Callaway Hex Control Golf Ball Review

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Callaway Hex Control Golf Ball Review

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There are many different types of golf balls on the market. Callaway Hex Control golf balls are not the most popular, but they are made by one of the best and renowned brands in Callaway Golf.

This Callaway Hex Control review will go into detail regarding the specifications of the ball and who should play it.



Callaway Hex Control balls are three-pieces. This means they are made with three layers including their core. They are suited for mid to low handicappers.

 They are all-around performance balls that are ideal for players who want a combination of feel around the greens and distance off the tee.

Many of the world’s top professional golfers use Callaway Golf balls and equipment. Among them are six-time major winner and 2021 PGA Champion Phil Mickelson, world-ranked No. 3 Jon Rahm and four-time PGA Tour winner Xander Schauffele.



Callaway Hex Control Golf Ball Features:


The Callaway Hex Control is a great distance ball that has a high rollout off the tee. Its Hex Aerodynamics technology reduces spin off the tee at impact, through the air and also promotes a nice trajectory and ball flight for more distance.

Elastic layers given to it help it glide through the air and pierce through wind making drives longer and more desirable for its user.

What is the compression of a Callaway Hex control golf ball?

The Callaway Hex Control compression is 83. This is a medium to higher compression which helps with control and spin off irons and wedges. Around the green, the ball will have more bite compared to lower compression balls such as a two-piece Noodle Long and Softs which have a 34 compression.

Its 83 compression is closer to the Titleist Pro V1, which is a high spinning four-piece ball, with emphasis on control has a compression of 101.8.


The core of the Hex Control is hard. A hard core ball tends to roll out a lot when smashed with the driver.

Many people don’t understand how exactly the core of a golf ball works. When a ball is struck, the force is transferred in the injection-molded rubber (the core). This helps the energy stored ignite the ball and allows it to go forward in motion.

The core is considered to be the motor of the ball. It plays a significant role with the ball speed as well as length. It helps the ball spin less off the tee and more near the greens.

Trionomor Cover

Callaway added a soft trionomer cover that helps add more wedge spin, making shots from around 120 yards and in controllable. This also includes greenside chips and allows a golfer to be confident in their short game.

A mantle layer on the cover helps maximize golf ball velocity which creates more distance off the tee and from the fairways.


The Hex Control has 332 total dimples on the ball. The more dimples on a golf ball, the more spin it will have. Dimples also help the ball have a smooth ball flight because it forces the air to go over a larger area of the ball.


Other questions to ask:

What Handicap Player Are Callaway Hex Balls Suitable For?

The Hex Control can be used by both high-handicappers and low-handicappers. Its distance off the tee and forgiveness will help high-handicappers.

Its feel around the green will allow low-handicappers who are experienced at chipping and ball striking to maintain a good sense of control.

Mid-handicappers are actually the ones who will benefit the most though. Since it is an all-around ball and three-pieces, these players will notice a significant difference when chipping compared to a low compression two-piece ball.

High handicappers might want to opt for the higher spinning Callaway Chrome Soft if they want maximum spin.

What golf ball replaced Callaway Hex Control?

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft balls replaced the Hex Control and are widely popular on the market currently.

This ball has a three-piece ionomer solid core with an injection molded surlyn cover. The pattern of the ball is Hex Aerodynamics. 

Its improved cover helps the ball dig into the green providing more spin.

One reviewer who is an 8-handicapper said he uses it due to the distance and rollout off the tee. The combination of longer drives and control in the short game made him want to keep it in his bag, rather than buying more expensive four-piece balls.

Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls Verdict

If you’re having problems with distance off the tee and would like to use a ball that provides distance and not lose control when chipping, the Hex Control is an optimal choice. This also goes for golfers who are using 2-piece distance balls but want more spin greenside.

Be sure to check the product out and comment your thoughts and experiences with Callaway Golf balls.

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