Best Winter Golf Gloves (2024 Edition)

While some golfers hang up their sticks when the leaves turn, avid players find a way to play year-round.

Keeping your hands warm during the winter months not only keeps you comfortable, but it can also help you keep your scores low as the weather turns colder.

Finding the right gloves to wear in the winter can be a daunting task because there are so many golf gloves out there, and it’s difficult to find warm gloves that still allow for the proper grip.

Luckily, our team of experts tested 20 pairs of the top gloves on the market over the coldest three months of the year and we used the results to create a buying guide for you.

Read on to find our top picks for all types of golfers, including our selection for best overall, best gloves on a budget, best for women, and more.

For our full report including what to look for in a winter glove, tips on cold-weather golf, and more, scroll further for our complete breakdown of the best winter golf gloves.

Best Winter Golf Gloves Review

Winter Golf Gloves Specification Table Comparison

Winter Golf GlovesFootjoy StaSofFinger Ten Winter Golf Glove MittsCallaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf GlovesMizuno 2018 RainFit Men’s Golf GlovesFootJoy Women’s WinterSof
Our Rating9.4/10
Top Pick
Best Budget Option
Best Grip
Best for the rain
Best women’s winter gloves
PricingJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing SectionJump To Pricing Section
MaterialLeather, MeshPolyester, Double-Layer FleeceSynthetic Leather, Microfiber, FleeceSuede, NeopreneSuede, Fleece
Palm/Grip MaterialAPL LeatherN/ADigitized Synthetic LeatherSynthetic SuedeSure-Grip Autosuede Knit
Sizes AvailableSmall / Medium / Cadet / Large / Extra-Large / 2X-LargeMedium / Large / Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Extra-Large / Cadet Medium / Cadet LargeSmall / Medium / Large / Extra-LargeSmall / Medium / Large
Closure TypeHookPull UpHookHookPull On
Colors AvailablePearl/Black, Pearl/White, BlackBlackBlackBlack / Royal BlueBlack
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Footjoy StaSof

Top Pick

Rating: 9.4 /10


  • Very soft leather that is unique to FootJoy
  • Superior fit to other gloves
  • Consistency in any weather


  • Higher price point than the average glove
  • Some golfers experience durability issues

Footjoy’s StaSof was the overwhelming top choice when we tested for the best winter golf gloves.

Wanting to keep your hands warm during those cold winter days when most golfers would be sitting on the couch? Get ready to play year-round because these are the perfect gloves for you.

Footjoy has a great reputation in the golf community as a maker of quality shoes, gloves and other golf accessories. Their StaSof gloves are the latest in a long line of apparel designed to keep you comfortable on the course, allowing you to hit every shot with confidence in any weather.

Why are these gloves better than the other models we tested? Put simply, it’s Footjoy’s exclusive technology and materials that no other glove maker can equal.

First, the material of the gloves sets them apart. Only Footjoy uses Advanced Performance Leather in their gloves. Known as APL for short, this leather features “all-climate grip” that controls moisture and provides consistency in any weather.

This means in the winter or the summer, your grip remains the same and the club stays in place through the swing, meaning consistent and straight shots year-round.

In addition to consistency, APL is the softest leather on the market. This makes StaSof the most comfortable glove we tested, by far. While other gloves can feel mis-shapen on your hand or even look and feel boxy, the StaSof forms to your hand shape and feels great when gripping the club.

Another feature unique to Footjoy is how these gloves are fitted to your hand and how they fasten together. The “3-Directional Comfortab” is another item unique to Footjoy and it allows the glove to close on your hand comfortably without causing a weird grip or stress on any part of your hand.

All of this means that you’ll be able to retain your grip, comfortably, all winter long, so you can keep your swing consistent and enjoy straighter shots.

What we love about Footjoy StaSof golf gloves

  • Comfort and Flexibility: Footjoy’s unique leather just feels great on your hands. It’s not restrictive and even when we tested in very low temperatures it didn’t get tough and rigid in the cold like other gloves seemed to.
  • Consistency: The bottom line when playing in the winter is trying to keep your swing the same as it is in the summer so that your game continues to improve. These gloves stay soft and the closing tab keeps the glove in the same position on your hand, whether it’s dry from the cold or sweaty in the summer.
  • The Right Fit: So many gloves on the market are boxy or feel heavy on your hand. This isn’t the case with the StaSof and the combination of the moisture control system and the soft leather makes this glove more and more comfortable as it breaks in.

Drawbacks of Footjoy StaSof golf gloves

Durability: While no glove is perfect, we did have a few of our testers experience tears or signs of wear after playing through about ten rounds with these gloves. The leather, while very soft and flexible in any weather, did seem to lend itself to tears.
Price Point: If you want good equipment, sometimes you have to pay the price. Footjoy makes some of the best, and therefore most expensive, gloves on the market. While the StaSof was the best combination of price and value that we tested, it still falls on the mid-to-high end of golf glove prices.

Footjoy’s StaSof gloves allow you to play your game, without compromise, all year long. This means that you won’t just play in the winter, your game will improve and you can continue to have a steady and consistent grip on the club at all times.

A word to more budget-conscious golfers: while the StaSof is the best glove we tested, its price point and tendency to rip can make them more expensive to keep stocked in your bag.

Looking for something a little easier on the wallet? Check out our best performing budget golf gloves!

Finger Ten Winter Golf Glove Mitts

Best Budget Option

Rating: 8.9 /10

pair of golf gloves from Finger Ten on grass.
usa suppliers

uSA Suppliers (Also deliver to Canada)


  • Can be rolled up and kept on wrists throughout round.
  • Made of fleece.
  • Fit over golf gloves.


  • Not actual golf gloves.
  • Can be uncomfortable if they get wet.

These winter mitts are designed to cover up your hands while wearing a golf glove as well as your wrists and lower arms.

When not swinging the club, you can simply pull down the mitts so they cover both of your hands so you maintain warmth before your next swing. When swinging you just roll the mitts up and you can leave them there for the entire round instead of having to take them on and off for every shot.

Finger Ten designed these so they can be used in a multitude of sports not only golf.

The gloves are made from double-layer high quality fleece.

The gloves are available for purchase in sizes medium to extra large. The medium is designed to fit like a small according to Finger Ten.

Finger Ten offers 30 day returns if the customer isn’t satisfied with the product. The mitts come in black with the words “Finger Ten” spelled out on top.

Callaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Best Grip

Rating: 9.0 /10


  • Available in cadet sizes.
  • Thermal fleece keeps hands warm.
  • Digitized synthetic leather palm allows a firm grip.


  • Many users said the glove came apart after only a few uses.
  • Pricier than many gloves on this list.

The Callaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip glove was designed to maintain warmth while also allowing a golfer to not lose grip on their club.

The gloves are made with a digitized synthetic leather palm to fight against the rain and prevent the users’ hands from slipping off the club. Callaway also added an Opti Therm thermal fleece inside lining to hold heat inside allowing for maximum comfort.

An Opti Fit adjustable closure was added to ensure a light and secure fit while containing tiny openings for breathability.

Callaway made sure a water blocker was built in by equipping it with an Opti Shield Microfiber Outer shell that also protects against strong winds.

The glove can be bought in a variety of sizes from small to extra large. Cadet sizes are also available. The color is all black with a white Callaway Golf logo on the front.

Mizuno 2018 RainFit Men’s Golf Gloves

Best for the rain

Rating: 9.1 /10


  • Many users raved about the durability.
  • Mizuno Clarino allows for a great feel.
  • Sleek black design.


  • Not available for women.
  • Not made in cadet sizes.

Mizuno may not be as big a name as Callaway, Titleist or Taylormade, although it is used by many tour pros including former world No. 1 Luke Donald along with Keith Mitchell and Eddie Pepperell. The company’s irons have even been used by current top-ranked player Brooks Koepka to win majors.

In 2018, the outfitter made RainFit golf gloves to make sure a little bit of damp weather wouldn’t ruin a round. The gloves feature a technology called Mizuno Clarino which is an advanced Japanese synthetic suede that gives a sticky-like grip even during watery conditions.

A neoprene wristband was added to give extra comfort on the wrist for better control of holding the club.

The gloves are sold in sizes small to extra large and are black with a touch of royal blue.

Unfortunately they are not available for women and do not come in cadet sizing.

FootJoy Women’s WinterSof

Best women’s winter gloves

Rating: 9.2 /10


  • Suede knit makes glove water resistant.
  • Fleece keeps hands warm.
  • Comes in packs of two.


  • Some users said they ran slightly small.
  • Only available in black

The FootJoy WinterSof are exclusively designed for women. FootJoy is arguably the most popular outfitter in all of golf with their partnership with Titleist and usage by numerous professionals on multiple tours.

The gloves contain a cool-weather grip made with a waterproof Sure-Grip Autosuede knit. This aids in producing a soft feel as well as a comfortable warm grip in poor weather conditions.

FootJoy added nylon and a weather-shield foam fleece on the back to allow golfers to keep their hands heated inside the glove. There is a knit cuff that traps the warmth inside the glove so users don’t have to worry about shaking or shivering while swinging.

The WinterSof is sold in two-packs and comes in sizes small, medium, medium-large and extra large. The design is all-black with a white “FJ” logo and a white line going across the front of the glove.

What do you want from a winter golf glove?

 A winter golf glove should do three primary things for a golfer:

  1. Keep their hands warm.
  2. Allow them to have a grip as they would on a normal warm day.
  3. In many cases protect against water and wind. (For rainy, windy or snowy days.)

Key Features To Look For Apart from Warmth


 Maintaining a solid grip during cold weather is vital to keeping a satisfiable scorecard. In low temperatures it’s easier to hit the ball incorrectly if the right grip isn’t employed. Hitting the ball thin can be extremely painful when it’s cold, so having the correct gloves with a good grip can really make a difference and leads to better control.

Try Swinging a Club with Them

 Winter golf gloves can be thicker and have different characteristics like added fleece, wrist lining or additional padding to make them warmer, water resistant and windproof. These are all important, but what matters most is being able to grip and swing the golf club properly. Before purchasing gloves you can try them on at the store and grip the club while practicing swinging to ensure that you are making the right choice.


In addition to the regular sizes some golf companies have sizes extra small and double extra large. There are also companies that make hybrid sizes such as “medium-large” for golfers whose hands are in-between sizes. Another type of size is called cadet. Cadet gloves are made for golfers with shorter fingers and wide palms. Normal golf gloves are for regular size or longer fingers and the glove is narrower at the palm. Before buying a glove a buyer can go to the golf store and try on different sizes to get a feel for what sizes fit them in certain brands and which are the most comfortable. Golf gloves should fit firm and snug.

Materials used: Thermal, mitts etc

Different winter golf gloves use different materials such as thermal fleece, cabretta leather, suede leather and full grain leather. Mitts usually are created with thermal fleece.

Thermal fleece: Primarily used to maintain warmth inside gloves.

Cabretta leather: Provides insulation in low temperatures and grips the club nicely.

Suede leather: Suede leather is thinner and helps golfers have a better grip on the club. It can almost feel as if they aren’t wearing a glove.

Full grain leather: Gloves can feature full grain leather palms that are wind resistant to help block piercing cold winds ensuring hands stay comfortable.

Mitts: Usually made from thermal fleece. Can be used to protect hands during rounds and between shots. Some such as the Finger Ten mitts in this list can be pulled down over the gloves.

Additional features like Waterproof/Windproof

 Winter gloves that contain these two features can truly come in handy during rainy or snowy days. An ideal all-around winter glove will keep the golfer’s hands warm and should protect against the elements. It’s easier to use one glove throughout the round rather than change gloves multiple times if they get wet and aren’t waterproof.


After reviewing the five gloves we decided that the HJ Winter Performance glove was our editor’s choice and one of the best winter golf gloves on the market to purchase. With features like ThermoTex Fleece to maintain warmth and its WeatherTan Cabretta leather to provide insulation, this golf glove was designed to get the job done in cold weather.


Do winter golf gloves work in the rain?

Winter gloves are designed to be used in the rain and in freezing conditions. They will keep your hands warm and dry preventing you from losing control of the club. The gloves can be used as a normal golf glove with additional protection against the cold and wet during the freezing winter months.

Can you play golf with winter gloves?

You can play golf with winter gloves all through the year but it is especially designed for colder conditions.Winter gloves are generally made from materials such as Cabretta leather that will provide ample warmth and grip in cold or wet conditions.

Do golfers use hand warmers?

The use of hand warmers is permitted by the governing bodies making it easier for golfers to play their beloved game all year round. Most frequently used hand warmers are mitts and hand warming pouches.

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