DG Spinner Shafts

What Is A DG Spinner Shaft?

Shafts are playing an ever-increasing role in the makeup of elite equipment. Since putting and wedge shots are your scoring shots, fitting a shaft that provides you with the best feel lifts your ability to the next level.

The DG Spinner shafts are uniquely designed spinner shafts for wedges to optimize the spin imparted on the golf ball on approach shots for optimal stopping power.

The section below the grip is designed using spinner technology to create a unique loading profile during the downswing, thus increasing spin and producing a lower launch angle.

True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Spinner wedge shaft was one of the first wedge-specific shafts on the market when the governing bodies introduced new rules restricting the grooves of wedges in 2010

This shaft features a small section of the shaft with a thinner diameter positioned near the grip of the club.

📢 Need To Know: Combining the thinner diameter with a longer tip section generates more speed at impact resulting in the spin rate increased by approximately 500 rpm.

DG Spinner Shaft Review

A DG Spinner wedge flex shaft is an optimized shaft that generally comes in two flexes:

  • Wedge flex for sand and lob wedges
  • Wedge+ flex for gap and pitching wedges


DG Spinner shafts offer a softer feel allowing you to utilize the additional flexibility to generate the extra spin.

Keeping the weight of your spinner shaft similar to that of your irons will ensure that you can execute shots with your wedges while retaining the feel of your irons.

The feel of the spinner shaft is determined by the swing weight at the bottom of your club.

📢 Need To Know: By swinging a wedge with different swing weights, you can determine which provides a better feel during the swing sequence.

A swing weight that is too heavy generates a feeling of the weight concentrated in the clubhead and could affect your ability to square the clubface on the downswing.

When the swing weight is too light you may not have sufficient feel of the clubhead and thus impact on your ability to control the swing path on the downswing.


DG spinner shaft weight is generally lighter than standard wedge shafts.

True Temper Dynamic Gold managed to reduce the weight of the Spinner by 5% compared to its leading Dynamic Gold S400

The lighter the shaft, the more control you can exercise over your wedge shot.

DG Spinner shafts are available in 131g and 124 g shafts.

This video on YouTube gives the basic information related to DG spinner shafts.

What Is The Weight At The End Of Your DG Spinner Shaft?

The swing weight should provide the correct feel during the swing and keep the weight of the wedge in line with your irons.


Most pitching wedge shots will be played as full shots therefore it requires a shaft with a thicker wall to make it heavier, firmer, and easier to control.

Higher lofted wedges are more frequently used to play partial and finesse chips and pitch shots. A shaft with a thinner wall makes it more responsive through impact to increase spin and produce a higher ball flight.

The DG Spinner shafts aim to impart more spin on the golf ball by adding speed at impact.

📋 Keep in mind: This has been proven to add between 500 rpm and 700 rpm in additional spin on approach shots making it easier to stop the golf ball or even produce backspin.

Benefits Of DG Spinner Shaft

DG Spinner shafts enable you to increase the angle of attack on your approach shots. Adding the increased flexibility in the lower end of a DG spinner shaft makes it possible to extract the most spin out of every shot.

Should You Keep Your DG Spinner Shaft In My Wedge?

Having a DG spinner shaft fitted to your scoring wedges will allow you to impart extra spin on holes where the flag is on the front edge to spin it back or stop it quickly. This will allow for more birdie putts and lower scores.

Final Thoughts

Having the ability to impart more spin on approach shots can help you in awkward pin positions by stopping the ball quickly or spin the ball back to the pin.

Professional golfers have been using Dynamic Gold Tour Issue spinner shafts for a long time and it could benefit your game as well.

Remember though, this is only part of your spin component. Using a high spin ball and good contact will make your experience complete.

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Does shaft flex matter in wedges?

Yes, shaft flex does matter in wedges. Just like in other clubs, certain golfers prefer stiffer or more flexible shafts to promote swing speed or forgiveness. Most wedges come with standard wedge flex steel shafts. 

Are DG spinner shaft low kick (bend point) shafts?

Yes, Dynamic Gold Spinner Shafts offer a low trajectory ball flight that promotes a medium amount of spin. When combined with wedges, the DG Spinner Shafts can cause up to 700 rpms which maximize spin.

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