Best Titleist Drivers 2024 (Tips To Choose)

Purchasing any piece of Titleist golf equipment is an investment. 

Titleist drivers are played by some of the best golfers in the world and they have an extensive lineup that can benefit professionals and amateurs alike.

While a Titleist driver can add distance and accuracy to your game, buying the wrong model for your swing can have an adverse effect. No golfer wants to make a large investment that doesn’t contribute to lower scores, so choosing the right driver is key.

Luckily, our team tested the 15 latest Titleist drivers on the market to create a complete buyer’s guide. 

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, we have the information you need to choose the right Titleist driver.

First, you will find our top choices, including the key benefits of each club and how they can positively impact your game. Following that, we provide an in-depth analysis of our tests to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice.

Ready to improve your distance and accuracy off the tee? Let’s jump in.

Best Titleist Drivers 2024

Golfible Picks:

Editor’s Choice: Titleist TS2 Driver 9.5° Golf Club (click to see)

Best Titleist Driver for High Handicappers / On A Budget: Titleist 910 D2 Driver (click to see)

Best Titleist Driver For Distance: Titleist TS3 Driver (click to see)

Best Titleist Driver For Ladies: Titleist TS1 Driver (click to see)

Best Titleist Driver For Modern Adjustable Technology: Titleist 917 D2 Driver (click to see)

Short on Time? Here’s A Quick Product Synopsis

Driver NameTitleist TS2 Driver 9.5° Golf ClubTitleist 910 D2 DriverTitleist TS3 DriverTitleist TS1 DriverTitleist 917 D2 Driver
Our Rating9.2/10
Editor’s Choice
Best Titleist Driver for High Handicappers / On A Budget
Best Titleist Driver For Distance
Best Titleist Driver For Ladies
Best Titleist Driver For Modern Adjustable Technology
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
Head Size460cc460cc460cc460cc460cc
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360 GrayTitleist Tour Velvet 360 degreesGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360 GrayGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360 LiteGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Face AngleAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Loft AngleAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Golf ShaftMitsubishi KUROKAGE Black Dual Core SFW 50/ Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue SFW 55
/ Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60/ Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60/ Project X Even Flow T1100 White 65
Aldila RIP a 60/ Mitsubi/ Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana ‘ahina 72/ Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Kai’li 65/ Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana ‘ilima 61/ Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara W 50/ Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara W 40Mitsubishi KUROKAGE Black Dual Core SFW 50/Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue SFW 55/Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60/Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60/Project X Even Flow T1100 White 65MCA Fubuki MV/Fujikura Air SpeederAldila Rogue M*ax 65/Fujikura Speeder Pro Ts 74/Mitsubishi Diamana Ltd. White 70/Mitsubishi Diamana Ltd. Blue 60/Mitsubishi Diamana Ltd. Red 50/Mitsubishi Diamana Ltd. Red 40
Shaft Length45.5″45″45.5″45.75″45″
Shaft MaterialGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular/Stiff/Extra-StiffRegular/Stiff/Ladies/SeniorRegular/Stiff/Extra-Stiff/SeniorRegular/Stiff/Ladies/SeniorSenior/Regular/Stiff/Extra-Stiff
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Titleist TS2 Driver 9.5° Golf Club

Editor’s Choice

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • Ultra-thin high-speed face
  • Thin crown
  • Good aerodynamics
  • Impressive speed and distance
  • Highly forgiving
  • Understated elegant appearance
  • Optimized weight distribution


  • Somewhat expensive
  • The launch might be too high for some players

After studying the latest Titleist drivers the TS2 was selected for our editor’s choice. Instead of modifying existing equipment Titleist started from scratch designing this driver. It was two years in the making. After decades of success in the driver market they had a lot of experience and expertise to build on.

The TS stands for Titleist Speed and that was their main focus. Their goal was to create a driver with a quality launch, spin, and speed.  Many agree they have achieved this exceptionally well.

Titleist maintains that the titanium crown of the TS2 is the thinnest one will find in the market. They also thinned the face. This allowed them to save 6g giving them more freedom with other aspects of design and weighting. The grooves are laser etched for greater precision than could be achieved with milled grooves.

The thin face is one of four components that make up the Titleist Speed technology. The others are the thin titanium crown we mentioned above as well as the new aerodynamic design and the weight optimization.

These four elements combine well to give the driver the speed they wanted while keeping it forgiving, easy to launch, and allowing for an optimized spin.

Titleist 910 D2 Driver

Best Titleist Driver For High Handicappers / On A Budget

Rating: 8.7 /10

a Titleist 910 D2 golf driver on green grass.
usa suppliers

USA Suppliers (Also Deliver To Canada. Is Canadian Delivery Only)


  • Great adjustability
  • Large sweet spot for plenty of forgiveness
  • Durable
  • Good value for money
  • Decent speed and distance


  • The adjustability options may be somewhat confusing for beginners
  • Has been on the market for some time

It is often difficult for manufacturers to improve on great products but Titleist put a lot of time, effort, and money in research and development and are continuously tweaking their equipment for the better. One of the main advancements on the 910 D2 over earlier iterations is the adjustable SureFit Tour Hosel.

This allows you to adjust the loft and lie separately. You can dial the driver in to optimize your unique swing style and speed or adjust for the conditions on the day. To perfect these adjustment options, one would have to do a lot of work at the driving range or visit a professional fitter.

The head is cast titanium with a forged face insert, also titanium. This keeps it light, gives it strength and increases the sweet spot by 15% compared to earlier models in this range. The result is a highly forgiving driver. These features makes this the best D series Titleist driver.

Titleist TS3 Driver

Best Titleist Driver For Distance

Rating: 9.0 /10

adjustable golf driver from Titleist called TS3 Driver on grass.
usa suppliers

USA Suppliers (Also Deliver To Canada. Is Canadian Delivery Only)


  • Outstanding distance
  • Adjustable sole weight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Good shaft options
  • Classical traditional look


  • On the expensive side
  • The shafts are on the long side so some may feel a bit less control

The TS3 shares many of the design and material technology of the TS2, our Editor’s Choice. While the shape of the head differs slightly, both are 460cc. The TS3 is often described as having a more traditional look when compared to the TS2.

They both feature the ultra-fast thin face and thin titanium crown. The low spin rate also helps to maximize your drive distance. The TS3 is built for speed and should give most golfers the distance they desire from a driver.

The main difference between the two is that the TS3 features the SureFit CG adjustable sole weight. CG stands for center of gravity and impacts the launch and spin of the ball. This single weight will allow you to set a neutral weighting or one that is biased to a draw or a fade. It also has a SureFit hosel.

You can choose from a range of quality shafts to select the one best suited to your swing and your speed. The TS3 is arguably the best Titleist driver for mid handicap golfers.

Titleist TS1 Driver

Best Titleist Driver For Ladies

Rating: 9.1 /10

a ladies golf driver from Titleist called TS1 Driver on green grass background.
usa suppliers

USA Suppliers (Also Deliver To Canada. Is Canadian Delivery Only)


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Delivers good distance off a slow swing
  • Decent forgiveness
  • A fair amount of playability
  • Titleist Speed Project technology
  • Optimized weight


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not great for better golfers
  • Relatively high spin rate

Although there are exceptions, on average, a lady will not drive as far a man, all other things being equal. The main reason for this is that they tend to have a slower swing speed.

While one can work on improving and increasing swing speed, it is best to invest in a driver that will make the most of a slower swing speed to allow you to get the maximum distance.

The main way Titleist managed to make this driver hit further than many others for slower swingers is by reducing the weight. Quite simply, the lighter the driver the faster those with a slow will be able to swing it and this will result in more distance.

The trick is to reduce weight without too much sacrifice on forgiveness and playability. Feedback from many players suggests that Titleist were quite successful in their efforts.

Titleist Speed Project (more on that later) technology was also used which further adds distance to your shots. The weight is optimized to further enhance performance. You have a good selection of shafts to choose from and they offer a slightly shorter ladies option.

This driver will also work well for older golfers and juniors.

Titleist 917 D2 Driver

Best Titleist Driver For Modern Adjustable Technology

Rating: 9.1 /10

Titleist 917 D2 adjustable golf driver on a grass surface.
usa suppliers

USA Suppliers (Also Deliver To Canada. Is Canadian Delivery Only)


  • Highly adjustable CG weighting and hosel
  • Active recoil channel
  • Forgiving
  • Good distance
  • Quality shaft options


  • So much adjustability could confuse the uninitiated
  • The technology comes at a price

For those that enjoy the freedom to make adjustments to their driver this is a leading option. It has interchangeable weights that allow you to reposition the CG by moving the weight towards the heel or toe of the driver. This will allow you to dial in the launch and spin that suit your game best.

You also have the adjustable SureFit Tour hosel. This will allow you to tweak the loft and lie separately. This adjustability works well with the thin forgiving face that generates high speeds for greater distance. 

A range of quality shafts is available so find that one that will be best suited to your swing. Unless you have the time and understanding to get the most out of the adjustments that are available it is worthwhile going for professional fitting.

The adjustability and relatively low spin possible with this driver make it the best Titleist driver for slicers.

Key Features Of Titleist Drivers

While Titleist did not dominate the driver market in the past they have put a lot of time, money, and effort into research and development with their recent offerings. The results are impressive and the popularity of their drivers is growing steadily.

Let’s take a look at a few of the key features.

  • Ultra-Thin titanium crown

All of these drivers feature an ultra-thin titanium crown. The benefit of this is that it is extremely lightweight while still being tough and durable. This allows them to potion the weighting with more discretion or allow for adjustable weighting.

It complements the titanium face found on most models which is also super thin. This allows for impressive speed and distance while also offering forgiveness.

  • SureFit Hosel/CG

The SureFit Hosel is a Titleist trademark and allows you to adjust lie and loft independently. There are 16 different options in all. This will allow you to dial the driver in to work with your swing speed and style, optimizing your launch and spin.  

The SureFit CG weight system is well designed and pretty simple to use. It will allow you to manipulate the CG of the driver according to your needs. You can set it for neutral weighting or to give your shot a fade or a draw.

The technology can be a bit intimidating at first but is straightforward once you get the hang of it.  If you can, some time with a professional fitter will ensure that the driver is set up perfectly for your game.

  • Durability / Quality

One thing you cannot fault on Titleist equipment is the quality of the materials as well as the workmanship. All of their modern drivers use only the best quality materials that are most suitable for the design. They are known for durability and should give you many years of golfing pleasure.

  • Distance

While Titleist wanted their latest drivers to launch well and offer plenty of forgiveness, speed and distance was their primary goal. These drivers are all designed to maximize your distance off the tee and most are impressed with the distance they deliver.

  • Titleist Speed Project

The Titleist Speed Project (TS) is part of the R&D the company has been involved with for some time. The goal was to maximize speed by optimizing every aspect of the driver. The quest was initially a challenge from some of the leading golfers.

The speed chassis, super-thin titanium crown, ultra-thin face, aerodynamic design, and weight distribution are the main components of the TS design. 

This technology, found on the TS drivers delivers high speed for magnificent distance. One can expect low spin, high MOI (Moment of Inertia), a high launch, and forgiveness combined with exceptional speed.

The impressive speed combined with the other attributes is appreciated by both professional golfers as well as many amateurs.

How To Adjust Titleist 917 D2 Driver

It is vital that you understand both how to adjust the driver as well as the implications or effects of the changes. Getting the hang of it will take some time at the driving range, professional fitting, or both. Fiddling around when you do not know what you are doing will do your swing more harm than good.

The SureFit hosel has been around for a while now so if you have used an older adjustable Titleist you will be familiar with it. There are 4 loft settings and 4 lie settings giving you 16 combinations.

 You simply loosen the hosel screw with the tool provided and dial it in to your requirements. You can adjust loft and lie independently, up by .75-degrees or 1.5-degrees or down by .75-degrees.

The SureFit CG weight will be new to many people but is relatively easy to understand and use. You get 2 carbon tubes. You will notice that the tubes slot into the bottom of the driver at an angle and allow you to move the CG (center of gravity) and manipulate the ball spin.

One, the 12g weight, has equal weight on both sides and the other one has more weight on one end.  The former allows you to set the drive up in a neutral weight while the second one will allow you to create a draw or fade bias.

It uses the same tool as is used on the hosel. Simply loosen the screw, remove the weighted tube, insert as required, and tighten.

The Golf Doctor explains it quite well in this video.

In this video, Mark Crossfield takes a look at the draw and fade settings.

What Pros Play With Titleist Drivers?

While it is only fairly recently that Titleist has made massive gains in the driver market for amateur golfers, they have always been popular with the pros. This has become even more evident with their recent offerings, particularly the TS series.

Titleist is often the ball of choice among pros, their drivers are growing from strength to strength. They really shined on the 2019 circuit with Titleist being the dominant driver in many tournaments.

A few examples include the Desert Classic where 45 players, from a field of 83, used Titleist drivers. Of these, 38 were TS drivers. They dominated at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the Sony Open, the Players Championship, and others.

Notable pros that choose Titleist for their driver include many illustrious names such as:

  • Adam Scott
  • Justin Thomas
  • Webb Simpson
  • Cameron Smith
  • Charles Howell III
  • C.T. Pan
  • Max Homa
  • Sung Kang
  • JT Poston
  • Kevin Tway
  • Charley Hoffman

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Titleist is reaping the benefits of many years of dedicated R & D. This is shown in the number of players, both pros and amateurs, that are enjoying their top drivers. Many have great adjustability for those that like to dial their drivers in. 

They offer most golfers a good balance of the most important attributes of a quality driver, distance, forgiveness, and launch.

The TS2 Driver stood out as the obvious selection for our editor’s choice. It looks great and delivers the key benefits Titleist aimed for. The materials, design, and technology should help to keep you smiling when teeing up for a drive.


What Titleist driver do the pros use?

Professional golfers use different Titleist models of drivers including the TSi3 and TS3. Multiple major winners Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas both put the TSi3 in play. 2021 FedEx Cup Champion Patrick Cantlay uses the TS3. Major Champion Webb Simpson also plays the TSi3.

Are Titleist drivers hard to hit?

No, Titleist drivers are not hard to hit. They are lightweight and feature massive sweet spots designed to increase distance and keep players accurate if they hit slightly closer to the hosel or toe.

What is the most forgiving Titleist driver?

The TSi3 is considered by many experts to be the most forgiving driver in the brand’s line of clubs. The shape and size of the club allows golfers with a variety of swings to hit it straight and long if they hit near the sweet spot. They don’t always have to hit the club
“right on the screws”.

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