Best Indoor Putting Green in 2022

Have you ever been frustrated on the green? Every golfer, at some point, concludes that they can benefit from a brush up on their putting game. A great way to do so is to have a practice surface for your home. Here, we are going to discuss the best indoor putting greens and who they may be best for.

Best Indoor Putting Green In 2022

Golfible Picks:

Editors Choice: Varispeed Putting System (click to see)

Budget Choice: Putt-A-Bout (click to see)

Easy portability: PuttOut Pro (click to see)

Best Indoor Putting Mat With Ball Return: Asgens (click to see)
Best Putting Green for Advanced Golfers: Rukket Golf (click to see)

Short on Time? Here’s A Quick Product Synopsis

Editor’s Choice
Rating: 9.5/10
Varispeed Putting System

Various speeds

Ball trace marks

Break wedges included

Budget Choice

Rating: 8.9/10


Ball catching holes

Slight incline

Non-slip backing

Easy Portability
Rating: 8.9/10
PuttOut Pro

Highly portable

Durable and thick

Putting guides on the mat

Best Indoor Putting Mat With Ball Return
Rating: 9.1/10

Ball return

Various hole sizes

Realistic feel

Best Putting Green For Advanced Golfers
Rating: 9.2/10
Rukket Golf

Add feature TEXT

Putt length percentages

Ball stoppers

Features to look for in an Indoor Putting Green


How big is the area where you’re going to be practicing? You want a green that is long enough that it will be a challenge. Look for one that is at least 6 feet in length and 18 inches in width. Doing so will give you enough room to practice long enough putts, so you don’t always have to stick your approach shot.

It is important to note that you’ll want to measure the areas in your home where you’ll be practicing. It would be disappointing to get your green home and realize it won’t fit in your space.

However, if you can get one that can unroll a little bit longer, then you’ll get even more practice efficiency. As long as you can roll it up to keep it out of the way when you’re done, then the bigger the putting green you can find, the more putt lengths you’ll be able to practice.

Putting Green Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are vital because you’ll want your practice green to last a little while. The quality of the green will contribute to the feel of your putts, making your practice more effective. It can be helpful to have a practice green with a non-slip backing to keep it in place on a hard floor.

Also, pay attention to how thick it is and how well it will maintain structural integrity when rolled and unrolled. Having a green that can withstand many roll-ups will ultimately last longer and allow you the smooth putting surface you need to practice effectively.

Putt Alignment Tools

Having alignment guides on the mat can be really useful if you struggle with accuracy on the green. By practicing your alignment with guides on the mat, you will train your muscles and your eye to see things perfectly aligned.

Then, when you’re on the green without guides, you will naturally be able to line things up straighter due to muscle memory. Having alignment tools can be a big plus when working on your alignment.

Slope Functionality

Very rarely, you will come across a green that is perfectly flat and offers no breaks at all. Having adjustable slop functionality is super useful for keeping your practice realistic and challenging.

Many of the best indoor putting greens have adjustable slope tools, and we recommend investing in one that you can use to change up the direction of your putts.

Automatic Ball Return

Having a feature like an automatic ball return can be super helpful. Although many of the practice putting greens for home don’t have an automatic ball return, it is a handy feature when it does.

It simply saves you the time and inconvenience of having to fetch the ball yourself. Of course, automatic ball return systems aren’t always perfect, but generally, you’ll be able to spend more time practicing and less time retrieving the ball.


A portable putting green for home is pretty important. Sometimes, you’ll want to take it with you either to a friend’s place, your office, or on the road for some fun practice while you travel.

Also, portability features will let you roll it up and store it easier. A carry bag and protective case is a bonus as well. That way, you can transport it easily and protectively.

What Material is Used for the Green?

Pay attention to the material that your green is made of. You don’t want anything that is too brittle or lightweight. Having a non-slip rubber backing is really helpful and tends to add a bit of durability. For the indoor putting green turf, you’ll want to have a material that is similar to real grass.

Usually, this comes in the form of a synthetic material that is designed to emulate a real-world green as similarly as possible. Meaning your ball will react the way it would on a real green. However, if carpet like material is used, then the ball will travel slower, making your practice much less effective.

Many times, PET resin or polyester is best for grass emulation while remaining durable and long-lasting. Most of the indoor putting greens on our list are made of durable materials, so you won’t really have to worry.

For an in-depth look at suitable artificial turfs, learn more here.

Do Indoor Putting Greens Help?

Anyway you’re able to practice your putting will be beneficial to you on the course. Even if it offers you a chance to practice your fundamentals, you can use that foundation when you’re in the game.

Indoor putting greens with varying speeds, slopes, and hole sizes will help you hone in on your aim and weight. Having a putting green for the office or home will be far better than using your carpet and a cup.

They are designed to emulate actual putting greens and will give you a more realistic practice approach. You can also use putting practice drills to catapult your improvement even more.

How Long is the Average Indoor Putting Green?

Most of the practice putting greens are between 7 and 9 feet. You generally don’t want anything too much smaller than 6-7 feet because you’ll want to practice slightly longer putts.

Having an extra long one can be beneficial. However, it is not necessary in most cases. Nine feet is plenty for practicing putts that don’t have you right beside the cup.

How to Make an Indoor Putting Green at Home

Some of you may be interested in putting together your own putting green. Although we are not experts, if we were going to do it ourselves, we would likely follow along with this handyman:


Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.5 /10


  • Variable speeds
  • Break wedges included
  • Easy to store
  • Designed with practice games
  • Ball trace marks


  • Not super wide
  • No ball return

The Varispeed putting system is an excellent way for you to practice your putting at home. It is made of 100% polyester, which is lightweight, durable, and reasonably cheap to manufacture, and measures 10 feet by 20 inches.

With the Varispeed putting green, you can practice various types of turf on the same surface, which is helpful, given that not all greens are the same speed.

The surface of the green also leaves visible ball traces so you can track the exact path of your ball. To help you practice breaks in the green, you can place the adjustable break wedge under the mat to create a more unpredictable terrain.

The Varispeed is designed with guidelines and numbered rings, which can be used to help you line up your putts, and there are a few fun games you can play to make your practice a little more fun.

Overall, it is a pretty great practice green to have around the house. It gives you plenty of variables to practice with, it is durable, and rolls right up for easy storage, and is fairly well-priced.


Budget Choice

Rating: 8.9 /10

usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (some deliver to Canada)


  • Slight incline
  • Sandtrap out holes to catch the ball
  • Non-slip backing
  • Rolls up for easy storage


  • Can wrinkle is rolled too tightly
  • No carrying case

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then the Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green, maybe an excellent way to go. It is made of PET resin and comes in a kidney shape. You can putt towards three different holes, and it has built-in sandtrap holes at the end, so you don’t have to chase down your putts.

It measures three by nine feet and rolls right up so you can store it easily when you’re done. The green has a slight slope away from the holes, which can emulate natural slopes on the course.

It has a non-slip backing that will keep it in place on smoother surfaces like tile and concrete. It is decent quality and should last at least for a few seasons. If you’re looking for a simple, effective, budget-friendly option, this may be the indoor putting green for you.

PuttOut Pro

Easy Portability

Rating: 8.9 /10


  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Thick rubber backing
  • Alignment guides and target points
  • Medium to fast green speed
  • Drills included


  • No cup
  • Grooves after a few putts

The PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat is the most portable option on our list, given that it has a carrying bag. You can roll up the mat and put it into the bag and carry it on your shoulder when you want to take it from room to room, or over to your golf buddies’ place. It has a protective cardboard case to keep it from getting damaged when in transit.

It has a fairly thick and durable backing made of rubber that will help it to lie flat and smooth on the surface of your practice area. It is designed to emulate a medium to fast green with a stimpmeter reading of 10. If you want to know a little more about how the stimpmeter relates to the speed of a green, check out this article.

The PuttOut green comes with alignment guides, target points, and distance markings that you can use to track the accuracy of your putts. With the practice drills included, you can make your practice a little more fun.

It doesn’t have a cup that will catch your ball, which is a slight con, but it will probably help you keep your putts at perfect speed with practice.


Best Indoor Putting Mat With Ball Return

Rating: 9.1 /10

usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (some deliver to Canada) $70.99 Get This Deal
Last Amazon price update was: December 5, 2022 9:00 am

uK Suppliers £56.99 Get This Deal
Last Amazon price update was: December 5, 2022 9:00 am


  • Ball return
  • Various hole sizes
  • Realistic feel
  • Upslope at the cup


  • Slight break at the top
  • Sometimes doesn’t return the ball

When you have a putting green that returns the ball for you, it cuts out a lot of the time needed to fetch it yourself. Although the other putting greens on our list are pretty awesome, the Asgens Golf Putting Green is the only one with this option.

When you sink a putt, the ball will return via the track on the outside 95% of the time. Sometimes a ball can get stuck, but another one will free it and send it back your way most of the time.

It has an upslope at the cup and a true-roll surface that is meant to mimic the feel of a real green. Two hole sizes, one regulation size and the other a bit smaller, allow you to hone in on your accuracy.

The green runs a little slower than average, so that is something to keep in mind when you’re practicing on it. You can roll up the mat when you’re done, so it is relatively easy to store. Due to the quality, price, and ease of use, this is one of the best indoor putting greens, in our opinion.

Rukket Golf

Best Putting Green for Advanced Golfers

Rating: 9.2 /10

usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (some deliver to Canada)

Canada Suppliers

uK Suppliers


  • 4 putting holes
  • Ball stoppers
  • Putt length hit percentages
  • Adjustable slope


  • Pretty lightweight
  • Not the most durable

The Rukket Golf putting green offers a few neat intricacies that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. It has four different cups for you to putt towards, allowing you to practice various looks.

On the surface, it has the foot markers along with the overall percentages that most pros hit that length of putts. It is a kind of fun way to challenge yourself as you practice. An adjustable wedge at the end allows you to choose the amount of slope you’re working with.

With two foam ball stoppers at the end, you won’t have to chase down putts that have gone haywire. This is a fun putting practice surface that works best on hard surfaces. One thing is that it is a little thinner than many other putting greens.


Having one of these practice putting greens for your house can be a fun and effective way to get your putting game up to par. For the quality, level of challenge, ease of use, and practicality, the Varispeed Putting Green is the best option, in our opinion. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the options laid out here. See you on the course!


Does an indoor putting green help?

An indoor putting green can help if you practice your putting at home, you can maintain and improve your skills without leaving the comfort of your own home. An indoor putting green can also be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. 

What do you put under an indoor putting green?

To make the base for the putting green, put crushed limestone down first. You’ll want to make sure the area is level before you begin. Once the limestone is in place, add a layer of sand. This will help to keep the green level and provide a good surface for your ball to roll on.

Should you practice putting on carpet? 

If you don’t have access to a putting green, practicing on the carpet can be an excellent way to work on your game. Just make sure to choose a rug with a short, smooth surface. Carpet isn’t exactly like grass, but it can give you a good feel for how your putts will roll. Just make sure you choose a short carpet with a smooth surface.

How much does it cost to build an indoor putting green?

The cost of building an indoor putting green will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the green, the type of turf you use, and whether you hire a professional to install it. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 for an indoor putting green. Of course, the final cost will depend on the specific details of your project. 

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