Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers (and Beginners) in 2022

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Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers (and Beginners) 2022


Published By Charl Jooste Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Editorial Staff

In this guide we are going to share our best tips for buying a new hybrid club so you can make an educated decision and have a better understanding of the features of a hybrid club.

You’ll also get answers to some of the most common questions. You’ll learn what to look for when buying a new hybrid, and you’ll learn what we consider to be the best hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers and other skill ranges. 

We will be reviewing 6 hybrid golf club options that we recommend as a starting point. Each is built for a different type of golfer as you’ll see labeled next to them.

What Are The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers?

Short on Time? Here's A Quick Product Synopsis


Callaway Rogue



Editors Choice


5 out of 5

Pick #2

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Budget Option


3.4 out of 5

Pick #3

Ping G400

Easiest Club to Hit for Beginner


4.7 out of 5

Pick #4

TaylorMade M3

Best Hybrid Golf Club for Mid-Handicapper Option


4.4 out of 5

Pick #5

Cobra F7

Best Hybrid Golf Club for Seniors


4.8 out of 5

Pick #6

Titleist 818

Best Hybrid Golf Club for Low Handicappers


4.7 out of 5

Frequently Asked Questions about Golf Hybrid Clubs

In this section we will cover important questions you may have before buying a new hybrid golf club. After this section you can find the reviews of 6 of our favorite hybrids. Let’s get started.

What to Look for as a Beginner?

When buying a new hybrid you’ll want to consider several factors which can include:


There are many different styles, colors, and textures of golf grips. Picking out the one that fits in your hands comfortably is important since your grip is a huge factor in your golf swing technique.

If the club grip is slick and slips during the swing that could cause problems. If it’s too rough of texture you could find blisters on your hands after using it often.


In general, the hybrid shaft should be more stiff than an iron shaft. Shaft material is usually steel but hybrids can also come in graphite shafts as well. 

Graphite shafts can be more forgiving while steel shafts can hit further but with less accuracy potentially.

Adjustable Head

Some hybrids come with a fixed non-adjustable head while others offer customization by using adjustable weights on the sole or an adjustable hosel where the shaft and club head come together.

Alignment Assistance 

another feature to look for are helpful alignment aids on the hybrid. These usually come in the form of either lines painted on the crown or specific shaping of the crown. 

These visual aids help you line up the club to the ball and target when looking down at it during address.

Why Hybrids Instead of Irons?

According to Golf Week, the hardest clubs in the golf bag to hit are usually the long irons (2, 3, 4, and 5 irons) for most amateur and beginner players.

Hybrids are designed with the same loft but their clubhead is much easier for many beginners to swing and make contact with the ball. 

So a 2 iron becomes a 2 hybrid, 3 iron is a 3 hybird etc.

Hybrids can be more forgiving and easier to hit from the rough which can help beginners who struggle launching the ball out of the thick grass with irons.

It’s a personal preference in all honesty but if you struggle with your long irons then giving hybrids a try may make a world of difference in your ball striking.

To learn about hybrids stack up against fairway woods, use our fairway wood vs hybrid guide.

Features of Hybrid Golf Clubs

Wide Sole

The sole of a hybrid is similar in width to fairway woods and is wider than the thin blade sole of an iron. 

This can produce extra confidence for a golfer at address and beginners could find the wide sole more forgiving when it makes contact with the ground as opposed to the thin sole of a blade iron.

High Launch

Most hybrids feature a center of gravity that is pushed lower and deeper into the clubhead. The low center of gravity helps the ball get airborne easier. 

Hybrids golf clubs can generate a higher trajectory golf shot with a softer landing than long irons (2 iron through 5 iron).

Hard & Flat Face

While woods and drivers can feature rounded faces, the hybrid usually features a flat face similar to an iron but the face is also hard like the face on woods and drivers which can help produce longer golf shots for slower swinging players.

You can learn more about the features of a hybrid golf club in this helpful article from Golf Week.

Which Hybrid Loft Should I Choose?

When picking out a hybrid club you’ll have a variety of lofts to choose from. You’ll want to decide what your distance needs are and how a hybrid can help satisfy them.

For example, if it’s being used to replace existing irons in the bag like your 4 iron or 5 iron, then you’d select a loft matching the loft of these irons.

But if you’re adding a hybrid to the bag to fill a distance gap between your woods and your 4 iron, then you’ll want to pick a loft that falls between the loft of those clubs that you don’t have in your bag yet.

Most fairway woods are 13, 15, or 17 degrees and most 4 irons are 25 to 28 degrees so you can see the need of a hybrid to fill this gap such as a 19 or 21 degree hybrid.

Our Top 6 Recommended Golf Hybrids

Callaway Rogue

Editor’s Choice


The Callaway Rogue hybrid is our editor’s choice for best golf hybrid overall.

The first feature I find helpful is the Jailbreak Technology which includes two steel bars connecting the crown and sole of the clubhead to stiffen the body. 

This places more load on the clubface to increase my ball speeds on both center strikes and off-center strikes.

The rogue hybrid also includes an Ultra-thin face combined with Callaway’s Face Cup Technology which helps the face flex better for increased ball speeds. 

The 455 steel face is already very fast on it’s own but these new technology innovations combine well to help me generate extra distance out of the hybrid.

I also like the new Speed Step technology which is a ridge that was etched into the crown of the hybrid to increase aerodynamics which in turn increases the clubs speed by reducing drag and wind resistance. 

It was inspired by Boeing who Callaway engineers worked closely with to improve airflow around the golf club.



Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Budget Hybrids


The hybrid that makes our list as the best hybrid golf club for high handicappers on a budget is the Pinemeadow Excel Hybrid.

It features a unique clubhead design to assist with changing terrain so you can achieve a consistent result from both fairway and rough grass golf shots. 

The railed sole glides easier across these different types of terrain to help increase the solidness of contact regardless which type of lie you face.

There are many different loft options to choose from allowing you to replace your entire iron set if you’d like. 

They make these hybrids from the 3 iron to your pitching wedge for both right and left handed golfers.

A very useful perk is that Pinemeadow have also included a head cover for each club.



Ping G400

Easy Club to Hit for Hybrid Beginners


The goal with the G400 was to create a more forgiving hybrid while also increasing distance compared to previous Ping hybrid models. To achieve these results, Ping engineers made some changes to the material and weight distribution.

The first feature to highlight Maraging Steel face which is a strong, yet flexible alloy to help create faster ball speeds. 

It’s 11% thinner and 10% lighter helping save weight that can be redistributed lower in the golf club.

Another area Ping saved weight was the 17-4 stainless steel crown which is now lighter weight than before.

Why is it important that they save weight? Well they’re not really making the club lighter overall. Instead they re-use these weight savings for optimizing the center of gravity by re-positioning it.

Adding the weight lower and deeper into the club of the G400 increases the launch of the club, helping it be more forgiving which is why it’s on our list as easiest hybrid for beginners to hit.

It also increases the moment of inertia (MOI) which is what reduces the club from twisting at impact, helping golf shots stay straighter and truer to their target line.



TaylorMade M3 Hybrid

Top Hybrid Golf Club for Mid-Handicapper Option


In the TaylorMade M3 hybrid you’ll find several beneficial features like the adjustable sliding weight, speed pocket technology, and a two tone crown. 

Let’s take a deeper look into each of these and why they’re important.

Beginning with the adjustable sliding weight, you can alter the settings to find an optimal ball flight that suits your golf game. 

There are draw and fade bias settings that can be achieved to help counter a swing tendency you may have, which can straighten out your swing by adjusting the club rather than adjusting your swing.

The Speed Pocket technology is a slit or “gap” that sits on the sole of the club right behind the club face. It’s design allows it to provide the club increased flexibility which produces higher ball speeds and more distance. 

This is especially beneficial on strikes that are low on the club face which may lose speed normally without the assistance of the Speed Pocket technology to help counter it.

The Two-Tone Crown is a design feature that is supposed to encourage better alignment of the club face to the golf ball and target. 

Improving your alignment can help your golf shots be more accurate and this starts with how you set up the club at address.

It’s called Two Tone because the club head crown has two colors; silver and black and the paint job design features lines that angle away from the vertical line that is used for aligning your golf ball center face. 



Cobra F7 Hybrid

Good Hybrid Golf Club for Senior Golfers


The Cobra F7 Hybrid is a sleek black crown with matte black accents as well as some orange accents. 

It’s also an adjustable driver allowing you to change the loft and face angle to suit a preferred draw, neutral, or fade tendency.

The F7 features a fixed weight that pushed the center of gravity back for better launch and better forgiveness to help golfers get a higher ball flight that holds it’s line better.

Another feature you’ll notice is Cobra’s Baffler Rail System which are shallower or steeper rails depending on the club that sit on the sole of the club to create bounce.

In simple terms, the rails change based on the club’s loft so that the club performs consistently across different lies and has better turf interaction to reduce the chance of skulls, shanks, and digging.

The MyFly 8 gives you 8 adjustable loft settings to help you fine tune your preferred launch.

Overall, the Cobra F7 Hybrid is a solid golf club for mid handicappers and high handicappers making it one of the best we recommend.



Titleist 818 Hybrid

Top Hybrid Golf Club for Low Handicap Golfers


The first feature to highlight is the Active Recoil Technology which is a closed slot that sits behind the club face on the sole of the club to promote faster face rebound for faster ball speeds. 

It’s similar to the Speed Pocket technology on the TaylorMade but is closed rather than an open pocket slit.

It also features a cylindrical weight that slides into a tube in the sole of the hybrid. This changeable weight is what Titleist calls the Surefit CG. 

This feature allows you to change the weight of the club which also changes the center of gravity to adjust launch of the hybrid.

It also has a SureFit Adjustable hosel to adjust loft but the drawback is it needs proper fitting from a club professional to help you achieve the optimal setting for your swing.



Final Thoughts On The Best Hybrid Golf Club For High Handicappers?

After reading today’s guide on buying a new hybrid golf club, you should have a better understanding of the components that make up a hybrid as well as different technologies and how they impact performance of the golf club.

We’ve shared our favorite 6 hybrid choices which fit a wide range of golfers from beginners to more advanced golfers as well as best option for golfers with cheaper budgets in mind.

Personally, I’d recommend checking out our editor’s choice, the Callaway Rogue hybrid, which has the jailbreak technology and face cup technology that has increased my swing speed and ball speed numbers which has produced longer distances for me on the golf course. 

I also love the sound of contact and the overall feel of the club in my hands.

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