in set compared to other sets with more clubs
  • The 5-hybrid may not be ideal for players who enjoy hitting long irons

This nine club set comes with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, six iron through pitching wedge, putter, golf bag, and head covers.

The clubs were created to be forgiving and inspire confidence. The set comes in both right and left-handed dexterities and are standard length.

Forgiveness in the cavity backs is designed to help beginners to low handicappers improve their game.

The Wilson Ultra putter in the set is a sleek silver, red and black. It also has a blade-shape and an alignment aid.

The 460cc driver has a low-point of gravity and huge sweet spot to ensure long and accurate drives when hit correctly.

Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

Most Forgiving

Rating: 8.6 /10

All Hybrid complete golf club set from Majek Golf with green grass in the background.
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  • All hybrids so each club has maximum forgiveness
  • Alignment aid makes it easy to aim at the target
  • Low center of gravity increases launch angle for high-lofted shots


  • Not a complete set
  • Doesn’t include headcovers or a bag

The Majek golf set is composed of all hybrids making it them very forgiving and easier to hit than regular irons.

The set was co-created by members of the UCLA engineering department to design clubs meant to be easily hit.

The weight is positioned behind the sweet spots on the club heads to enable better contact at impact and increase ball flight.

The wide to thin crown creates a lower center of gravity which improves the launch angle leading to more distance.

The clubs come with lightweight premium graphite shafts helping achieve higher swing speeds. The arrow markers and black crown allows golfers to line up their shots easily and it gets rid of the glare from the sun upon address.

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set

Best For Women

Rating: 9.3 /10


  • Includes a sand wedge which many sets do not include
  • Has lightweight graphite shafts for faster swings
  • High-lofted driver for increased distance


  • Only one fairway wood included
  • Pitching wedge is shaped like a blade so it may be difficult to hit for beginners

The Wilson Golf Profile SGI is our recommended set of best golf clubs for seniors that are women. The set includes a lightweight bag that features air flow adjustable shoulder straps so that if a golfer feels like walking the course they won’t be held down by a heavy bag.

The set comes with 10 clubs including a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons six through nine, pitching wedge, a Wilson Easy Launch sand wedge and a putter. All clubs are equipped with graphite shafts.

The driver in the set is high-lofted and features a huge sweet spot for better trajectory and more distance off the tee.

The Easy Launch sand wedge has a wide sole and low weight for control around the greens and improved accuracy.

The putter is weighted in the heel and toe and comes with a soft alignment grip that enables good distance control. Straight putts are also promoted when aligned correctly.

The set is available for both left and right-handed golfers.

AGXGOLF Senior Men’s Magnum Edition

Best Clubs For Tall Seniors

Rating: 9.0 /10

A golf club from AGXGOLF Senior Men's Magnum Tour XS Golf Club Set with green grass background.
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Last Amazon price update was: July 15, 2024 2:53 pm


  • Large sweet spots promote solid contact and distance
  • Irons are created to replicate Callaway Golf Irons
  • 460cc driver has large head and helps with long tee shots


  • Doesn’t include a 4-iron or 4-hybrid
  • Relatively unknown brand around the golf world

These golf clubs are available in various sets and were created for seniors that are short or tall ranging from 5-feet-2 inches to 6-feet-7 inches.

The AGXGOLF sets include a 460cc driver as well as woods and a hybrid that all feature graphite shafts. The irons included were modeled after Callaway Golf irons and have stainless steel shafts.

When a set is purchased, a one year warranty is included.

The irons included in the set are five through nine and the hybrid included replaces a 3-iron. An all-black putter with white stripes for alignment is also included.

The clubs are only made for right-handed players.

Features in senior clubs

There are many different features to look for when looking for the best golf clubs for seniors including forgiveness, weight, shaft flex, loft angle and the way the club heads are designed.

Senior clubs vs. regular clubs:

 Senior clubs are ideally created to be more forgiving and friendly for slower swing speeds than regular clubs. They are made to make up for the lack of power in a stroke. Some seniors struggle in different areas and have different needs such as requiring a set of hybrids rather than traditional irons.

Clubhead forgiveness

Many senior clubs feature club faces that are designed to maximize forgiveness. In many cases a large cavity back is added to minimize the damage on mishits and make it easier to have solid contact. Senior clubs also usually have extremely large sweet spots to help strike the ball cleanly.


In most senior clubs the weight and center of gravity is placed lower just behind the sweet spot. This allows the club to swing smoothly and allows seniors to replicate their swing over and over to try and consistently make solid contact.

Flex Ratings

There are different types of flexes on golf clubs and having the right one for your swing can improve your performance immensely. Flexes vary from regular, stiff, extra stiff, ladies and senior flex. As a golfer gets into their senior years if they cannot maintain the same swing speed they once had they should consider switching to a senior flex.

Senior Flex Golf Clubs

A senior-flex shaft is recommended for golfers who swing slower than 70 miles per hour. Driving distance can also help determine if someone needs to switch to a senior flex. If someone is getting older in age and has their swing slowing down and only drives the ball 200 yards, it is appropriate to switch to a senior flex. Senior flex shafts don’t ensure distance as good as extra stiff flexes but they help with accuracy.

Senior Flex vs. Regular Flex

Regular flex shafts are meant for the average golfer who have swing speeds around 90-100 mph. These flexes bend but are stiffer than senior flex golf clubs. When purchasing clubs and you see lite flex vs. senior flex, don’t be confused. The meanings are the same and this also includes “A” flex.

Do you need senior flex golf clubs

If you’re swing speed has been declining and you haven’t had the results you once had with regular flex clubs then it is probably time to switch to a senior flex. Finding the best senior flex golf clubs for your game can have a drastic impact on your scorecard.

Loft Angle

The loft angle for golf clubs is the degrees on the face of the club when put flat on the ground at address. Drivers have the lowest loft angles at usually 8.5-11.5 degrees. Middle irons such as five irons are usually 28 degrees and seven irons are commonly found at 34 degrees. Higher numbered irons such as the nine iron are usually 41 degrees and a stock pitching wedge is usually 43-45 degrees. Wedges can vary from 46-64 degrees. The higher the number of degrees, the higher the ball is supposed to fly in the air. The lower the degrees, the farther the ball flight.

Sets with hybrids

Seniors who have trouble making solid contact with longer irons should consider when they buy a set of clubs that they include four or five hybrids rather than four or five irons.


Making the switch to golf clubs for older players can be a difficult decision. If a golfer is looking for an “inbetween” type set between senior and standard clubs, our editor’s choice, the Callaway Strata Complete Set, is a good option.

With its 12 clubs and golf bag, the set is ready to be taken straight to the course. The Strata’s focus is on forgiveness and length and includes a clean design.


Are graphite shafts better for seniors?

Graphite shafts are better than steel shafts for senior golfers. The lightweight shaft helps seniors increase swing speed. This helps with contact, length and consistency. Seniors should switch from steel to graphite. 

What is the most forgiving golf clubs for seniors?

The TaylorMade Stealth irons are the most forgiving irons for older players. The club features a huge cavity back, massive sweet spot, 450 stainless steel face and a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. It is also extremely lightweight. All these factors aid seniors in making solid contact and increasing their swing speed which often leads to lower scores. 

What is the difference between senior and regular golf clubs?

The flex is the difference between senior and regular golf clubs. Regular flex shafts are stiffer and heavier than senior flex. This means they are better for golfers with faster swings. Light and flexible senior shafts are better for slower swing speeds.

Should older golfers use lighter clubs?

Golf clubs that are lightweight enable players to swing easier and more natural. This is especially useful for seniors that could find it difficult to swing heavier clubs. Graphite shafts are what make the clubs lighter. 

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