Best Golf Training Aid for Swing Plane (2022 Picks)

One of the secrets of playing good golf is having a consistent swing that you can repeat over and over again especially under pressure.

My answer to try to achieve that included tuition but also using a training aid to try to get my swing imprinted in my mind. I tried a few in my search for the best golf training aid. Take a look at some of the best options available.

Who Are the Candidates for the Best Golf Training Aid Alternatives?

Golfible Picks:

Editor’s Choice: SKLZ Gold Flex (click to see)

Best For Keeping Elbows Tight Through Swing: Izzo Golf Smooth Swing (click to see)

Best Swing Plane Training Aid In Uk: Top Tier Golf Pure Strike (click to see)

Best Training Aid For Immediate Feedback: Caddie Elite (click to see)
Best Swing Plane Training Aid On A Budget: Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid (click to see)

Short on Time? Here’s A Quick Product Synopsis

Editor’s Choice
Rating: 9.2/10
SKLZ Gold Flex

Promotes better mechanics

Aims to develop natural tempo

Durable and easy to carry in your golf bag

Best For Keeping Elbows Tight Through Swing
Rating: 9.2/10
Izzo Golf Smooth Swing

Promotes one piece take-away.

Keeps elbow in position close to the body

One size suitable for all golfers

Best Swing Plane Training Aid In Uk
Rating: 9.0/10
Top Tier Golf Pure Strike

Strong polycarbonate construction

Counters the dreaded slice

Refund guarantee

Best Training Aid For Immediate Feedback
Rating: 8.8/10
Caddie Elite

Simple and portable

Immediate feedback on your swing path

Money back guarantee

Best Swing Plane Training Aid On A Budget
Rating: 8.7/10
Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Easy to attach and use

Promotes cocking your wrist correctly

Suitable for right and left handers

In Depth Analysis of the Swing Plane

The swing plane is the line your club shaft takes as you make your swing; the challenge is to create consistency within that imaginary line so that you will bring the club head down correctly to strike the ball square on.

The angle of the swing plane will vary by club. The length of the shaft of your driver means that you are certain to be standing further away from the ball than you would be if you have a wedge in your hand. Likewise, your own stature comes into the equation when identifying the ideal swing plane, you should try to achieve. Your swing with driver is inevitably flatter than that with your wedge.

Your local professional will certainly be able to show you your swing plane on a video, and likely superimpose an ideal swing to show you what you should try to achieve. A golf training aid will help you with the next stage; consistency and tempo.

When Do You Need a Golf Training Aid?

Every golfer can make use of a golf training aid. Perfection in golf is elusive, no impossible, because even the slightest mistake in a swing can change the flight of the ball. A training aid can help you to seek consistency and at least reach your own potential.

The best golfers have coaches who can see if any imperfections are creeping into their charge’s game. Such things regularly happen to the best so your own search for consistency will always be a challenge. You need to practice to improve, but you do not want to practice something that already has inherent faults because you will be memorizing the wrong things. The golf training aid should help to eliminate those faults.

Types of Golf Training Aids

Aids are sometimes static, needing certain space to be effective, but when it comes to individual golfers, something that they can carry with them, and which looks at particular aspects of their swing are ideal.

Initial problems of alignment require an aid that involves creating good posture and the correct grip. Those which can show you where you are striking the ball on the club face reveal where you are going wrong. Alignment sticks will force you to adjust your swing plane to avoid hitting the sticks.

Extra weighting in the club head promotes stability and usually helps to slow down your swing to find the correct tempo. You can add that weight in a number of different ways as you seek to improve your tempo. Something as simple as lead tape is one idea.

Modern technology has produced training aids that can analyse your swing and let you see where the main problems are and hence what you need to correct.

Effective Golf Swing Plane Drills

Even just putting headcovers down in front of you outside the area where you should be bringing your club head through is a start. If you hit any of those head covers, there is something wrong with the arc of your swing.

Even some good golf professionals have an open stance, but they manage to square the club face on impact. Lee Trevino was probably the most prominent of them, but consistency is the problem. Fewer can succeed with a closed stance because their bodies are actually acting against their attempts to hit the ball correctly. If you are making compensations in your backswing, you must make an equal number of compensations after getting through the ball.

You should seek to eliminate either of these faults even if you see players with an unorthodox swing having some success.

Correct Swing Plane for Drivers

You will see a number of different swings on the professional circuit, some flatter than others even with the long shaft of a driver.

You want to achieve consistency with a swing that you are comfortable with without getting into too much detail of achieving distance over shape because you are getting into the professional ranks then. If you have an upright swing, you will be able to use the driver’s loft better and because your swing is likely to be only marginally inside to out, you will be likely to fade the ball. The flatter your swing the more likely you will be to draw the ball. Keeping these factors in mind, pick your target.

Correct Swing Plane for Irons

Your swing path is likely to be flatter with the shorter shafts of your irons and there is nothing wrong in that.  With a shallower approach, you should not make the mistake of hitting the ground first and as mentioned above, you will be more likely to draw than fade. What you need to avoid with a flat swing is actually hooking rather than drawing the ball

Reviewing the Alternatives

SKLZ Gold Flex

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • Choice of shaft length to suit your stature and swing speed
  • Fits into your golf bag for use as you warm up for a game
  • Encourages a good tempo with regular use
  • Helps develop your strength


  • Question of durability of the grip
  • Some suggestion that your tempo does not transfer from the training aid to your club

The SKLZ is an excellent tool for developing your swing in general, but also to warm up before your round and getting your tempo correct in the process. The weighted head is made of polyurethane and the shaft fiberglass, making it a very durable golf aid to improve your scores. You have the choice of a 40 inch or 48-inch shaft, with the head weighing 2.5 lbs.

The grip is designed with markings to show you where to place your hands. The Gold Flex promotes a fairly flat swing plane with the head encouraging you to start your downswing through the lower body. The end result should be that you can start eliminating a slice which is such a common factor in handicap golfers. Regular daily use of the SKLZ even for just a dozen swings will improve your swing plane even if you are nowhere near a golf course or practice ground.

Izzo Golf Smooth Swing

Best For Keeping Elbows Tight Through Swing

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • Simple to understand and use
  • Promotes a one-piece takeaway as well as keeping your elbow in position
  • Suitable for left and right handers


  • Coarse fabric is irritating when wearing a short-sleeved shirt
  • Difficult to adjust and liable to slip down your arms

One of the most important elements in developing a good golf swing is keeping your arms and body in sync. Izzo have answered that problem and market their golf swing improver as a simple and inexpensive training aid. When you use it, you will soon realize that it keeps your elbow close to your body as you swing the club which automatically improves the efficiency of your swing.

It is made from stretchable material to cater for different builds and is equally effective for left handers as right. Even good golfers lapse at times so a session with the Izzo Golf Smooth Swing is relevant for every golfer. You will develop a one-piece takeaway by using the Smooth Swing with your elbow restrained from moving out of position in your backswing. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to find space in your golf bag whether you are out practicing or going to play a round. At home, you can use it in the garage or garden to imprint your swing in your mind.

Top Tier Golf Pure Strike

Best Swing Plane Training Aid In Uk

Rating: 9.0 /10

usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (some deliver to Canada) $82.34
2 new from $82.34
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Last Amazon price update was: December 5, 2022 7:07 am

Canada Suppliers

uK Suppliers


  • Strong and durable incorporating strength with flexibility
  • Spare sticks are included in the purchase
  • Immediate results can be expected


  • More detailed instructions on use would be helpful
  • You need to be careful not to move the base with a poor swing until you are used to it

Top Tier have produced a good golf training aid in durable polycarbonate which incorporates flexibility as well as strength. Regular use should improve the path of your golf swing and hence your proficiency at the game.  The manufacturer is so confident of its qualities that there is even a 90-day money back guarantee if the PurePath system does not improve your consistency.

When you look for a golf swing corrector, the Top Tier Golf Pure Strike makes a strong case.  It uses four swing plane alignment sticks but comes with two spares just in case you hit one while practising and cause some damage; or in case you simply lose one. You will begin to see the difference it makes after just a single session and over time, you can expect to have a good swing imprinted in your mind.

Caddie Elite

Best Training Aid For Immediate Feedback

Rating: 8.8 /10

usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (some deliver to Canada) $149.95
2 new from $149.95
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Last Amazon price update was: December 5, 2022 7:07 am

Canada Suppliers

uK Suppliers


  • You can see the problem which is halfway towards finding a solution
  • Portable and can be used with any club
  • Suitable for right and left handers
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Sometimes difficult to read in bright light
  • Question of laser’s durability

The Caddie Elite is a portable golf training aid which will provide you with answers on how you are swinging the club and information of the improvement in your swing plane as you continue to use it. Put in the batteries which come with your purchase, and off you go.

Even if you understand the principles of a swing plane, it is not something that you can actually see unless you have something like the Caddie Elite whose laser can actually put your swing plane in front of you. You then have a visual image of what you might need to correct.

It is small and can be attached to any of your golf clubs which is a must because of the huge difference between your driver and your wedges.

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

Best Swing Plane Training Aid On A Budget

Rating: 8.7 /10


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and compact for storage in your golf bag
  • Trains your wrists to play the proper role in your swing


  • Can be difficult to align on the grip
  • Further explanation of the ideal swing plane might be useful

Swingyde can be easily attached to the shaft of any of your clubs. It has a built-in rest that helps your wrist to respond correctly within your swing. Inexpensive, you can buy the Swingyde without being too concerned about its effectiveness because of minimal investment. It is suitable for all, left and right-handers and should improve your swing plane to help towards great distance and better accuracy.


The secret of playing good golf is to be able to consistently bring the clubface down square to the ball on impact. Several elements come into this consistency and developing a good swing plane is most certainly one of them. The editor’s choice for the best golf training aid for a swing plane is the SKLZ Gold Flex because of its value in developing tempo and consistency in your swing plane.


Do swing trainers help?

Yes, swing trainers help players warm up their muscles and stretch before their round or practice session. They also help the player with their muscle memory and stance. 

 Does Tiger Woods have a one plane swing?

Tiger Woods has a one-plane swing when he hits his irons. With the driver and three-wood, he uses a two-plane swing. During his one-plane iron swing, his body is bent over and he attacks down on the ball as he keeps his arms tight to his body.

Is DeChambeau single plane?

Yes, Bryson DeChambeau uses a single plane golf swing. He also has the same length for all of his iron shafts. The single plane golf swing promotes a lot of power as a player swings down and makes contact with the ball.

What angle should your swing plane be?

Your arms should stay on the same plane as your shoulders during the top of your swing. Your shoulders should be aiming down a line that goes just beyond the golf ball.

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