Bettinardi vs Scotty Cameron Putters (Comparison Guide)

Two of the higher-end products golfers and professionals love to use are Titleist Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi putters. They are made from premium quality materials that last a lifetime and are some of the top-performing putters in the golf market.

In this article we will compare the putters and describe the different attributes each attain. There are often debates among the golf community regarding which putter is superb.

Bettinardi vs Scotty Cameron Putter Feature Comparison

Below are different categories for each putter which will include comparisons of the two. 


Scotty Cameron putters have many different interchangeable weight options.

The classic two circular “red dot” weights on the putter are a signature look for the brand.

The company offers 10-45 gram weights available to purchase.

Many of Scotty Cameron’s models have the option to interchange weights, even older models. 

Bettinardi doesn’t offer as many putters with removable weights. The Bettinardi Studio B Model 3, which sells for $550 retail, does have three different 5-15 gram customizable weight options. 

The more common Bettinardi BB1 and BB1-F versions, which sell for cheaper, do not have removable weights but weigh the industry standard at 350 grams.


Both sets of putters can be purchased online from various retailers including PGA Tour Superstore and Global Golf.  

Scotty Cameron putters cannot be purchased directly from the company’s website. All the specifications and options are listed in order to browse and find the one you want to purchase from another retailer.

Both retailers allow you to customize the putters.

Bettinardi allows consumers to do it while buying the item, whereas Scotty Cameron makes them purchase the putter and then send it back in for customization.


Both Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi putters are made with precision-milled 303 stainless steel to make the clubs sturdy and durable. 

Below is a comparison between two similar blade putters, the Bettinardi BB1 and the Scotty Cameron Newport 2


The BB1 is milled 100 percent from one block of soft carbon steel which helps with feel when the putter strikes the ball. The face is designed with super-fly milling. 

Its heel-toe weight construction helps keep it balanced and is tested by PGA Tour players. 

Bettinardi added a stealth black finish to reduce glare when putting under the sun and prevent scratches from occurring as well as being visibly seen.

The putter is made in the manufacturing facility near Chicago, Illinois. 

Newport 2

The Newport 2 features a 303 stainless steel face inlay and a stainless steel body to produce consistency when struck.

There are refined contours and an alignment aid to make it easy when aiming toward the target.

A vibration-reducing material was inserted to remove 30% less vibration for a more desirable sound at impact as well as a better feel than previous models. (Some people enjoy the older models and the vibration.)

There is a four-way balanced sole design that helps balance out the weight with the grip and the shaft of the club. 


Both Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron offer a plethora of different head shapes on their putters.

Bettinardi sells various shapes including blades, mallets, and “spaceship” putters. The company’s 2022 Inovai 8.0 and 6.0 are two models with large heads that resemble spaceship putters.

The putters are offered in 33-35 inches and retail for $400 on their website.

Scotty Cameron also has many different designs of putters and offers more options when it comes to head shapes.

The company was launched in 1991 by famed clubmaker Scott Cameron.

Aside from their blade and mallet putters, two of Scotty Cameron’s larger spaceship design putters are the Phantom X and the Futura model, which has been in production for over two decades.

📢 Need To Know: Bettinardi was founded in 1998 by Robert J. Bettinardi. The golf industry was shaken in 1991 when Bettinardi crafted a putter from a solid block of metal. 


Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi are finished with stainless steel. Both companies offer a variety of different colorways on their putters with the most common being the stainless steel silver look or a black appearance. 

Other colors are thrown into various blueprints such as red, blue, and lime green. 

Average Price Comparison of Scotty Cameron vs Bettinardi Putters

Both Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron putters are generally more expensive than many other putters on the market including Odyssey, TaylorMade, and Ping. 

Bettinardi’s prices range more and can be purchased new for around $250-$450 new. These putters can be found more often at lower prices than Scotty Cameron’s. There are some models that do cost more. 

Scotty Cameron putters can be found new around the more consistent price of $400-$500. 

Top-end models of these putters can be found at even higher price points depending on the customization or where you purchase the putter. 

The video below explains how to tell a real Scotty from a fake.

Which Putter Is More Suited To New Golfers Or High-Handicappers?

If you’re new to the game of golf it might not be smart to drop money on one of these expensive putters.

This is the case, especially for people who are trying out the game. You don’t want to be stuck with one if you’re going to give up the game or not play often. 

If you’re a beginner and enjoy playing golf and want to use a putter that the pros use, it might be worth it.

It all comes down to preference if someone wants to buy a higher-end and more expensive putter. 

Advanced Golfers

The same rule of thumb mentioned previously goes for advanced golfers.

If a low-handicapper wants to spend more money on a Bettinardi or Scotty Cameron rather than another brand of putter, then they should.

It’s up to the golfer themself.

Owning one of these high-performance clubs makes more sense for a low-handicapper that plays often rather than a high-handicapper that only plays a few times a year. 

Which Pros Use Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi?

Scotty Cameron putters have been used by many more major championship and tour winners than Bettinardi. Both brands have been used by many PGA Tour players.

Below are two lists containing players who have used the two manufacturers during their professional careers.

Scotty CameronBettinardi
Tiger WoodsMatt Kuchar
Justin ThomasFred Couples
Brooks KoepkaJason Kokrak
Jordan SpiethMatthew Fitzpatrick
Hideki MatsuyamaJim Herman
Rickie FowlerBrian Gay
Max HomaEdoardo Molinari

Conclusion: Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi Debate; Who Wins?

Many golfers often ask: Is Bettinardi better than Scotty Cameron?

Among golf circles online and in the media, Scotty Cameron takes the cake on which company makes the better putter. 

There is no clear-cut answer though. It all depends though on the individual golfer and which putter they play better with or prefer.

💡 Golfible Tip: If you’re interested in comparing the two, head to your local golf store and putt with each one. Don’t be afraid to ask a PGA representative for help figuring out which is the right club for you. 

The following two videos discuss the history of the two putter designers and showcase their work.

Scotty Cameron:

Robert Bettinardi:


Did Bettinardi work for Scotty Cameron?

Robert Bettinardi began his career at Callaway making putters in 1991. The golf industry noticed his talent and from 1993-1998 Bettinardi helped produce Scotty Cameron putters before starting his own company.

Did Bettinardi make Scotty Cameron?

Robert Bettinardi worked alongside Scotty Cameron although he did not create the company. Scott Cameron founded the company and currently continues to make the putters for Titleist.

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