Best Putting Aids 2024: In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

Golfers looking to improve their putting can get significantly better by practicing at home with putting aids. 

Choosing the right putting aids will help you build muscle memory and master the speed and angles. These aids can also improve your shot alignment so that you get rid of those near misses.

However, with dozens of putting aids out there, the chances of you buying the wrong one are also pretty high. A defect in one of the critical components of a putting aid might render it useless.

That’s why you must carefully consider factors like the surface material, durability, seamless rolling, and well-aligned ball trace marks.

You can take a sigh of relief as our team has already put in the hours while testing over 27 of the best putting aids so that you don’t have to!

So, pick from our top four if you’re in a rush, or dive deeper to read our comprehensive review and buying guide.

Best Putting Aids

Golfible Picks:

Editor’s Choice: SKLZ (click to see)

Best On A Budget: Putt-A-Bout (click to see)

Best For Traveling: Puttout (click to see)

Premium Purchase: Varispeed (click to see)
Best Surface: Shaun Webb (click to see)
Best Laser Training Aid: Mark Tech (click to see)
Best Eyeline Training Aid: Eyeline (click to see)

Putting Aids Specification Table Comparison

Golf Putting AidsSKLZPutt-A-BoutPuttoutVarispeedShaun WebbMark TechEyeline
Our Rating9.5/10
Editor’s Choice
Best On A Budget
Best For Traveling
Premium Purchase
Best Surface
Best Laser Training Aid
Best Eyeline Training Aid
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
TypeIndoor Putting GreenIndoor Putting GreenPressure Putt TrainerIndoor Putting GreenIndoor Putting GreenLaser PutterPutting Alignment Mirror
MaterialCarpet, Polystyrene, Latex, PVCPET ResinPolycarbonatePolyesterPolyesterN/AAcrylic
Size9 feet x 16.25 Inches3 x 9 feet5.12″ Height x 4.21″ Width x 8.07″ Depth10 feet x 20 Inches3 x 9 feetN/A12 Inches x 6 Inches
Automatic Ball Return FeatureAvailableNot AvailableAvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableN/AN/A
Weight1.5 Pounds3.5 Pounds0.44 Pounds6.6 Pounds12 Pounds0.36 Pounds0.25 Pounds
Warranty1-Year Limited Manufacturer WarrantyN/A1-Year Manufacturer GuaranteeN/AN/AN/A1-Year limited Warranty
Number of Practice Holes/Putting Cups13 (With Built-in Sand Traps)11 (Silicon Cup With Flag)3 (With Built-in Sand Traps)N/AN/A
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Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.5 /10

Golf putting mat from SKLZ called the Accelerator Pro, with a grass background.
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uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)


  • Affordable
  • True Roll Surface
  • Three alignment guides
  • Elevated cup section
  • Portable design


  • Not suited for really tight spaces
  • Hard to judge real-world putt speed

The SKLZ Accelerator Indoor Putting Green is one of the best putting aids out there today. It has a few features that help you work on your alignment and ball speed.

There are three alignment guides at the 3, 5, and 7ft marks to help you practice true accuracy on every putt, and true roll surface helps you get the feel for the way the ball is actually going to roll on a green.

It is sloped at the cup which sends the ball back to you conveniently. The mat is 9ftx16.5 inches and should fit pretty well into most living rooms, offices, or outdoor patio spaces. An affordable price is also a big plus with the SKLS trainer and may be the right one for basically any golfer looking to work on their accuracy.


Best On A Budget

Rating: 8.9 /10


  • PET resin construction
  • Three practice holes plus ball catchers
  • Durable material
  • Non-skid backing
  • Slightly raised on the end


  • Not as portable as some others
  • No alignment guides

If what you’re looking for is a simple putting surface to work on your short game, then the Putt-A-Bout mat is a pretty handy putting practice surface. Manufactured from PET resin, it is quite durable.

It measures 3×9 ft in a kidney-shaped pattern and has three holes to putt towards as well as sand trap style cut-outs to catch any stray balls. It has a non-skid backing which allows you to set the mat down on pretty much any surface and it will stay where you want it to.

With a little slope on the end where the holes are, your golf balls don’t run away on you either. The mat can be rolled up as long as you don’t make it too tight which would create folds on the surface. It is pretty good for a budget seeker who wants to work on their putting at home.


Best For Traveling

Rating: 8.9 /10


  • Accurate feedback
  • Portable and compact
  • Shows how far your putt would have gone
  • Exact size of a real golf hole


  • Slightly fragile
  • Awkward shape

If you travel frequently but you still want to be able to master the art of putting, then the Puttout trainer may be the right way to go. It has been designed to provide the most accurate feedback possible on good putts as well as bad ones.

With a parabolic curve design, the ball returns and emulates the exact distance it would have gone past the hole. The base of the curve is the exact size of a golf hole, and it has a micro-target which lets you know when you’ve made the perfect putt by allowing the ball to sit inside the small target.

It accepts good putts and rejects bad ones by allowing them to veer off the side. Small enough to fit inside your golf bag or suitcase, and great for golfers looking to practice their putt speed as well as accuracy. Another plus is that it can be used on sloped surfaces so you can practice in realistic circumstances.


Premium Purchase

Rating: 9.5 /10

VariSpeed putting system from ProActive Sports on grass.
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uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)


  • Varying ball speeds
  • Customizable slope wedge included
  • Portable
  • Pro designed practice games included
  • Visible ball traces


  • Not best for traveling
  • Manual ball retrieval

Being able to practice various speeds for your putts can be a huge help. Since not all courses are maintained exactly the same way, some greens may be faster or slower than others. This can really throw you off if you’ve gotten used to a certain green speed.

The Varispeed Putting System was designed to try to combat this issue. It has four stimp tested speeds that you can practice on. Another neat feature this putting mat has is the ability to be sloped so you can practice your green reading. You can also see your exact ball path with ball trace technology built into the material.

This putting aid is good for people who want to take their putting practice to another level, or if you just want a fun surface to play putting games with.

Shaun Webb

Best Surface

Rating: 9.1 /10

Golf putting green indoor mat from Shaun Webb.
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uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)


  • Thicker surface
  • High-quality rubber
  • Very natural feel
  • Zero creases guarantee


  • Not great for travel
  • Not as lightweight as some others

One of the complaints of golfers trying to practice their putting is that the surface usually isn’t similar enough to a real golf green. Shaun Webb’s putting practice mat has been designed to be as close to real a golf green as possible.

Built a little bit thicker and with high-quality rubber on the bottom, the mat is more resistant to creases. A slight elevation on the target end helps to give it a more natural feel as well.

It has three holes to aim for as well as sand trap style catchers for those puts that go just a little wide. A “zero bumps and creases guarantee” should give you a little peace of mind, as the manufacturer stands behind this putting mat 100% and will replace it if you happen to come across any defects.

It is suitable for use at home and the office and is easy enough to pick up and transport to wherever you’re practicing.

Mark Tech

Best Laser Training Aid

Rating: 9.0 /10

an indoor laser golf putting training aid called Mark-Tech Laser Putter Pro on grass.
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uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)
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  • Lightweight
  • Helps correct inconsistent alignment
  • Compact and portable
  • Immediate feedback
  • Easily attachable


  • Indoor use only
  • Slightly fragile

If you mostly struggle with your alignment, then the Lazer Training Aid from Mark Tech may be helpful for you to make the necessary corrections. It casts a straight laser line from the casing which is mountable on the top of your putter and gives you immediate feedback as to where your putter face is pointing.

It is easily mountable with a patented spring-loaded pressure pin to keep it in place. The weight of the laser head is only 5.9 ounces, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it creating misleading muscle memory.

Designed primarily for indoor use, so taking it to the course and hoping to have your laser help you out on the green is unrealistic. But for around the house, it works pretty well.


Best Eyeline Training Aid

Rating: 8.8/10


  • Small and portable
  • Good for correcting eye alignment
  • Good for pre-round use
  • Helps correct aggressive backswing
  • Lines up eyes perfectly


  • Slightly fragile
  • Could be longer

The Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror is pretty useful for placing you exactly on the line your eyes need to be. It is a really lightweight and flat mirror which you can set on the green to help you line up your eyes with the marking on the trainer.

With guidelines on the face of the mirror, you can also line your putter up properly to work on keeping your putter on the proper line when following through. One of the benefits of it is that you can actually hit golf balls using this trainer on the practice green.

You can place a tee on the rear end of the trainer so you can work on not overdoing your backswing and there is a spot for tees at the front where you can practice getting your putter through the uprights perfectly. It could be a great way to help you gain confidence before you head out for your actual round.

Important Considerations

Confirm What Putting Problems You Have Before You Buy

There are different putting aids to help with different issues on the green. Some are designed to help you practice alignment, while others are useful for helping you fix the weight of your putts. It is important for you to know what your exact problems are before buying a putting aid.

Leaving Putts Short/Putting Too Long

The weight you put behind your putts is almost as important as the accuracy. Of course, the first thing you need to get down is getting the golf ball right on target. However, the weight of your putts will affect the line your ball takes, as well as the distance you will be from the hole if you miss.

If you’re consistently leaving putts too long or coming up short, then you will benefit more from a putting aid that will help you build muscle memory around correct putting speed.

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer has been designed to emulate the exact reaction of the ball speed on a real green. By giving you accurate feedback on how far the ball would have ended up from the hole, it is one of the better trainers for practicing your putt speed.

Is Your Alignment Off?

It can be difficult to perfect your alignment when you’re putting. Looking directly down on your putter while trying to aim towards a hole adjacent to your body is a tough thing for the eyes and brain to figure out.

By practicing proper alignment, you can start to gain confidence and fluency with your putting aim. Some putting aids are designed specifically for practicing your alignment. The Eyeline Golf Genuine Putting Alignment Mirror has been designed specifically to help golfers work on their alignment.

It helps you keep the putter in the exact line you need in order to putt more accurately. By practicing your alignment with a guide like this, you can slowly start to build a healthier alignment habit.

Do You Have Difficulty Dealing with Slopes?

If you have difficulty lining up your putts when there is a heavy slope on the green, then having another alignment tool like the Varispeed Putting System may help you as it comes with customizable slope wedges.

Reading greens and anticipating breaks is a difficult part of finding the right path on uneven green terrain. By practicing dealing with various slopes, you can begin to better predict how the ball is going to react on the course.

Putting Aids Features to Consider


Putting aids come in a wide variety of sizes. Depending on the space you have for your putting practice, some will be better than others. Luckily, there are putting aids for pretty much every purpose in any size.

If you’ve got the space for a 9ft putting mat, then you’ll be able to practice your putts towards a real hole. Whereas, if you only have a few feet in your office or living room, you can skip the putting mat and go for an alignment trainer or something like the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer.

There really isn’t any excuse for not practicing your putting at home.

Material Quality

With such a wide spectrum of designs in the putting aid world, the level of quality is going to be a contributing factor for how effective your aid is.

Cheaper golf mats can be good if you’re looking to simply practice your putting stroke, but they can’t really be compared to a laser putting aid which highlights the exact line of your putter face.

In these cases, you generally get what you pay for, and if you want to practice more effectively, it can be helpful to invest in a higher quality putting aid.

Realistic Conditions

Although a putting aid will not be able to perfectly emulate the 18 different greens you usually play on, you want to be able to practice your putting realistically.

If you’re only practicing on flat golf mats, then you won’t really get the feel for what a sloping green does to a ball. The best putting aids will be able to help you understand how you’re hitting the ball and where it would end up based on your alignment and stroke speed.

We recommend the SKLZ Accelerator or the Varispeed Putting system for helping you understand how your alignment and ball speed can be affected by varying conditions on the course.

Warranty Cover

Since you want your putting aid to last, be sure that there is a sufficient warranty covering the product. If your putting aid breaks, rips, or malfunctions due to a manufacturer defect, you’ll want to have the warranty there to make sure you’ll be able to easily get your aid fixed or replaced without paying the equivalent of the cost of a new putting aid.


Once you’ve got your putting confidence to the level you want, you might be able to knock a few strokes off your game. We like the SKLZ putting trainer as the best golf putting alignment aids because of its quality, design, and effectiveness in helping golfers correct poor alignment. But for specific training purposes, any of the other aids may work perfectly for you.


What putting aids do professional golfers enjoy using?

Pro golfers use the three following putting aids:
• Perfect Practice Putting Mat
• Eyeline putting alignment mirror
• Pure 2 Improve Golf Putting Mat

Do putting aids work?

Yes, putting aids are valuable because they provide feedback for golfers’ putting stroke. The aids also help improve golfers’ accuracy and tempo. This leads to more made putts and better looking scorecards.

What putting aid does Jordan Spieth use?

Major-winner Jordan Spieth uses the PuttOUT Putting Mirror Trainer. The mirror helps players work on their alignment and positioning when putting. It can be used with other PuttOUT devices such as the PuttOUT slope aid which helps dial in the correct speed on putts.

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