Blocking Golf Shots (Tips On Prevention and Causes)

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Blocking Golf Shots

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Hooks and slices are commonly mentioned in the golf world when golfers discuss hitting bad shots and missing their targets.

There is another common mishit that occurs on the course: blocking golf shots.

If you’ve ever been in a pressure situation or are trying to beat your personal best score and block the ball into the trees or hazard, you certainly aren’t the first person to do that. So don’t be too embarrassed.

This article will delve into how to fix blocked shots and introduce techniques that will help your swing in big moments.

Blocking or Blocked Golf Shot: Problem Defined

What Is A Block In Golf?

A blocked golf shot is when a golfer who is right-handed hits the ball and shoots it straight right of the target they were aiming at.

The ball then holds the line throughout its flight. The ball is hit straight, but it is straight right, thus inaccurate.

It happens often when the face of the club is normal and square. During the swing the motion is drastically inside to out causing the ball to go immediately to the right.

A synonym for a block that many golfers use is a “push”. For example, one might say “I pushed it right.”

There is no spin to the left on the ball known as draw-spin when a blocked shot is hit.

Since the face is matching the path of the inside and out swing, no draw-spin will be put on the ball. A spin to the left would allow it to reach its target by drawing in and flying left.

If you were to know how and purposely hit a draw, then you could aim right of your target.

Should the ball curve massively to the left or right it would be considered a hook or slice.

Blocking shots causes frustration on the course, less greens in regulation hit, hurts a golfers confidence, and requires an excellent short game to try and clean up the hole.

Reasons For Blocking Golf Shot In Bullet Points

  • Your alignment with your stance and feet is aimed too much to the right of your target during your setup.
  • You are gripping the club too tight and are too tense with your hands when setting up and throughout your swing.
  • When swinging, a golfer is moving and motioning with their hips side to side more than they need to.
  • The player’s swing is too inside to out during their swing path.
  • The lower body is ahead and faster than the upper body throughout the swing.

How To Stop Blocking Golf Shots: Solutions

Ensuring You Are Not Aligned To The Right At Setup

If you are lined up with your feet parallel and aimed too far right during your setup, it will be easier to hit the ball straight but to the right of your target.

It’s understandable if you’re trying to hit a draw, but you should definitely be experienced and have practiced this shot on the range to prevent from pushing the ball right.

Make sure you’re aimed straight at your target.

Use An Alignment Stick To Check Lateral Shift

Place an alignment stick behind you into the ground facing straight up. Have someone record as well to make it easier.

Practice swinging and seeing if you’re swaying back and forth too much.

Check to see if your lower part of the body has motioned closer to the ball at impact. There shouldn’t be any space between you and the stick.

Focus On Closing The Clubface At Impact

Keeping your clubface closed at impact is important to stop blocking golf shots to the right.

Here is a technique to try:

Keep a firm grip, but not too tight to where it’s uncomfortable, while locking the face. Then check your clubface to make sure it’s closed.

Take some slow practice swings and stop around impact to make sure you are keeping the face closed or shut and then swing through.

Employ A Square Takeaway Instead Of Inside Takeaway

Make sure you’re taking the club straight back on the backswing and straight through during the downswing on the same plane rather than bringing it too far inside which causes you to try and compensate and swing out on the downswing.

Swinging too flat, which means you are turning the club more so around your back leads to blocking. If you pull the club straight up a little steeper it can help negate a push.

Having the club square at takeaway leads to more accurate and favorable shots.

Make sure the ball isn’t placed too far back in your stance because it leads to an accidental inside takeaway.

Three Tips On How To Stop The Golf Block Shot

The following video by instructor Michael Newton shows three tips on how to stop pushing golf shots right.

Stepping up to the first tee and blocking the driver right can ruin the fun on the course. It’s common to block shots, but by using the techniques mentioned above and practicing, pushed shots can be stopped.

Be sure to add any queries to the comments section and share your thoughts on blocked shots.

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