Best Sunday Golf Bag 2024 (Buyer’s Guide To Choosing A Sunday Bag)

Having a small practice round or a trip to the driving range doesn’t mean you have to carry your regular hefty golf bag around.

Sunday golf bags are lighter and thinner, making them easy to maneuver when you’re down for a quick session.

Choosing the best Sunday golf bag will enable you to walk around with just your favorite clubs and no added weight.

However, with dozens of options to choose from, chances are that you’ll end up buying the wrong bag if you pick without proper research. 

Considering factors like durability, material, capacity, and lightweight is imperative.

Fortunately, our team has tested more than 15 of the best Sunday bags so that you don’t have to.

So, browse through our top picks if you’re in a hurry, or scroll further and read our elaborate review and buying guide.

Our Top 5 Best Sunday Golf Bags

Short on Time? Here’s A Quick Product Synopsis Of Our Favourite Bags

Golf Bag NameCobra Golf Ultralight Sunday BagCallaway Golf Hyper-Lite Sunday BagFINGER TEN Golf Club Bag MiniPar3 Sunday Golf BagCaddyDaddy Golf Sunday Range Travel Bag
Our Rating9.3/10
Editor’s Choice
Best Pencil Golf Bag
Best Driving Range Carrier
Best Sunday Stand Bag On A Budget
Best Sunday Bag For Traveling
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
Type Of BagStand BagStand BagCarry BagStand BagTravel Golf Bag
Number Of Dividers33N/A2N/A
Number Of Pockets53None23
Strap TypeDual Quick Release Shoulder StrapsComfort Tech Single Shoulder StrapAdjustable Shoulder StrapSingle Shoulder StrapPadded Shoulder Strap
Weight3.8 Pounds2.5 Pounds0.31 Pounds1.9 Pounds3.5 Pounds
Rain Hood IncludedNoYesNoNoYes
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Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.3 /10


  • Multiple pockets of a generous size
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Well balanced
  • Lightweight
  • Umbrella holder


  • Not too many color options
  • Relatively expensive

The Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag has everything you need in a Sunday Bag. It is ultralight at only 3.8 pounds and is made from durable polyester. This also makes it easy to keep clean and looking good. 

The material will not tear or break easily, meaning this one can be really put through its paces and will last you for many years to come.

Important aspects of Sunday bags are the size, number, and quality of pockets. Even if you are only taking a few golf clubs, you still need most of your accessories.

The Cobra bag has a generously sized apparel pocket, a mesh beverage pocket and a fleece-lined pocket for valuables. The ball pocket is customizable according to your needs.

There is nothing worse than preparing for a Sunday of golf and discovering that your bag is not going to fit everything you need.

That agonising decision of having to leave things behind, deciding what you can and cannot take, is a nightmare for golfers. Luckily, with this bag, you will have ample space for bringing everything you need and more.

The shoulder strap system also allows you to carry the clubs easily like a schoolbag, with complete comfort and limited risk of injury to your back.

The straps are also padded, providing less pressure on your shoulders and giving a comfortable feel as you stroll around the golf course.

The top has three divisions and the designated club dividers run the length of the golf carry bag. This offers good protection for your clubs and reduces noise and rattle as you walk.

It also helps make club selection easier while you play, as each club has its own individual section within the bag. It helps you stay better organised and aids in convenience.

There is also a top grab handle and it is one of a select few quality Sunday stand carry bags. Another useful feature, often absent on Sunday bags, is an umbrella holder. 

There should be no issues using this a cart bag either. 

The features and quality of this brand made it a clear winner as our editor’s choice.

The only drawbacks with this one, are the limited color options and high price range compared with other Sunday golf bags on the market.

The few colors available, however, are stylish and daily neutral, so if you are a fashion-conscious Sunday golfer, you should have no trouble coordinating it with the rest of your gear.

The high cost of this bag may be a negative for some, but it is important to always remember that you get what you pay for.

This Sunday golf bag may be on the more expensive side, but the quality and features you are getting with it are well worth the cost. This bag will last you through years of regular play, and allow you to golf in comfort and convenience.

Callaway Golf Hyper Lite Pencil Bag

Best pencil golf bag

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • Convenient stand
  • Water-resistant base
  • Practical handle
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Well balanced
  • Full-length club dividers
  • Value for money


  • No double strap
  • Some golfers would prefer larger pockets
  • Only available in black

This is a popular Sunday golf bag that is highly rated by those that have used it. It is sturdy, comfortable and practical.

The base belly coating gives it water resistance, which is crucial for golfing on those wet days, or early mornings when the course is not yet dry.

The golf club dividers run the full length of the bag and it has a three-way top opening., for easy and convenient retrieval

Callaway has had great success with quality carry bags in the past and have built on their early models to make them even better.

This clever design speaks to years of experience in the golf bag industry, and wanting golfers to have the best possible experience.

The comfort tech single shoulder strap is something most people find comfortable although some users would have preferred a double strap. Although the stand system is manual, it is an effective and easy to use stand bag.  The handle is well designed and practical.

It has a decent amount of pockets of a fair size but a few golfers found them a bit lacking. The 3 pockets all have zips and the apparel pocket is a decent size. 

With this bag, you will need to consider which clubs and accessories to bring for your Sunday golf outing, as it is not quite large enough to store all your gear. 

The bag is good value money. As a Callaway product, you know you will be getting a quality golf carry bag that will last you a fair amount of time. At only 2.5 pounds, it is extremely light and easy to carry.

In terms of looks, it is hard to fault the Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper-Lite. It is sleek and professional looking and appeals to the majority of players. 

It only comes in one color, but being neutral black, is easy to coordinate with the rest of your gear.

FINGER TEN Golf Club Bag Mini

Best driving range carrier

Rating: 8.8 /10

mini golf club bag called FINGER TEN Golf Club Bag Mini with grass in the background.
usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)


  • Ideal bag for driving range use
  • Available in a choice of blue, black and pink
  • Good return or exchange policy
  • Super lightweight


  • No stand
  • Restricted in size

This is a slightly unorthodox design and is intended for driving range use or those simply wanting to carry a few clubs for practice. It is very popular with those that want to walk or ride to the range. 

It is not on par with expensive golf equipment so do not expect too much but, for most people, it gets the job done. Just ensure that you have realistic expectations.

If you are not familiar with the brand, Finger Ten has been around for more than a decade and make a range of value for money and practical golf accessories.

The bag is basic but can handle 5 to 7 clubs with ease, one or two more at a push.  That is all you need for a quick visit to the range. It is obviously extremely lightweight. Putting the clubs in the bag and removing them is more effort than many other Sunday Bags but the compact and light design makes up for this.

If you want a compact and lightweight option to carry a few clubs this is not a bad option at all. It will make carrying a few clubs a breeze. The construction is relatively durable and the materials used are decent quality.  As an added bonus, it is easy to clean. 

This is not designed to be a bag for a professional golfer and is ideally aimed at those wanting to hit the driving range for some practice. It is a small and convenient design for players who only wish to bring their clubs and no other accessories.  

It has an adjustable strap for added comfort. Another benefit is that it comes in three color options, blue, black, and pink.

The bag is well packaged so makes an ideal gift. Finger Ten also offer good customer service and there is a 30-day return or exchange policy. 

Par3 Sunday Golf Bag

Best Sunday stand bag on a budget

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Plenty of pocket storage
  • Sturdy carry handle
  • Convenient auto-deployed stand
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy base


  • No strap
  • No cover

If you are looking for a practical and durable bag on a budget, this is one of your best options. 

At only 1.95 pounds, the Par3 bag is light yet it has a good number of features. It can easily fit around 6 or 7 clubs which makes it ideal for casual rounds like pitch and putt and executive golf courses

It sits firmly on the ground even when the surface is uneven because of its auto-deployable stand and it also has a durable carry handle.

We choose Par3 over the widely used Orlimar pitch and putt bags in this budget category because of the quality of these stand and handle features. 

Storage is not an issue either as a number of sizeable velour-lined pockets can be found on the bag’s side for your tees or water bottle.

CaddyDaddy Golf Sunday Range Travel Bag

Best Sunday bag for traveling

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • 3 Pockets with lockable zips
  • Rigid tubes
  • Padded top
  • Molded base
  • Decent length to accommodate drivers
  • Comfortable shoulder padded strap
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some users found taking the clubs out a bit tricky
  • There were a few complaints about the durability

The Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag by CaddyDaddy Golf is made from durable and resilient 1680 Denier Nylon.

It is a great option for travel and comes with a 1-year warranty that covers any airline transport issues.

The bag has 3 pockets, all with zips and it also has a towel ring for easy access. The zippers are lockable which also makes it a great option for traveling.

The locks would have to be purchased separately.  The top is well padded to protect the clubs and minimize noise as you carry your clubs and has a rain hood. 

The Ranger Golf Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag can hold between 7 and 9 clubs comfortably and these are protected by rigid 5″ tubes and a molded base.

It is highly versatile and apart from a light travel bag is it also ideal for the driving range, practices, or a quick walk on the course.

It weighs just 3.5 pounds and comes in 2 color options, Black/Grey or Black/Navy. The shoulder strap is well padded for comfort and it has a rubber handle.

What is a Sunday golf bag?

Golf bags come in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes. While a larger bag is great for a full day game, especially if you are using a cart, there are many times when you want something lighter and easier to carry. 

You might be heading out for a quick game, the driving range, a practice session or other environments where you do not need a large heavy golf bag. This is where the Sunday bag is a great help.

They are also ideal for traveling if you want to take your own clubs but not carry a large bag around.

Sunday bags are compact and most importantly lightweight.  Most weigh in the region of 2 to 3 pounds and carry around 6 to 8 clubs.

What is a golf bags purpose? Carry or Travel

Sunday golf bags have evolved over the years.  Earlier models we used for a visit to the range or a quick 9 holes. Many are popular with beginners as they often do not need to carry the full set of clubs and want a convenient lightweight bag option. 

Sunday Bags are now often quite sophisticated and there are a number of options depending on your requirements.

The 2 main types are golf carry bags or travel bags. What differentiates them is that travel bags close at the top and generally have lockable zippers. These are ideal for traveling with your clubs. The average carry golf bag is lighter and generally a bit more compact.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features to consider when evaluating the various options:

Important Sunday Golf Bag Features

  • Weight

One of the most important features of a good Sunday golf bag is its weight. While a leather bag is durable and generally looks great, they tend to be heavy.

Modern Sunday bag materials are lightweight and durable. Many are waterproof as well and easy to keep clean.

Some bags are foldable and can pack up into a compact lightweight parcel that is easy to transport. 

  • Comfort

Another point is that you want the bag to be comfortable. That is, after all, one of the main reasons for using one. The general design and the quality of the straps and handles will contribute to the comfort of the bag. Some feature a double strap while others have a single padded strap. Your choice will largely be determined by your personal preference.

  • Size

The entire point of a Sunday bag is that it is small and light.  Most people are happy with a bag that can comfortably carry 6 or 7 clubs but if you want one that can handle a few more look for a slightly larger option. 

  • Pockets

Even if you are playing a quick round or practicing, you will still need storage space areas for cool drinks, valuables, golf balls, tees, and other accessories.  Some bags have a large lined valuables pocket and an umbrella stand.  You want to ensure the bag has enough pockets for your needs. 

  • Dividers

Dividers serve two main functions. They protect your clubs as you walk and they keep them organized making it is easier to remove or replace them. Most bags have 3 dividers which are normally enough for the number of clubs you will carry in a Sunday bag. The other bonus is that there is less rattle and noise as you walk.

Not all dividers cover the full length of the bag so look at this factor. A padded top also helps with protection and reduces noise.

  • Travel-Friendly

If you intend to use your Sunday bag for travel, ensure it has good protection, a top cover, and lockable zippers.  Some bags have a specific travel warranty for added peace of mind. 

  • Base and Stand

Despite the bag being light, it is still handy to have one with a sturdy base and a convenient stand. This will make your experience easier.

  • Durability

Despite the great value for money many of these bags offer, most are still highly durable. Nylon and Polyester are examples of lightweight materials that still offer decent durability. Leather bags are great and have good durability but will be heavier than synthetic materials.

  • Water-proof materials

Many bags are waterproof or at least have a water-resistant base. This is important for early morning games or poor weather conditions. 

  • Budget

One always has to give some thought to the budget. Sunday bags are generally great value for money but some are slightly more expensive.  Look at your specific needs to find the best option within your budget.

  • Looks

While you are not going to use a Sunday carry bag for big golf days and tournaments you still want it to look good. Many of the bags we have featured have a basic but appealing appearance.

Different Types of Sunday bags: Pencil, Stand, Lightweight Sunday Bags

The traditional Sunday golf bag was often called a pencil bag. They could fold a fair number of clubs but generally lacked a stand and offered little protection against wet conditions. 

Stand Sunday bags have become a lot more popular and, as the name suggests, they have a convenient stand. This makes them easier to use and keeps the bag off the grass. 


Now that you know what to look out for in you Sunday Golf Bags, it will be much easier to select the perfect option based on your needs and budget.

The Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag stood out as our editor’s choice for a number of reasons. Cobra is known for high quality and this bag is ultra-light yet tough and durable. It has multiple pockets and full-length dividers with a 3-way top and a convenient handle. It’s a bag sure to serve you well any day of the week, not just sundays, and for months, if not years to come.


What clubs go in a Sunday bag?

The clubs that go in a Sunday bag are the driver, five-iron, seven iron, a wedge and putter. If you’re playing a par 3 course then bring an 8-iron, wedge and putter. The length of the par 3 course will determine if you need a longer iron. 

Can you fit 14 clubs in a Sunday bag?

No, you cannot fit 14 clubs in a Sunday bag. Sunday bags are small and meant to be extremely portable and ultra light. Most Sunday bags fit five or six clubs but if you stuff enough in them, you might be able to reach nine or 10.

What is minimalist golf?

Minimalist golf is playing the sport with fewer clubs than the standard 14. Golfers who are minimalists carry 5-8 clubs depending if they are playing a full course or par 3. 

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