Best Golf Rangefinder: The 2022 Buying Guide For Golf Rangefinders

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Best Golf Rangefinder: The 2022 Buying Guide

Published By Lawrence Smelser Last Updated on June 16, 2022 by Editorial Staff

I began golf on a links course where judging distance was a necessary skill with minimal help from the terrain. Later, Clubs began to issue course guides, but modern technology has taken a step further; the golf rangefinder.

Rangefinders have become a popular tool for players both new and experienced. Put simply, a rangefinder uses technology to measure distance from where you are standing to the hole.

Many rangefinders can also measure slope and even wind. A rangefinder is typically easy to use and to read. You just need to aim at the target to get a reading. 

We are happy to review and advise on the best golf rangefinder because they are a perfectly legal tool for amateurs to help you master the game. Read on to learn more about which model golf rangefinder with the right technology and features will best suit your needs and help you play like a Pro.

We will take you through the best golf rangefinders at all price points, with a variety of features, including gps, laser, and slope.

What are Your Best Golf Rangefinder Alternatives To Help You Play Like A Pro?


Tectectec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder



Editor’s Choice as Best Rangefinder


5 out of 5

Our #2 Rated

SUAOKI Golf Rangefinder

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder Flexoffers


4.8 out of 5

Our #3 Rated

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope

Best Premium Option Golf Rangefinder


4.6 out of 5

Our #4 Rated

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinder for Accuracy Over Distance


4.6 out of 5

Our #5 Rated

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro

Best Features for Speed of Use


4.6 out of 5

What Are Some Factors Golfers Should Consider When Making A Decision About Rangefinders?

Before you choose the best golf rangefinder to suit your needs and play like a pro, you need to understand how rangefinders work and the differences between them. Rangefinders can tell you the exact distance to the point you are aiming for, leaving you the challenge to select your golf club and hit it as you intend.

You apply the finishing touches after using a rangefinder and as long as you can hit a specific club a fairly consistent distance, golf can become simpler and you may even go from a good player to a great one.

There is no reason why using a rangefinder should slow golf play down because you can have it and all its great features in your hand as you approach the ball and know instantly what is required as you arrive at the ball.

You still need to play your part correctly and the rangefinder you select should offer you exactly what you want at a price you can afford.  

When the idea of laser rangefinders was first mooted, the obvious question would be whether the golf authorities, the R&A and the USGA would permit their use in Pro competition; any such innovations in technology require official approval in order to be tournament legal.

While golf rangefinders are permissible in friendly golf and there is nothing to stop caddies using them to prepare their tournament golfers for playing in competition, to date professional golfers may not use rangefinders for calculating the next shot they face.

Several rangefinders incorporate a ‘’slope mode’’ which has to be turned off during any round when they are permitted. You should check if there is a local rule for players applying to the use of a golf rangefinder.

Rangefinder Magnification

You should be happy with a minimum of 5 times magnification for your laser rangefinder to be effective. At that level, you will be able to pick out your target easily and plan your next shot accordingly in order to play your best golf.

Distant targets are not a problem for rangefinders with pin seeking technology that can ignore other objects around the green and concentrate purely on the pin itself.

How Easy And Quick To Use Is The Rangefinder?

Each model of rangefinder comes with an instruction leaflet so you should be perfectly familiar with its use very quickly.

A rangefinder should always be easily accessible in your golf bag with a reading provided within seconds; select your club and play your next shot. A golf rangefinder in a good case fitting neatly into one of the pockets alongside your other gear in your golf bag is ideal.

Rangefinder Cost

As with many pieces of ‘’golf equipment’’ there is a range of prices for rangefinders.  This is usually based on the features offered. You may want the most sophisticated rangefinder model on the market or be happy with one that offers basic help at a great budget price.

That is an individual preference once you have studied the rangefinder market.

Rangefinder Battery Life

On days when you may be playing 36 holes, you want to check to be certain that your rangefinder battery life can handle that. That will not be a problem with batteries likely to last a whole golf season, never mind 36 holes in a day.

Is The Rangefinder Water Resistant and Durable?

You may be a ‘’fair weather’’ golfer, avoiding poor weather but there is always a time when you can be caught by a quick shower one day, and sometimes heavier rain on another.

In a golf tournament, you have no choice but to continue. It means that your rangefinder must be resistant to water which can corrode its metal components. Some rangefinders are waterproof while others make no such claims of their gear.

Accidents happen and sturdy rangefinder construction is important to avoid damage if your rangefinder is dropped on a cart path or other hard surface. The best rangefinder is one that can stand up to the elements

Does The Rangefinder Have Slope Technology?

Some rangefinders incorporate a slope feature which measures both distance and elevation.

Slope technology is not allowed in tournament or competition play and in fact is any round that will count towards your handicap.

The rangefinder reading that you can obtain in purely friendly golf is effectively what the upcoming shot will need in terms of distance. You will have an overall good chance of improving your score if you have slope technology and use it in practice rounds so that you can check out the course and are familiar with it in competition. 

Caddies regularly use the slope feature on a rangefinder to check and prepare their plans for a course on which their golf professional is going to play. Slope can be just as important as distance in terms of success.

Is It A GPS or Laser Rangefinder?

GPS technology was originally installed in golf buggies to show golfers where they were on a hole; there are now hand-held golf gps devices available as well.

GPS devices operate using satellite imagery to provide distances between you and your intended target. Their advantage is that they can check and provide that distance even if you are about to hit a blind shot where your target is not in easy view.

A laser golf rangefinder is likely to be more precise because the laser ‘’bounces’’ off a visible target and gives a highly accurate reading. A rangefinder can also see features on a green at a great distance because of good magnification. 

An excellent practice aid, a rangefinder can help you to calculate how far you hit specific clubs on a regular basis which is something that can help you meet your target like a pro and get the best out of your game.

Both golf GPS and laser technology rangefinders provide help and you may decide to have both in your bag if you are not concerned about cost. Without being critical of either, given a choice, a laser rangefinder probably wins over GPS at the end of the day.

Any negatives about rangefinders?

Rangefinders do take away the need to have the skill in deciding on the distance that is required for the next shot. 

That is especially on fairly featureless courses, typical of links before golf course guides were readily available. However, if you want to improve your golf handicap, anything that helps, like a rangefinder, is positive.

You should try not to slow down the rate of play by using a rangefinder and that need not be the case if you are ready to check the distance as you reach your ball.

You may not be able to hit a specific club the same distance every time but that is hardly the fault of the golf rangefinder model.

Golf Rangefinder Reviews From A Pro: Product Features and  Insights For The Best Golf Rangefinders

Tectectec VPRP500

Editor’s Choice as Best Golf Laser Rangefinder


Tectectec has developed a laser rangefinder with 6x magnification and a range of 540 yards, sufficient for any situation in which you will find yourself on a golf course. Its Pinsensor laser technology ensures that your rangefinder reading is exactly what you want to decide on your next great shot.

Tectectec uses the latest optics technology in its rangefinders with the scan and distant target mode helping to give you a picture of the entire hole in front of you which is especially helpful when there are trees around and in your view.

It is a durable and water-resistant rangefinder with coated eyepiece for an easy to read display to assist in keeping you and all golfers up with the speed of play.

It is portable and simple to access from a pocket in your golf bag. It weighs just 7 ozs. and your purchase comes with a case, lanyard, cleaning cloth and battery so it is ready for use immediately.

The one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee show you that Tectectec is confident about the great quality of its product which is also available with slope technology.

It is its overall quality balancing all the model features you would need with price value that makes the Tectectec our editor’s choice for top of our rangefinder ratings list and overall best golf rangefinder.

Here’s a synopsis of the pros and cons of this particular rangefinder:

For more info on this golf rangefinder, check out our TecTecTec VRPRO500 Golf Rangefinder review.



Suaoki Golf Range finder

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder


The Suaoki rangefinder has a huge range, accurately measuring up to approximately 650 yards distant, more than enough to cater for any situation you may come across on the golf course.

Its multi-functionality includes distance, a flagpole lock, speed mode, not of value in golf, and reliability in fog. It has 6x magnification with an adjustable focus, giving accuracy of distance within a yard. Even top professionals and pro players are happy with accuracy at that level for practice.   

Even if you have vision issues such as short-sightedness or you are long-sighted, this rangefinder can be used without any glasses.

The LED display technology is clear even in poor weather conditions or bright sunlight. It is a lightweight compact rangefinder, weighing just 6 ozs, easy to hold and use. Its nylon, rainproof case can be attached to your belt making it very accessible without heading for your golf bag.

A battery is included in your purchase, so it is ready for immediate use. If your budget is tight, or you’re looking for good deals, the Suaoki is the rangefinder for you on price.

Here’s a synopsis of the pros and cons of this particular rangefinder:



Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Slope

Best Rangefinder Golf Premium Option 


This golf yardage finder from Bushnell offers a high spec for golfers not concerned about price. It employs pin acquisition technology providing vibrating bursts to support the laser function.

This rangefinder has been manufactured by Bushnell for uses beyond golf with accuracy up to 1,000 yards. In terms of golf, it will zero in on a flag 400 yards away and provide accurate information on its distance. Its magnification is 5x and you will be able to use the Bushnell to see the shot you are facing.

The Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Slope Rangefinder is heavier than some of its competitors at 16 ozs. which is often a benefit on a windy day when you are being blown about as much as your golf ball.

It  This Bushnell rangefinder is legal for use in competition without using slope technology and can be attached to a golf buggy if required while there is a waterproof casing if you are carrying the rangefinder.

It is easy to use and unaffected by temperature; the cool of the early morning and the heat at the height of the day. Its high spec. comes at a price worth paying; the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Slope the best premium rangefinder option for pro players.

Here’s a synopsis of the pros and cons of this Bushnell rangefinder:



Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders for Accuracy over Distance


This high definition golf viewfinder has 6x magnification and provides a quick and accurate reading of the distance in front of you, accurate up to a distance well beyond what you will need on a golf course.

It has a range of modes, but slope technology is not permitted in tournament competition.

This rangefinder is useful for players in practice to learn more about a course. It is portable with a carrying case, strap and battery included as well as being water resistant.

There is a 12-month satisfaction guarantee and lifetime support available for this rangefinder.  Its distance accuracy without being too pricey wins the Bozily our best choice in features for accuracy over distance.

Here’s a synopsis of the features of this particular rangefinder:



Precision Pro Golf

Best Golf Laser Rangefinder for Speed of Use 

Best Rangefinder With Slope


Precision’s slope technology is not permitted in competition, but it is of benefit in practice for pros players and amateurs alike.

This rangefinder has a 6x magnification with clear optics and a range of 400 yards. It is easy to use with 1-yard accuracy good enough for every golf situation, giving a short vibration and read out every time.

Batteries are available for the life of your rangefinder purchase which comes with a 2-year guarantee and manufacturer support.

The Precision rangefinder is water-resistant and comes in a neat carrying case. The reading and short vibration combined earn the Precision our award for best for speed of use because it gives you the confidence to proceed with your shot immediately.

Here’s a synopsis of the features of this particular rangefinder:



The Best Option For A Rangefinder To Help Improve Your Golf Game

Golf Rangefinders are the latest aid to help players improve their golf game from good to great. Their accuracy provides important information before playing your next shot. If you can use that information to good effect, you have a chance of reducing your handicap and using this gear to play your best rounds.

We believe that with all things considered, the Tectectec VPRO350 is top of the class in our golf rangefinder reviews article; it is the editor’s choice for best golf rangefinder from a range of great high quality products.

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