How Many Calories Are Burned Golfing With A Golf Cart?

If you are taking your golf cart out on the course for the day, you can still burn calories and get in your exercise. Know exactly what you are burning as you navigate the green with your personal golf cart or one that your course has.

How Many Calories Are Burned Golfing With a Golf Cart?

The short answer to this question is anywhere between 800-1300 calories according to NPR Health, depending on whether you are only playing 9 or 18 holes.

You have to walk from the hold to the cart for each hole, so you are getting in your cardio.

Benefits Of Golfing With a Golf Cart

You can still get the exercise you need when you golf with a golf cart. Below are several benefits of ways you are still getting at your exercise and maximizing the use of the golf cart.

Safely Travel Across Uneven Terrain

The terrain of a golf course is uneven with hills and valleys throughout the property. For those who have issues with walking and going up inclines, having a golf cart accessible makes traveling easy in these areas.

Golf carts are driven on clear paths that go around the course and give easy access to the different holes out on the course.

Conserve Energy to Last The Whole Game

It will take several hours to get through an entire round of 18 holes at most courses. Golfers can also conserve their energy with a golf cart, allowing them to perform at their best when they reach each hole.

Accessible Exercise For All Levels

Not many golfers decide to walk the entire course with their clubs because there are health concerns that they have. Being able to walk long distances around a course is not possible in their condition.

Golf carts allow elderly golfers and those with underlying health conditions to take advantage of the sport and continue enjoying it. You do not spend your entire time out on the course, so keep in mind that there are additional ways to burn calories when golfing.

Other Ways to Burn Calories When Golfing

There are a few different ways that you can still burn additional calories while you are out on the course.

Carrying Clubs Increases Calories

When you make that trek from your golf cart parked on the pathway, many golfers are carrying their clubs. This means that you are carrying an average of 15-30 pounds of golf clubs back and forth.

Swinging Your Clubs

It takes strength and precision to throw a good swing when you are golfing. In fact, there are many times when you need to stretch and bend before it is your turn.

Doing this 18 different times allows you to engage your upper body strength and your core muscles when you turn. If you miss, you will have to swing again, increasing the reps in your arms.

Walking To and From the Golf Cart

Even with a golf cart, there are a lot of steps required when you are out on the green. Some holes could be as far as a tenth of a mile from where your cart is parked, requiring you to walk farther.

Because some holes are further away than others, most golfers find themselves still walking about two miles approximately after playing 18 holes and riding a golf cart. If you chose not to take a cart, you could significantly increase the calories that are being burned.


How many calories do you burn 18 holes of golf with a cart?

The number of calories you burn while playing 18 holes of golf with a golf cart can vary based on factors such as weight, age, and gender. However, on average, playing golf for 18 holes with a golf cart can burn around 800 to 900 calories.

Can golf get you in shape?

Golf can help you get in shape. Walking an average course for a round of golf can be between five to seven kilometers, which provides an adequate amount of cardiovascular exercise. Additionally, pulling or carrying your clubs can help you burn more calories per round, leading to better muscle tone, endurance, and weight and body fat loss.

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