Our Guide To The Best Golf Clubs For Women In 2022

This post was most recently updated on March 16th, 2022

Our Guide To The Best Golf Clubs For Women In 2022

Published By Lawrence Smelser Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Editorial Staff

Significant investment has gone into developing bespoke golf clubs for women golfers over the past 20 years.

Today, the club specifications can vary somewhat from their male counterparts. 

Here, we will go over these differences and provide a few options for the best golf clubs for women on the market in 2022 depending on your personal preferences and experience.

Best Golf Clubs For Women: Quick Synopsis


Callaway Women's Strata Plus



Editors Choice Best Overall Golf Club Set


5 out of 5

Our #2 Rated

Confidence Lady Power III

Budget Option


4.6 out of 5

Our #3 Rated

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set

Best Golf Clubs For Beginner Women


4.7 out of 5

Best Golf Club Clubs Intermediate Women


4.5 out of 5

Our #5 Rated

Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set

Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs


4.7 out of 5

Our #6 Rated

PreciseGolf Junior Golf Club Set

Best Girls Golf Clubs


4.5 out of 5

Understanding Women’s Golf Clubs

Before deciding on the best golf club set for you, here is a complete guide on golf clubs for women, how they differ from men’s clubs, and other things to consider before you buy.

Men Vs Women’s golf clubs

Despite what I wrote at the start of this article, there was in fact a time when women’s clubs were more colourful versions of men’s clubs!

However, as female participation in golf increased, and indeed continues to increase, so did the development of clubs specifically for women.

So what are the key differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

While both male and female clubs comprise the same components, it is the size, shape, and length of these components that differ.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference between golf clubs designed for ladies and those for men:

Shaft length: As women, on average, are shorter than men, it would make sense that the standard shaft length for golf clubs are also shorter.

The length of a standard women’s wood or iron is one inch shorter than the male equivalent golf club.

These standard golf club shafts are created for women of the average 5ft 6in – 5ft 7in height, but if you are a shorter than average woman, there are many clubs designed another inch shorter.

Shaft flex: As well as shorter lengths, standard ladies shafts are also more flexible, which is why you will find most women’s clubs using either graphite or specially crafted lady-flex steel instead of the regular steel shafts found in male clubs.

This is because, in general, a woman produces a slower swing speed due to less upper body strength, so the flex of the club is assisted by a more flexible shaft.

Loft Angle: In general, women’s drivers and woods have a higher loft degree compared to the male versions.

This has been designed to help women hit the golf ball higher and maximise distance, countering the lower club speed.

Lie Angle: The lie angle (the angle created between the centre of the shaft and the sole of the club when placed in the playing position) tends to be more upright in women’s clubs.

This is because the average female player is shorter and will therefore stand closer to the golf ball at set-up.

Club Weight: While the weight can vary, women’s clubs tend to be lighter, despite the club head of the irons being heavier than men’s irons.

The lighter weight, therefore, comes primarily from the lighter shafts. The lighter clubs, combined with the heavier clubhead, is designed to give female golfers greater control over their swing.

Grips: As women tend to have smaller hands, the grips are usually shorter and thinner, allowing female golfers to grip the club better and have more control of their golf shots.

What Clubs Make Up A Typical Complete Ladies Golf Set?

Woods: A driver to give you all that distance off the tee is essential and should be included in every set. Beyond that, a fairway wood like a 3-wood or 5-wood is often included in a complete ladies golf club set.

These clubs can be used off the tee like a driver and will offer more accuracy but less distance.

Hybrids: You’ll notice that each of the sets we recommend don’t include long irons. Instead, they offer at least one hybrid club.

These clubs work similarly to long irons in that you will use them on the fairway when still a distance from the green.

Irons: Commonly, a complete women’s golf set will include 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons.

You will use these clubs when at a distance of between 150 and 100 yards from the green.

Wedges: A pitching wedge (PW) should always be included in any set of golf clubs and will be used when close to, and on the edges of, the green.

As with all irons, the loft degree of a PW can vary, but will be between 45-50 degrees. With greater loft, a PW allows you to hit the ball high for a short distance (around 100 yards or closer).

A sand wedge may also be included in a set but not always. A SW is primarily used from greenside bunkers and will have a loft of 55 to 58 degrees.

If your set of golf clubs doesn’t include a SW and the PW loft is on the lower side of around 45, you’ll want to consider getting a SW. 

Putter: All complete golf sets will include a putter, which will be used on the greens to get the ball in the hole.

Considerations for beginners

If you’re looking for your first set of golf clubs or consider your game at a beginner level, there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the right set for your ability.

First of all, you will want to find the right balance between quality and cost when it comes to your clubs.

The premium price sets of ladies’ golf clubs are commonly tailored towards more advanced players.

Not only should you avoid these super-expensive golf clubs based on price, but they will also not help your progress as more affordable clubs designed for beginners.

Womens starter golf clubs are designed with higher loft degrees throughout the entire set, which is a big help if you’re just getting started or at game improvement level.

This means that the club will provide higher ball flight, distance and back spin even with a lower swing speed.

The sole (or bottom) is also wider on beginner’s clubs for women and are therefore designed to put much of the weight of the club into the club head.

This has been created to ensure that when women hit the ball low on the club face, it will still create a solid connection at impact.

Other considerations

Is it better to get a complete set of ladies golf clubs or compile my own?

For golf beginners, we highly encourage you to choose a complete set: you will get everything you need all from the same brand, there will be consistency in the clubs, and it will save you time and money.

Then if you want to add a club or two to your set, then go for it. For more advanced players that really understand their game, you may want to piece together your own set where you can select each club to your liking.

Who should use women’s clubs?

While we recommend you to start with women’s clubs, if you are taller than 5ft 7in (the average height women’s clubs have been designed for), then you will either want to find out if the clubs can be lengthened or perhaps look at lightweight men’s clubs.

If you are a shorter than average woman, then seek out clubs that have been specifically created for shorter women (see below).

A more in-depth product review of the best golf clubs for women can be found below.

Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Set

Editor’s Choice


Our overall choice for the best golf clubs for women.

One of the top rated womens golf clubs and for good reason, the Callaway Women’s Strata Plus are ideal for beginners and intermediate players alike and provides all the clubs you need.

Each club is fitted with graphite shafts, making them lightweight and easy to control, while the titanium driver is designed with a large sweet spot to give you plenty of distance and forgiveness off the tee.

The 5-wood gives you another option from the tee or on the fairway, and the 5-hybrid provides a lot more versatility and control than a long iron.

The irons (6,7,8,9) are all perimeter weighted, meaning the weight is distributed around the edges of the clubhead to stabilise the club when striking the ball, offering you greater control.

The Strata Plus set of golf clubs also comes with both a pitching wedge and sand wedge to handle your short and bunker games.

Completing the set of clubs is the mallet putter with T-Style alignment to give you accuracy and feel on the greens.

The stand bag included with the Strata Plus set is lightweight and durable and comes with five pockets to store your accessories as well as an additional cooler pocket, rain hood, and backpack strap for easy carrying.

This set of women’s clubs also includes headcovers for your driver, wood, and hybrids to protect the clubheads. You can find out more in our Callaway Women’s Strata Plus review.



Confidence Lady Power Golf Clubs

Budget Option


Another popular choice for golf beginners, the Confidence Lady Power III set is ideal if you are just starting out and you are on a tighter budget. 

Lady-flex steel is fitted on all the shafts, ensuring the right balance between lightweight and control for all eight clubs in this set.

Included is an alloy driver, which at 12 degrees loft, has been designed for added forgiveness – ideal for the beginner. A headcover for the driver is also included to protect the clubhead.

The 4-hybrid has replaced the less forgiving long irons, giving you more control over your shots from longer distance, while the cavity back irons (6,7,8,9) have been created to minimise the severity of any miss-hits.

A pitching wedge is also included for your short game as does a blade putter for the greens.

The Confidence Lady Power III set comes complete with a five-divider stand bag, which includes a rain cover and dual padded carrying strap.

While a few clubs may be lacking, the Confidence Lady Power III set covers everything needed for a golf beginner to get started without breaking the bank



Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set

Best Womens Golf Club Sets Beginners


If you’re a golf beginner or high handicapper who plans to play regularly and improve quickly, then the Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra set is our recommendation for you.

This 9-club set from Wilson boasts flexible, lightweight graphite shafts, which are ideal for women golf beginners who will naturally have a lower swing speed and will need assistance in club control.

The driver and 3-wood have been designed with a low centre of gravity, allowing women to hit the ball with more height and distance off the tee.

Additionally, the inclusion of a 3-wood is handy as it can be used off the tee to similar effect as the driver while also being an asset from the fairway. Both clubs, as well as the 4-hybrid, come with headcovers.

The cavity-backed irons offer plenty of forgiveness and control, while the set is completed by a pitching wedge and blade putter. 

The Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra set comes with a cart golf bag featuring numerous pockets and  two lifting handles.

The overall quality of this Wilson set means that while they are suitable for golf beginners, as your game improves you will not feel the need to upgrade your clubs until you get to a more advanced level.



Palm Springs Golf Visa

Best Womens Golf Clubs Intermediate


The biggest of our recommended sets, the Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 is a great option for intermediate players, while the company also offers a “Petite” range of clubs one inch shorter for women less than 5ft 5in tall.

With a driver, 3-wood and two hybrids, this set of womens clubs offers plenty of options for long-distance shots, while both the driver and 3-wood offer large sweet spots.

Boasting five irons (5-9) plus a pitching wedge, the Palm Springs set leaves no gaps in your potential club choices.

Like most beginner or intermediate level clubs, these irons are also cavity-backed and each has a premium graphite shaft.

This set of women’s clubs is completed by a hybrid blade-mallet putter. The clubs come with a stand bag with seven pockets, dual carrying strap and a rainhood.



Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set

Best Senior Ladies Clubs


One of those golf club sets for women that departs from the norm but if you are over-55 and looking for a set designed specifically for your age range, then these Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set might just be for you.

Consisting of hybrid clubs (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) plus a pitching wedge, this golf iron set was created after the people at Majek spoke to more than a thousand senior female golfers and discovered that iron play was what they struggled with the most.

They are fitted with Senior Lady Flex Velocity Graphite Shafts, for more flexibility than the regular shaft to cater to the lower swing speed often produced by senior players.

The oversized heads for each club offer ultimate forgiveness, ensuring even miss-hit shots are not unduly punished.



PreciseGolf Junior Golf Club Set

Best Girls Golf Clubs


There is nothing worse than having golf clubs that are too big. You’re either gripping the club halfway down the shaft or setting up too far away from the golf ball.

As most clubs are created for the average-height woman, for those who are shorter than 5ft 6in, the Precise Deluxe Petite Set might be a good option.

All eight clubs are one inch shorter than standard clubs, which are all fitted with graphite shafts.

The 13-degree driver helps with ball flight off the tee, while the hybrid has extreme perimeter weighting for added control of your shots.

Interestingly, this set of clubs comes with two multi-purpose irons: 6/7 and 8/9 and have been created with higher loft for greater height.

The Precise Deluxe Petite set also comes with a pitching wedge and putter, three headcovers for the woods and hybrid, and a stand bag.

For players shorter than the average woman, you can’t go wrong with this set from Precise.



Hopefully now you know quite a bit more about golf clubs for women and what to look for when deciding which are the best clubs for you.

While all of our recommended sets of womens clubs certainly have their merits, the Callaway Women’s Strata Plus are, in my opinion, the stand-out best overall choice. They are a set ideal for players of all abilities, the clubs are great quality so will last you a long time, and are excellent value considering what you are getting from a premium golf brand.

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