Best Lob Wedges: Our Top Picks For 2024

Combing through the vast amount of lob wedges online is no easy task. 

And it’s an important club to have in your bag for a variety of shots. 

If you have done some research already on lob wedges you will notice a few things;

There are loads of different lob wedge degrees, bounce, and grind options available. They can then be combined in many ways!

This makes it VERY easy to choose the wrong lob wedge for your game. 

To help avoid this, we researched and tested over 20 of the best lob wedges on the market and separated our ‘best’ selection into different stages of golf development. In the end, we picked 5 lob wedges that cover all types of golfers.

So if you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer looking for more spin or versatility from your lob wedge, we’ve got you covered. If you want a cheaper (but reliable) option, that’s been covered too.

You can also find helpful info on when to use the lob wedge and its most important features further down the page. 

Let’s get into it.

Short On Time? Here’s A Quick Product Synopsis On The Best Lob Wedges

Golfible Picks:

Editor’s Choice: Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges (click to see)

Best For The Money: Pinemeadow Wedge (click to see)

Best for Versatility: Mizuno T22 Wedge (click to see)

Best Lob Wedge For Spin: Callaway Jaws Full Toe (click to see)

Best for Beginners: Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge (click to see)

Best Lob Wedge Specification Table Comparison

Wedge NameTitleist Vokey SM9 WedgesPinemeadow WedgeMizuno T22 WedgeCallaway Jaws Full ToeCleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge
Our Rating9.2/10
Editor’s Choice
Best For The Money
Best for Versatility
Best Lob Wedge For Spin
Best Lob Wedge For Beginners
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
Lofts Available46⁰/ 48⁰ / 50⁰ / 52⁰ / 54⁰ / 56⁰ / 58⁰ / 60⁰ / 62⁰52⁰ / 56⁰ / 60⁰ / 64⁰ / 68⁰45⁰-62⁰54⁰ / 56⁰ / 58⁰ / 60⁰ / 64⁰44⁰ / 46⁰ / 48⁰ / 50⁰ / 52⁰ / 54⁰ / 56⁰ / 58⁰ / 60⁰
Bounce / Sole Grind8⁰-14⁰ / F-Grind,
10⁰ / S-Grind,
12⁰ / D-Grind,
8⁰ / M-Grind,
4⁰ / L-Grind,
14⁰ / K-Grind
4⁰ (Approach),
10⁰ (Sand),
14⁰ (Lob),
5⁰ (Utility)
5⁰-16⁰ / S-Grind,
8⁰-12⁰ / D-Grind,
6⁰-10⁰ / C-Grind,
4⁰-8⁰ / X-Grind
10⁰,12⁰ / C-Grind9⁰,11⁰ / V-Shaped Sole,
12⁰ / S-Shaped Sole,
10⁰ / C-Shaped Sole
ShaftTrue Temper Dynamic GoldApollo Lite SteelTrue Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115 Steel / Project X Catalyst 80 GraphiteTrue Temper Dynamic Gold 115 Spinner Tour Issue Steel / Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner Graphite
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360 White Flat CapPinemeadow Standard GripGolf Pride Z-Grip Full CordLamkin UTx GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360
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Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • The most used wedge on the PGA Tour.
  • Has been upgraded since Bob Vokey first began creating wedges for tour players in 1997.
  • Features 23 different loft and bounce options.
  • Comes with a stock True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 steel shaft.


  • A set of three will cost a lot more than a set from other top brands.
  • Some users said when playing the SM9, it felt very similar to the SM8 (previous model).

Adding to the long list of award-winning wedges created by legendary clubmaker Bob Vokey are the Titleist SM9’s. 

The SM9’s are featured in the 2022 Golf Digest Hot List and were awarded a gold medal for their impressive performance and features.

When testing the club, we noted the feel was extremely soft and produced a low pitch sound during contact, similar to previous models. 

Solid contact feels extremely rewarding when hitting a Vokey. It invokes confidence knowing the face will react and produce high spin, leaving the ball near the hole for a tap-in. 

From full swings to short chips, the club is forgiving thanks to the center of gravity being more forward and high on the face. 

Having an updated CG also helps control the trajectory of shots and lowers the flight resulting in higher spin and more check. 

The 23 loft and bounce options can seem overwhelming. Going to the golf store or range and having a club pro, instructor or club-fitter help you choose the right option can make the world of a difference when trying to break a certain score.

The spin-milled grooves help grab the ball at contact for maximum control.

The club has the following six grinds:

F– Ideal for full shots hit with a square face.

S– Good for standard or firm ground and for players who put their hands in front or behind the ball.

M– Suitable for shallow and and sweeping swing types.

K– Great for soft conditions and in bunkers.

L– For hard or dry turf conditons and low-handicappers.

D– Fits well with golfers who have steep angles of attack on their swings. 

If you’re a high-handicapper who wants to learn to consistently chip a lob wedge (can be difficult) a 60-degree wedge with four degrees of bounce is a good option.

The SM9 is available in lofts from 46-62 degrees and bounces from 4-14 degrees.

Pinemeadow Wedge

Best For The Money

Rating: 8.8 /10

Pinemeadow's Last Wedge with 68 degrees loft on a grass background.
usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)


  • Available in a variety of options allowing golfers flexibility.
  • Large face enables forgiveness when mishit.
  • Built with good quality materials so the club will look new for a long time.


  • Meant to hit inside 40 yards.
  • Relatively unknown brand compared to other wedge makers.

The Pinemeadow wedge is a good club for beginner or intermediate golfers and is designed to be hit from inside 40 yards.

The club can be purchased in a right or left handed model and is available for both men and women. Different lofts can be bought ranging from 52-68 degrees.

The club features a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point allowing it to be easily hit. Another forgiving aspect of the club is the large club face enabling golfers to make solid contact from a variety of lies.

The club head is made with durable pinemeadow steel preventing dents and damage.

Mizuno T22 Wedge

Best for Versatility

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Designed with the help of former World No. 1 Luke Donald.
  • Has a smaller modified teardrop look making the club thinner and easier to hit.
  • HydroFlow Micro Grooves help grip the ball during wet conditions.


  • If you don’t like the rust look, avoid the denim copper finish and raw finishes
  • For the price, you might want to go with the world-renowned Titleist Vokey wedges instead.

The Mizuno T22 wedges were created in the Hiroshima company headquarters.

A small microlayer of copper was inserted underneath the nickel chrome which helps add more control when striking the ball. 

The blade design is spin-weighted and has tapering on the top of the face. This makes creating spin more consistent so golfers know how much release and bite they will have on chips. 

When testing it we enjoyed the spin and control while chipping and hitting short approach shots. 

Adding the spin weight also helps the ball pierce through the air. 

The Micro Grooves were lasered in to keep the face dry as well as limit spin drop off. Cutting the grooves with Boron-infused steel makes the club last for many years but in testing there were noticeable dinks after hitting the clubs many times and on mishits. 

Mizuno made the club available in three colorways: Satin Chrome, Raw and Denim Copper. 

There are four different grinds available:

X Grind– Very high heel and toe relief for experienced low-handicappers.

S Grind– Modified for full swings and low lofts. 

D Grind– Features Medium heel and toe relief and allows player to open up or the face.

C Grind– High heel and toe relief for hard turf.

The club is best for versatile players who enjoy trying a variety of different shots around the green. It can be used by any level of golfer depending on what grind they select.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedge

Best Lob Wedge For Spin

Rating: 8.8 /10


  • A full-toe and C-grind help make bunker shots easier.
  • Easy to open the face and make solid contact.
  • Ideal for flop shots.


  • This wedge’s loft options range from only 54-64 degrees.
  • Only one grind available.

Callaway’s JAWS Full Toe wedge was designed to let creative shot-makers thrive around the greens, from the fairways, and in sand traps. 

The grooves on this club cover the entire face allowing mishits from anywhere to be more forgiving and still maintain a high amount of spin. 

The club made the 2022 Golf Digest Gold List

When we tested the club, it was easy to open the face on flop shots. Clearing the ball out in deep bunkers was simpler than using other wedges. 

The weight pad added highers the CG which helps at contact and increases spin. The check on the ball was extremely noticeable. When swung with a low finish for a two-hop check correctly, you almost feel as if you’re a tour player.

Groove-in-groove technology across the face helps the ball stick to the face and adds dependability when the ball releases on the green.

The bounces available for this club are 10 and 12 degrees.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges are equipped with a premium Lamkin UTx grip. The two shafts available when purchasing it stock are the True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel Spinner shaft or the graphite Project X Catalyst wedge shaft.

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge

Best Lob Wedge For Beginners

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • High moment of inertia on the heel and toe helps with consistent strikes.
  • Made the 2022 Golf Digest Gold List.
  • Ultizip grooves prevent grass from clunking up on the face.


  • Experienced wedge players might not enjoy the large cavity.
  • Cleveland doesn’t offer over 60 degrees of loft for this model.

Roger Cleveland has put out the CBX Zipcore wedge to help beginners become comfortable chipping around the greens and give them the top-quality specifications of a top-class wedge.

The ZipCore technology sits in the middle of the face. Not only does it add forgiveness by increasing the MOI, it also lowers the vibrating sound at impact. 

UltiZip grooves etched in by Cleveland enable extremely high spin. There are also two additional grooves per face to help grip the ball. We enjoyed looking at the grooves, it’s clear they are upgraded from older models. 

A hollow cavity adds weight in the toe and puts a hollow chamber close to the heel so the club feels balanced when swinging it. 

Cleveland inserted a Gelback TPU insert that quiets the vibration when striking the ball and allows forgiveness when hitting too high, low or close to the toe or heel. 

During testing, the club was quieter and felt soft thanks to the insert.

There are three sole options available to choose from and the 44-degree option replaces a pitching wedge in most bags.

When to use a lob wedge

 A lob wedge can be used anywhere inside 100 yards depending on a golfer’s length. Most average golfers can hit their lob wedge about 80 yards with a full swing. Due to the high loft of a lob wedge, when the ball lands it will have less roll out and usually more spin and control than other clubs.

The lob wedge is very useful around the green when chipping.  When a golfer faces a situation on the bottom of a hill or with little room to work with, they can use a lob wedge. For instance, hitting a lob wedge from the bottom of a hill makes it easier to clear the hill.

If faced with a small landing area between the fringe and the pin, a golfer can use a lob wedge to land the ball around that area resulting in a short to medium putt depending on how well struck the shot is. 

Using a different club will require a near perfect shot due to the ball releasing and will increase the chance of having a long putt.

Facing a tree or other obstruction is another scenario in which a golfer can use a lob wedge to clear the danger.

Characteristics to look for in your lob wedge

Most lob wedges range from 58 to 60 degrees. Some golfers enjoy even more lofted lob wedges at 62 and 64 degrees.

A lob wedge is necessary to carry in your bag if you like creating different shots around the green  or for approach shots. The average lob wedge distance with a full swing is about 80 yards for most golfers. It is a nice addition to your bag but if you prefer to have an extra hybrid or utility iron then make sure you have a wedge you can hit well to get out of trouble.

Lob wedges have different bounces usually ranging from a four degree bounce to a 14 degree bounce. A lob wedge’s low bounce helps get the leading edge under the ball which helps make clean contact and at the same time creates a smaller window for error.

A high bounce lob wedge can be better on softer ground but is better for players who have steeper attack angles.

The best thing to do before buying a lob wedge with a certain degree of bounce is get fitted at the golf store or course to ensure you’re buying the right wedge for your game.

How to hit a lob wedge

Many golfers are afraid of owning and hitting a lob wedge due the high loft and ease of getting too far underneath the ball. Learning how to correctly hit a lob wedge can benefit golfers in many ways rather than being afraid and not utilizing one.

The first thing you want to do before taking your shot is check the lie. If the ball is sitting up too high you probably want to use another club so you don’t get too much air under the ball. You could also close the face slightly too.

Second, accelerate through impact and maintain a good, consistent swing speed. You can’t slow down or let up during your swing. This will cause an errant shot.

Lastly, hit down through the ball and play the shot like any other iron. Due to the high loft of the club, address can look funny but the shot still needs to be played like your other wedges and irons. When you hit down on the ball you will add spin and get the full distance and accuracy as your result.

It might take time to get accustomed to hitting a lob wedge so spend time practicing on the range and on the practice greens.


 Having the right lob wedge in the bag can really help lower a golfer’s scores and on approach shots as well as around the greens.

Thanks to its forgiveness and great quality, the best lob wedge and our editor’s choice is the Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized golf wedge.


What is the best lob wedge degree?

The best lob degree for most golfers is 58 degrees. This wedge is excellent for high and mid handicappers due to it being simpler to make solid contact with. A 60 or 62 degree wedge can make it easier to skull the ball or hit too far underneath. A 58 requires less practice. Only advanced golfers should use a 60+ degree wedge.

 What is a lob wedge good for?

A lob wedge is good for hitting and chipping out of bunkers and over obstacles and hazards. It also useful for approach shots inside 75 yards. The high degree produces a lot of spin so it will have less rollout and stick closer to the pin. 

Can I use a lob wedge in the sand?

Yes, a lob wedge is a good choice to hit out of sand traps, especially ones that are deep and have high lips. The high loft helps you clear the high lip and produces a lot of spin.

How far should you hit a lob wedge?

Most amateur golfers are able to hit a lob wedge around 75 yards. It depends on the person’s swing speed and the contact they make with the ball. Some players can hit their lob wedges up to 90 yards.

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