Best Slip On Golf Shoes 2024: We’ve Narrowed Down The Wide Choice

Laceless golf shoes in the form of slip-on shoes are becoming increasingly popular as it provides an incredibly comfortable experience without being distracted by loose-hanging laces.

The increasing popularity of slip-on golf shoes means the choice online has exploded.

This also means that many poor-quality slip-on shoes have come onto the market attempting to cash in.

To help you avoid these, we reviewed over 15 of the top slip-on golf shoes on the market and found the best 5 available. Choices for men and women are both covered in our list below.

Let’s dive in.

Men’s Slip-On Golf Shoes

Skechers Men’s Drive 4 Course Relaxed Fit Canvas Slip-on Golf Shoe

Men's Drive 4 Course Relaxed Fit Canvas Slip on Golf Shoe from Skechers on a white background.


  • Shoes breathe well for comfort and dryness when playing the heat
  • They are true to size meaning you use the same size as for ordinary shoes
  • Repels dew or light water
  • Provides grip on even slippery surface
  • Easy on and easy off.


  • Some people have complained about the lack of arch and lateral support

Skechers offer you a super light slip-on golf shoe with responsive ULTRA GO cushioning, and a GOGA MAX technology insole to provide you with comfort and support that will keep you going for the whole day.

Combined with the technology on offer and lightweight construction from breathable wax canvas Skechers Drive 4 Course golf slip-on shoes present a casual look on the course.

The breathable wax canvas repels water while it ensures that your feet get ample air to keep them cool and refreshed.

Comfort is provided by Skechers’ Relaxed Fit technology that maintains a medium width in the heel while providing a roomy fit in the toe and forefoot.

GOGA MAX places Skechers’ resalyte technology that provides support in high rebound cushioning from the footbed of the shoe. This provides additional comfort and support to ensure your feet are not overstressed after and during the round.

Available in brown and black/gray.

📋 Keep in mind: Although spikeless, it offers a durable rubber traction plate that provides ample grip even on damp and wet surfaces.

Footjoy Men’s Superlites XP Boa Golf Shoe

pair of men's Superlites XP Boa Golf Shoe from FootJoy on a white background.


  • Easy on and off
  • Fit is extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight design that makes walking the course enjoyable
  • Loads of cushioning and inside foam create a snug fit


  • Size is one whole size smaller than your standard shoe

Footjoy is one of the premium golf shoe manufacturers.

The Superlite XP Boa golf shoe has a foam sole and provides a durable construction with synthetic uppers for extra comfort.

Uppers are also waterproof to prevent your feet from slipping inside the shoe. Footjoy offers a one-year waterproof warranty for shoes sold in the USA.

A soft molded spikeless rubber sole provides ample support and grips on any turf surface.

Footjoy’s Laser Plus Last offers a fully rounded toe character with a standard fit across the forefoot and instep, narrowing towards the heel. This design is aimed at increasing comfort even more.

Although not completely a slip-on shoe, Footjoy combined with BOA engineers- to create the BOA Fit System to move the BOA system to the heel of the shoe.

This offers you as close an experience to a slip-on shoe as you are likely to get, and still be able to tie the shoe for a perfect fit.

Available in white and black.

Footjoy Men’s Club Casual Slip-on Golf Shoe

men's Club Casual Slip-on Golf Shoe from Footjoy against a white background.


  • The wide construction creates a perfect fit to provide maximum comfort.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Waterproof with good tread on the bottom when moving in water


  • Only available in 2 colors
  • Not the lightest shoe available

Footjoy Men’s Club Casual Slip-on Golf Shoe is made from Synthetic leather or PVC providing a soft shoe that can easily be maintained and is extremely durable.

The grip on the spikeless DuraMax proprietary rubber sole compound provides ample turf gripping for maximum performance and prevents you from slipping, especially on your driver’s swing.

It provides a full rounded toe, full support across the forefoot, and a standard instep contoured to closer match the shape of the foot. The combination of technologies increases support that will prevent sore feet while you play and particularly after the game.

Colors available include

• Navy/Blue
• White/Silver
• White Silver Gray
• Blue Navy Gray

Women’s Slip-On Golf Shoes

Puma Golf Women’s Tustin Slip-on Golf Shoe

Puma Golf's Tustin Slip-on Golf Shoe for women on white background.


  • Provides excellent comfort
  • Water-resistant for damp and dew
  • Grips well even on wet grass


  • No waterproof warranty is available
  • Some golfers have expressed their dismay at how quickly light colors get dirty

Puma Golf Women’s Tustin Slip-on Golf Shoes are ideal for fashion-conscious women that want to stand out in a crowd. Many women appreciate the look and style.

Microfiber Tustin uppers offer a fashion-inspired print that provides a loafer-style golf shoe profile combined with slip-on construction.

An innovative synthetic hidden traction outsole adds to the already desirable stylish profile.

The sole offers excellent recessed spikeless traction that will keep you stable throughout your swing irrespective of the club in hand or the position you are playing from.

A molded insole combined with the lightweight materials used gives the Puma Gold Tustin Slip-On a stylish, lightweight, and comfortable package.

Available in

• Rose Gold with Puma White
• Metallic Pink with Puma White
• Winsome Orchid with Puma White
• Whisper White with Puma White
• Black and White
• All White

PUMA Women’s Laguna Fusion Slip-on Golf Shoe

Puma Golf's Laguna Fusion Slip-on Golf Shoe for Women on a white background.


  • So comfortable
  • A lightweight, laceless golf shoe that stays dry in wet golfing conditions.


  • Some golfers have complained about the lack of support provided by the shoe
  • Grey materials got dirty quite easily

PUMA Women’s Laguna Fusion Slip-on Golf Shoes are made from 100% Synthetic uppers and a 100% Synthetic sole.

A mix of super soft EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber combine to provide energy while the return to shape and cushioning keeps you comfortable for the whole day.

Engineers have designed an Engineered Mesh Bootie Construction that allows this Puma to show a sophisticated yet simple and fashionable look. This construction provides higher support around the ankle for increased stability as well as protection.

Sole is made from crystal carbon rubber outsole to provide ample grip through the strategically placed traction lugs. These lugs assist in more stability and less slipping during your swing sequence.

Large Fusion Foam windows located in the heel and forefoot improve the ground feel and provide forgiving cushioning.

Sizes are true to size, and you can buy your normal shoe size.

Available in a wide selection of colors including

• High Rise Puma
• Silver Black/Silver
• Blue Spruce with Puma Silver
• High Rise with Puma Silver
• Ignite Pink with Puma Silver
• Parfait Pink

Slip On Golf Shoe Buying Guide

When assessing golf shoes, you must take the following actors into consideration:

Spikeless or spiked

Many golfers have moved on to spikeless golf shoes from the original metal spiked and plastic spikes shoes.

Most golf clubs have banned metal spikes completely and frown on the use of spiked golf shoes.

Spikeless golf shoes offer more protection to the course, especially the greens, and the floors within the clubhouse. Spiked shoes are believed to offer more grip on slippery and wet surfaces.

Good traction will give you stability and confidence in your swing.

📢 Need To Know: Improvements in spikeless shoe technology are rapidly eradicating the advantage that spiked shoes had.


If you frequently play golf in wet conditions, it is imperative that you invest in waterproof shoes. This will last longer and provide more grip in wet conditions.

If you are lucky enough to play golf in a moderate climate where it seldomly rains during the golf season, investing in water-resistant shoes is advisable.


Are golf shoes good to walk in?

Golf shoes are designed to provide stability and traction on the course, but they can also be comfortable for walking. Some golf shoes have features that make them suitable for both golfing and walking, such as cushioned soles and lightweight materials.

Why do you need spikes on golf shoes?

Spikes on golf shoes provide better traction and stability on the grass, which helps golfers maintain their balance during swings and prevent slipping or sliding. This allows golfers to make more accurate and powerful shots, especially on wet or slippery surfaces.

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