Best Golf Glove 2024 Buying Guide

The right golf glove can make all the difference in your game.

Whether you just started playing golf and you’re trying to avoid blisters or you’re a seasoned golfer with a single-digit handicap, the right glove not only provides comfort on the course but also can help you find the perfect grip to hit consistent shots. 

The ideal glove will help you card the lowest scores, but in the ever-changing golf equipment market, there are dozens of gloves to choose from. Today’s gloves have different features and benefits to suit unique swing styles and comfort preferences. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.

Testing gloves can be time-consuming, expensive, and detrimental to your game. The good news is that our team tested 20 of the best-selling gloves on the market to help you make a perfect choice.

In a rush? Check out our summary list below for the benefits of the best-of-the best from our glove test. If you’re looking for our in-depth analysis of our favorite gloves, scroll further down to check out the complete guide.

Best Golf Glove

Golfible Picks:

Editor’s Choice and Most Durable Golf Glove: Callaway Dawn Patrol (click to see)

Best Value Golf Glove: Bionic (click to see)

Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands: Finger Ten (click to see)

Best Golf Glove For Rain: Footjoy (click to see)
Best Winter Golf Gloves: Callaway Thermal (click to see)
Best Nike Golf Glove: Nike Dura (click to see)

golf Glove Specification Table Comparison

Golf ShoesCallaway Dawn PatrolBionicFinger TenFootjoyCallaway ThermalNike Dura
Our Rating9.2/10
Editor’s Choice and Most Durable Golf Glove
Best Value Golf Glove
Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands
Best Golf Glove For Rain
Best Winter Golf Gloves
Best Nike Golf Glove
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
MaterialLeather, CottonLeatherBreathable Microfiber/ 3D Performance MeshPolyester, Spandex, SuedeSynthetic Leather, MicrofiberPolyurethane, Nylon, Leather
Palm/Grip MaterialLeather With PerforationsPatented Relief PadWet-Weather GripWet-Weather Grip, AutoSuede KnitDigitized Synthetic LeatherLeather
Sizes AvailableSmall / Medium / Large / Extra-Large / Double Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Large / Extra Large / Double Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Large / Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Large / Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Large / Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Large / Extra-Large
Cadet Sizes AvailableYes (Small / Medium)Yes (Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large)NoYes (Small / Medium / Large / Extra-Large)Yes (Small / Medium / Large / Extra-Large)Yes (Medium / Large / Extra-Large)
Closure TypeHook, Loop, Adjustable ClosureHook, LoopHookHook, Loop, Angled Tab, Dual Elastic ClosureHook, Adjustable ClosureHook, Angled Tab
Colors AvailableWhiteWhiteBlack, Blue, Grey, White, GreenBlack, White/GreyBlackWhite, Black/Silver
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Callaway Dawn Patrol

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • Soft but durable leather to ensure plenty of rounds of golf from proper use
  • Perforated to increase its breathability to counteract potential problems with moisture
  • Adjustable closure, thin and lightweight to help create the tight fit needed for a good grip


  • Possibly slightly short at the wrist for some golfers
  • In real heavy rain, some issues but that is the reality of wet weather and retaining a good grip

Callaway offer a golf glove made of leather with perforations in the palm, fingers and thumb to help reduce moisture by increasing the gloves breathability. That does not impact on the feel that the glove can provide, and the adjustable closure ensures you can be sure of the neat fit every time you put it on. There is a soft cotton stretch cuff which will absorb any moisture from arms and wrist.

Leather is durable as long as it is looked after properly. If you are careful in taking off the glove from the fingers and store it properly to avoid contact with other things in your golf bag, you will get many rounds from this glove. The Dawn Patrol is both thin and lightweight, yet its durability has been well established.


Best Value Golf Glove

Rating: 8.7 /10


  • Unique use of medical expertise to help with the glove design
  • Anatomical pads to improve your grip
  • Gives you the confidence to retain your normal swing speed
  • Washable and hard wearing, retaining its original shape for longer


  • More expensive than its competition because of the extra assistance they provide for golfers with arthritis
  • A little bulky for some golfers because of the padding which primarily helps golfers with a little arthritis in their hands

Bionic technology involves the use of medical expertise on the anatomy of the hand itself.  You have just to look at the palm of your hand and your fingers to see the surfaces are not flat. Bionic design their gloves to fill in the valleys, for want of a better word, in palm and fingers. Those pads help counter any tendency for the club to twist in your hand. As a result, you can increase your swing speed in the confidence of knowing your club is held firmly.

Bionic prides itself on the durability of its gloves which can be washed both by hand and in a machine. The glove will retain its shape with proper care and therefore will remain the good fit it was when you first bought it.

Finger Ten

Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands

Rating: 8.9 /10

white Finger Ten golf glove for men on a green grass background.
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  • Competitive pricing
  • Mesh to counteract moisture problems from either rain or sweating
  • Standard USA sizing


  • Not available in Cadet size
  • Not first choice if you play in cool dry weather all the time

When it starts to rain, you know you may have a problem because if you cannot keep your club grips dry, and your golf glove, you may find the club twisting in your hand. Finger Ten is a golf glove that aims to counter that problem. The quality mesh material used in its manufacture helps to counter any moisture from rain or sweating hands which regularly happen in hot weather.

Finger Ten is a breathable, quick drying glove which will fit nicely on your hand to create the feeling of a ‘’second skin.’’ They are sold individually in sizes from small (S) to extra large (XL) in standard USA sizes.

Footjoy Raingrip

Best Golf Glove For Rain

Rating: 9.1 /10


  • Leather and synthetic combination
  • Soft, flexible and breathable
  • Comfortable fit with excellent durability
  • Competitively priced


  • Not for golfers who want an all-leather glove
  • Tendency to stain quickly

Footjoy made its name for comfortable golf footwear so it is no surprise that its golf gloves seek to prioritize comfort as well. These gloves are comfortable as well as durable, retaining their shape and hence the fit that you experienced when you first put the glove on.

Footjoy’s gloves combine leather and synthetic material with the leather sections in the thumb and palm where the most pressure is exerted. They are breathable gloves, soft and flexible and can stand up to the problems of rain and sweating hands in equal measure. As a result, you can be confident about your grip every time.

Callaway Thermal

Best Winter Golf Gloves

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Offers good rain and wind protection
  • Inner fleece lining for warmth
  • Adjustable closure for good fit.


  • Better for winter weather
  • Prone to discoloration but that does not affect the quality

Callaway’s answer to cold and wet weather is its thermal glove which is designed to combat the negative effects of moisture. It has a synthetic leather palm and a microfiber outer shell combatting both rain and windy weather. The lining is fleeced for warmth and the adjustable closure ensures a good fit. It is durable and so it is expected to fit as well as it did first time until it finally wears out.

Nike Dura

Best Nike Golf Glove

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Washable and still retains its shape
  • Flexible and great fit
  • Capable of lasting plenty of rounds


  • No lining so tendency to get damp with sweat
  • Questions on durability of the pad

Nike’s Dura is an all-weather golf glove with perforations on the back of the hand and stretch in the fingers to help create a good grip. Breathable and flexible, the Dura is made primarily from polyurethane with a little nylon and leather. The glove is comfortable and will retain its shape for regular use. As a durable glove, it provides value for money with the style associated with Nike.

Golf Glove Factors to Consider

Why Should You Wear a Golf Glove?

Some golfers don’t bother wearing a golf glove preferring to feel the shaft of their club in their hands.  Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan, outstanding golfers in their time and still regarded as among the ‘’greats’’ never wore a golf glove. At that time, amateurs regularly wore gloves simply for protection, yet professionals and top amateurs tended not to.

Once gloves became popularized with Sam Snead the first Major winner to wear one, golf gloves became the norm for professionals and everyone else. Jack Nicklaus and his white golf glove became a common sight.

Clearly golf gloves are not a requirement of the game but..

Your golf glove helps protect you hand while you play your round. If you develop blisters while playing, you are unlikely to return to the game. Your skin is thin and fragile although it does heal quickly. However, surely you want to prevent any problems in the first place?

The material used to make golf gloves is designed to improve your grip on your club. Nature has an answer to the fragility of human skin and that is the creation of something called sebum which helps to both lubricate and waterproof that skin. Think wax or oil consistency and glands within the skin create this form of skin protection everywhere around the body except the palms of the hand and soles of the feet. It means that sebum is created on your fingers.

A golf glove is the game’s answer to sebum on your fingers when your hands begin to sweat. Your grip without a glove could not be guaranteed when you are faced with your next shot.

Which Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

The idea of which hand to wear a golf glove is based upon which is your top hand, and hence your lead hand, on the club shaft, hence a right-handed golfer wears the glove on the left hand.

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

Some golfers wear golf gloves on both hands but they are certainly the exception. There is no real scientific reason for that. but a glove’s function is to help the grip on the dominant hand which is sufficient to control the club. The dominant hand is the top hand on the club.

A combination of cost and general laziness are things that play a role in wearing a single glove. Even the best golf glove will wear out so you would be doubling your golfing costs by wearing two all the time.

Important Properties of a Golf Gloves

 Golf gloves can be 100% leather or a combination of leather and synthetic. You need to look at the grip quality each glove provides before making your choice. Manufacturers test the material they use to ensure that a glove can perform as promised but nothing is 100% guaranteed. Several other factors come into play as well as material.


  • Golf Gloves certainly wear out. They are something that you need to replace regularly so it is important that you buy a glove that proves itself to be durable and change to another brand if you do not feel you are getting value.

Wet Weather

  • When it rains, your grip will really be tested. Your golf club grips will get wet, so you need to have a towel at hand to dry them as much as possible. You may even decide to carry a golf glove from a manufacturer that has specifically made them to help counter the rain.

Swing Speed

  • This important element in golf requires you to be confident of your grip otherwise you may subconsciously slow your swing down in case the club slips out of your hands.

Golf Glove Fitting

Fitting like a glove is a phrase that is used regularly, but it is important to know what that means. In the case of a golf glove, it means as tight as comfortable as possible because its primary function is to act as a second skin for maximum feel with your club shaft.  Gloves worn primarily for warmth or purely protection do not require that same ‘’tightness’’.

The result is that you should be thinking about buying a smaller size golf glove than the gloves you buy for daily wear on a cold winter’s day. As a result, when you think about a golf glove cadet vs regular size it is likely that cadet size is suitable for many golfers.

Caring for Your Golf Glove

Once your golf glove begins to show significant wear, you need to replace it because it will not be providing you with the ‘’feel’’ that you are seeking. You can extend the ‘’life’’ of your glove by taking it off carefully from the fingers. You will do that at every green because few golfers wear a glove while putting so you can see how many times you will put on and take off your golf glove every round you play.


There are many excellent golf gloves on the market, some specifically aimed at golfers who are likely to play in wet and cold weather as well as on a summer’s day. However, the one that tops the list and is therefore the editor’s choice is the Callaway Dawn Patrol because its leather composition, its breathability and the perforations mean it has a soft and flexible feel while countering moisture, whether rain or sweat.


What golf glove does Tiger Woods use? 

Tiger Woods has been a loyal Nike representative since he turned professional and uses a Nike Dri-Fit Cabretta leather glove.On occasion, Tiger has used a glove when playing in the rain.You can find up to 16 gloves in Tiger’s bag during a round and he always uses a new one on the first tee.

Is it OK to wear two golf gloves?

Although most golfers use a single golf glove on their leading hand, some professional golfers use two gloves, one on each hand.

This prevents blisters from forming on both hands if the club is gripped too hard. And provides increased stability for more control during the swing sequence.

Should a golf glove be tight?

A golf glove should be tight without compressing your hands too much thus restricting the movement or causing fingers to go numb. If you are unable to close your hand easily while wearing a glove, it’s too small for you. Ideally, there should be no extra material at the tips of your fingers in a well-fitting glove.

Should you chip with your glove on?

Most golfers keep their gloves on when chipping to maintain a better grip and control throughout the swing sequence. However, you may feel more comfortable when not wearing a glove, especially on delicate chips close to the green where a high degree of feel is of utmost importance.

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