Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet: 2024 Selection Guide

We’re all built differently, and finding the right shoes for your feet makes walking much more comfortable, especially if you have a wide soles.

The best golf shoes for wide feet will have a larger toe area and a wider seam, allowing you to walk comfortably and get proper traction. They will also reduce the chance of injury and increase stability.

However, with hundreds of shoes out there, the likelihood of picking the wrong shoes is quite high. You’ll need to consider a vast array of variables like a higher instep, thinner inlay, wider toe room, and overall comfort.

Fortunately, our team has covered the hard yards by testing more than 23 golf shoes for wide feet.

If you’re in a rush, our summary of the top 5 shoes will get you sorted. Or, dive deeper and truly grasp the in-depth review and buying guide.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Product Specification Comparison of Golf Shoes for wide feet

Golf ShoesUnder Armour UA HOVR Fade 2 SL Wide Men’s Golf ShoeSkechers GO GOLF Elite 4 Victory Men’s Golf ShoePuma IGNITE Articulate Men’s Golf ShoeNike Infinity G Men’s Golf ShoeNew Balance Breeze Golf Shoe
Our Rating9.3/10
Top Pick (Spikeless)
Budget Choice (Spikeless)
Top Pick (Spiked)
Budget Choice (Spiked)
Lightest Golf Shoes For Wide Feet
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
Shoe TypeSpikelessSpikelessSpikedSpikedSpikeless
MaterialSyntheticSyntheticSyntheticSynthetic LeatherSynthetic
Widths AvailableWideMedium / Wide / Extra WideMedium / WideMedium / WideMedium / Wide / Extra-Wide
Colors AvailableWhite/Navy, White/Black, Grey/Black, Mod Grey, BlackGrey/Red, White/Grey, Black/White, White/NavyWhite/Silver/Green Lagoon, High Rise/Silver/Navy, Peacoat/Silver/Quiet Shade, Black/Silver, White/Silver/High Rise, Quiet Shade/Silver Black/White, White/BlackKhaki, Grey, Black/Grey, White/Black
Boa OptionNoNoNoNoNo
WaterproofYes (1 Year Warranty Included)NoYes (1 Year Warranty Included)Yes (1 Year Warranty Included)No
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Under Armour UA HOVR Fade 2 SL Wide Men’s Golf Shoe

Top Pick (Spikeless)

Rating: 9.3 /10


  • Specific sizing designed for wider feet
  • Extremely comfortable spikeless design with traction


  • Price point

Under Armour’s HOVR Fade 2 SL golf shoes were the clear favorite choice in our extensive testing of the best golf shoes on the market today for wide feet.

If you’re tired of searching for a comfortable spikeless shoe that fits a wider foot then the HOVR Fade 2 should be your first choice.

Under Armour designed these shoes with sizing specifically for those with wider feet and their years of making high performance footwear show in this comfortable but effective golf shoe. Combine this comfortable fit with a spikeless design made for traction and you’ve got a shoe that allows you to stay balanced in any type of weather or course condition.

These shoes are the perfect mix of spikeless technology and Under Armor’s innovation.

If you’re wondering why they work, it’s because of a few features unique to UA’s HOVR design.

The “HOVR” part of the shoe is made into the sole near the heel and is specifically designed to complement the way your foot moves during a swing and reduce impact on your feet while playing a round. The result is a more comfortable fit than any other shoe we tested and this tech is especially helpful for wider feet.

The second feature that puts these as our top choice is the way the spikeless outsole is designed. The HOVR Fade 2 features a very lightweight bottom with a unique pattern to give you great traction.

This means these shoes feel more like sneakers on your feet instead of golf shoes, but still provide great traction on the course. Better traction means fewer slips during your swing, so the result is more consistently straight shots.

What we love about the Under Armour UA HOVR Fade 2 SL Wide Men’s Golf Shoe

  • Great Sizing: When we compared this shoe to others on the market, especially for our testers with wider feet, the shoe had a much more natural feel than others. 
  • Spikeless Traction: The HOVR Fade 2 shoe feels great in dry, wet, hot or cold weather and keeps your feet firmly on the ground through every swing.

Drawbacks of the Under Armour UA HOVR Fade 2 SL Wide Men’s Golf Shoe

Price: While these shoes aren’t outrageously priced, if you are a casual golfer who doesn’t play much it might be better to look for a different option.

Under Armour has a winner with the HOVR Fade 2 SL shoe, especially for wider feet, due to its comfort and traction on every swing.

Looking for a little cheaper option? Check out our budget pick for wide golf shoes here.

Skechers GO GOLF Elite 4 Victory Men’s Golf Shoe

Budget Choice (Spikeless)

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Comfortable feeling shoe
  • Good traction on the course


  • Plain style

When testing golf shoes for wider feet, the Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory shoe provided great value for the price and won our best choice in the budget category.

If you’re a casual golfer or are on a budget, you still deserve a comfortable golf shoe that will help your game at a reasonable price. The Go Golf Elite 4 Victory by Skechers should be your go-to option if this sounds like you.

This shoe is the best of both worlds: comfort and traction.

Skechers is a leading shoe manufacturer and their focus is on creating comfortable shoes that feel great to walk in, and they delivered with the Elite 4 Victory golf shoe. They built this shoe after their very popular Go Walk design, so it feels a lot like a walking shoe and doesn’t have an awkward feel like some golf shoes do.

Combine this comfort with an effective spikeless bottom and this is a solid shoe at a reasonable price. The GRIPFLEX spikeless system is exclusive to Skechers and our testers reported good traction in many different weather conditions.

What this means for you is a shoe that won’t leave your feet blistered and will provide good traction, so you can hit consistently straight shots on any course in any weather.

What we love about the Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory

  • Skechers Comfort: Since Skechers used their walking shoe technology in the upper part of this golf shoe, you can tell a difference from the time you put it on compared to shoes made exclusively for golf. If you walk a lot or if comfort is the most important thing to you, you’ll love how these shoes feel.
  • Good Traction: Where these shoes surprised us with how they performed on the course. Not usually known as a golf company, Skechers created a spikeless outsole that really compliments the golf swing and gives a good grip on the course.

Drawbacks of the Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory

Style: While some golfers don’t care too much about how a shoe looks, the Elite 4 Victory leaves something to be desired in the design category. They’re fairly plain shoes and won’t make much of a statement on the course.

Our testers gave the Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory high marks in comfort and traction, and for the price it’s a great golf shoe. 

If price is less of a concern, check out our top choice in wide golf shoes here.

Puma IGNITE Articulate Men’s Golf Shoe

Top Pick (Spiked)

Rating: 9.1 /10


  • Superior traction and comfort
  • Waterproof


  • Price point

Puma’s IGNITE Articulate shoes were the clear favorite of our testers in our search for the best spiked golf shoe for wide feet on the market today.

If you’re looking for the absolute best golf shoe on the market and price isn’t an issue, these Pumas will provide superior grip on the course and are a breeze to walk in.

Put simply, these are some of the best shoes you can buy.

Puma has a lot of unique tech in these shoes and taken all together it gives golfers an edge in traction, and therefore in consistency and accuracy.

This tech includes 8 spikes placed in a pattern to address the most prone areas on the shoe to slipping along with their “Articulation” grooves all over the shoe to allow it to move in the right places as you swing. Basically, the parts that should flex do so, and the part that needs to stay still doesn’t move.

Also, these shoes are crazy comfortable.

Puma uses what they call a PWRCAGE, which is a unique design that allows the sole to wrap around your foot for extra grip. Combine that with their unique foam in the sole and this shoe just feels great on your foot.

Another great feature is the ability to shed water. These shoes stay dry in even the wettest conditions. No more wet socks is always a win.

For you, this all adds up to an elite golf shoe that won’t let your feet slip in any condition so you can always play your best.

What we love about the Puma IGNITE Articulate Men’s Golf Shoe

  • Elite Traction: Puma’s special cleat pattern and Articulation system make these shoes stick to the ground through your swing.
  • All Day Comfort: These shoes fit like a glove and are also waterproof, so you can easily walk 18 (or 36) without any foot fatigue.

Drawbacks of the Puma IGNITE Articulate Men’s Golf Shoe

Price Point: These are awesome shoes, and you absolutely get what you pay for, but they’re some of the most expensive on the market. If you’re a serious golfer and have the funds then pull the trigger, but if not you might consider a cheaper model.

If you want the best of the best spiked golf shoes that fit a wider foot, give the Puma IGNITE Articulate Men’s Golf Shoe a try and watch your game become much more consistent.

Looking for a cheaper option? Check out our top pick in the budget category.

Nike Infinity G Men’s Golf Shoe

Budget Choice (Spiked)

Rating: 9.1 /10


  • Nike brand at a reasonable price
  • Durable and waterproof synthetic leather


  • Sizes occasionally run small

We tested the top golf shoes on the market for the best shoes for wide feet and Nike’s Infinity G Men’s golf shoe gave us the best bang for our buck and won our budget choice for spiked shoes.

Usually wearing the swoosh on your feet comes at a price premium, but the Infinity G shoe gives a golfer the same great feel and quality that you have come to expect from Nike at a very reasonable price.

Put simply, these shoes are the best value you can find in golf for the money.

Nike put a lot of great features in their budget golf shoe, including synthetic leather that is surprisingly waterproof and held up for several rounds for our testers. This means no more wet socks, and you’ll be able to keep wearing these shoes season after season.

While they are still a budget option, the Infinity shoes have an effective spike pattern that provides good grip even on full swings on wet courses.

On top of all that, you get to wear the logo of the most recognizable brand in all of sports and these stylish shoes will make sure you look good each time you step on the course.

What we love about the Nike Infinity G Men’s Golf Shoe

  • Good Waterproofing: Even though the Infinity’s outer sole isn’t real leather, it holds up well in wet conditions and our testers didn’t report any durability issues.
  • Nike Styling and Performance: Nike’s reputation as the best sports equipment manufacturer holds up with these shoes and you’ll look great wearing these shoes.

Drawbacks of the Nike Infinity G Men’s Golf Shoe

Small Sizing: This shoe does come in special wide widths, and the width of the shoe was praised by the majority of our testers, but some of them reported that they needed to order a size or a size and a half larger than expected. Once the size was dialed in, the shoes performed well, so be sure to try these on before checking out.

Nike provided a great budget option with the Infinity G golf shoe that is waterproof and comfortable. If you’re a casual golfer or tight on cash, this is a great choice.

Looking for our best wide golf shoe regardless of price? Check out our testers’ top pick here.

New Balance Men’s Breeze Golf Shoe

Lightest Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Spikeless versatility
  • Decent traction and grip
  • Comfortable support
  • Good breathability
  • Forefoot Water-Guard
  • Cushioning REVLite Midsole


  • Some complaints of ineffective water resistance

The last thing you need on a golf course is heavy shoes. The lightweight design of these golf shoes is one of the outstanding features. Obviously, weight, while important, is only one of the factors a good pair of golf shoes need to have.

The wider forefront makes them an ideal option for those with wider feet or simply need a bit more room. The CUSH+ insole uses an innovative foam compound that gives comfort and support. 

The rubber NDurance outsole delivers flexibility as well as all-important traction. The light REVlite midsole cushions and supports the foot for power and stability on all shots.

The upper mesh is breathable for good airflow and ventilation. This will keep your feet cool during your round. The welded forefoot offers water resistance for comfort in wet conditions. The New Balance Breeze Golf Shoe comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

These golf shoes received heaps of praise from happy customers and particularly those with wide feet. Most found them to be comfortable, light and effective. There were minimal complaints. The combination of materials and design technologies seem to work well together for an effective and practical golf shoe.

What should wider feet players look for in golf shoes?

We are not all created equally. Not only does each golfer have a unique swing and style but they all have a unique build. One thing that is often a challenge is wide feet. Finding the best golf shoes is not always easy but it is important for your comfort and performance on the course.

Even if you use a golf cart, you will still walk a fair distance and spend a lot of time on your feet. The correct shoes give you comfort, grip, and stability. All of these are essential to a good round of golf. 

Golf shoes designed for people with wide feet have the same length but the forefoot width and toe box are larger to ensure comfort. Some shoes are naturally more comfortable for those with wide feet while some are specifically designed to cater to wider feet.

Apart from the width in the forefoot area and toe box space, the same general rules of golf shoe selection apply. Before considering shoes specifically for wider feet, ensure that you do indeed have wide feet.

Generally, a higher instep is needed as well as a thinner inlay. This will allow for the additional width and toe room wider feet need for optimal comfort. You want to find comfortable well-fitting shoes without additional weight.

Getting measured

The best way to confirm the need for shoes designed for wide feet is to have your feet measured. This is best done by professionals at a specialist shoe store. They have the correct equipment and experience to give you an accurate measurement.

It can, however, be done at home. In order to do it yourself, follow these simple steps:

  • Put on the socks you are likely to wear with golf shoes
  • Fix paper to the floor, one piece per foot
  • Trace the outline of your foot
  • Use a ruler to measure the width at the  widest area
  • Measure both feet as they can be slightly different
  • Refer to a size chart

Remember that not all “wide” feet are the same so measurement is important for the perfect fit for support and comfort during your round.

Other important features to consider

As discussed, one still has to consider various other factors when selecting the best golf shoes for wide feet.

  • Comfort over 18 holes

If you walk the course, as many of us do, you will be grateful for comfortable shoes. Even if you are in a golf cart you will still find comfort a great blessing. Uncomfortable shoes will not only make the round unpleasant but will also negatively affect your performance.

Comfort will depend on the design of the shoes, the technology used, the materials and the quality of workmanship.

  • Waterproof shoes

There is a bit of a tradeoff between waterproof qualities and breathability. Basically, the more waterproof the shoe the less it is able to breathe. That being said, many shoes use a range of materials and design features to give you the best of both worlds. You will often encounter water or wet grass so a good amount of water resistance is essential if you want to remain dry and comfortable for 18 holes.

When making your decision, consider the average environment in which you will play. Do you play mostly in warm weather or wet weather? This should help guide your decision to some extent.

  • Durability

Golf shoes are an important investment. Golfers need to spend money on clubs, accessories, balls, clothing, green fees and a range of other associated expenses. One has to balance the budget to avoid sacrificing on some aspects of the game.

You want to invest in a pair of golf shoes that will last you for many years of golfing enjoyment. This will come down to the quality of the shoes and the materials and workmanship that goes into them. Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more to ensure your golf shoes will last for a good while. 

  • Spiked or spikeless

Not so long ago, spiked golf shoes were the only option. In the recent past, spikeless shoes have become increasingly popular. They offer more comfort and versatility and do less damage. Many clubs have banned traditional spiked golf shoes.

Spiked golf shoes offer exceptional grip and traction, particularly in wet conditions or difficult slopes and terrain. Modern spikeless shoes have advanced and are pretty close in effectiveness and offer great comfort and versatility.

While there are pros and cons to both options, spikeless golf shoes are certainly the more popular choice these days.

  • How much wider is a wide or extra-wide shoe?

The width of the foot is determined by the length of the foot, the ball width (a measurement of the widest points on the foot) and the instep girth (the circumference of the instep). There are a number of size charts available online to help you with the calculation.

  • What is the toe box?

As the name suggests, the toe box is the part of the shoe that encases the toes. It should fit correctly and offer support, comfort, and protection.


While we have only reviewed the very best options, one stood out as the best of the best. There is very little not to like about our editor’s choice, the popular FootJoy Men’s Fury Golf Shoes.

Apart from comfort, they offer good traction and stability with decent ventilation while remaining water-resistant. They are popular with all levels of players including professional golfers so clearly they are onto something.

Finding the best golf shoes for wide feet need not be a major challenge. Consider your needs and budget in order to find the best option for you.


Does Adidas make a Wide golf shoe?

Adidas line of golf footwear offers a range of wide-fit golf shoes to provide a solid base enabling you to perform at your maximum capacity. The Adidas wide fit range is designed for all seasons while remaining stylish and a step ahead of the prevailing fashion trend while Adidas’s innovative technologies including Boost, Primeknit, and storm add to the versatility of the shoes.

Are Skechers golf shoes wide fit?

Skechers offers a wide-fit golf range for men and women in their Arch Fit Walking Shoe – Wide Width range. These shoes are lightweight, breathable, and washable containing innovative technologies such as responsive Ultra Go cushioning Arch Fit footbed design, and high-rebound Comfort Pillar Technology for extra support making these shoes easy to wear all day.

Are golf shoes the same size as regular shoes?

Golf shoes and regular shoes are generally the same sizes. A good fitting shoe generally leaves ½ inch between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Your feet will feel squashed in a shoe that is too small thus leaving you unable to wiggle your toes.

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