Driving Range Etiquette (What You Must Avoid!)

Going to the driving range to hit balls might seem like a simple activity, but there is a certain golf etiquette to follow in order to prevent yourself from being an embarrassment.

In this article, we’ll explain the rights and wrongs of driving range etiquette which can lead to a more positive experience.

Driving Range Etiquette Rules and Manners

Proper use of equipment

It’s important to use equipment properly when at the training center. When hitting golf clubs, don’t slam or break them after a bad shot. 

Yes, they are your clubs, and you can do what you want with them, but throwing a tantrum can make other players uncomfortable and ruin their practice session. It’s simply bad golf course manners.

Range balls are provided, so make sure to hit them onto the range. Don’t try to purposely hit them into the woods or out of the range. 

It costs the company money and time to buy new ones or search for them. Don’t take any home with you either.

Some ranges will offer artificial grass mats to hit off. Make sure not to move these to other parts of the range or damage them.

📢 Need To Know: If the range provides trackers which tell golfers how far they hit the ball, make sure to be very careful because they are expensive pieces of equipment.

Divot Patches On Grass Practice Ranges

Many people have experienced walking up to a slot on the range and seeing it’s virtually unhittable due to the divots.

Making sure you place your ball on a vertical line ensures you won’t tear up the entire area you’re hitting on and displays proper practice area divot etiquette.

Doing this helps the workers and leaves the range in good condition for the next person that hits where you did.

Noise levels

Visitors at the range are trying to practice and improve their game. It’s vital to keep noise levels to a minimum. 

This includes talking at a normal level and not yelling.

Talking loud on the phone or blaring music out of a speaker can also disrupt people and cause you to be asked to leave the premises.

Offering Advice To Other Golfers (Don’t)

If you’re a scratch golfer that breaks par or any level for that matter, don’t go up to strangers and offer them advice. It can intimidate them or hurt their confidence level.

If they ask for advice, then feel free. Or if you’re with a friend, by all means, help them fix their wicked duck hook or slice.

Retrieving Balls From Range Fairway

It can be tempting for some to retrieve balls from the range fairway because it saves a little bit of money and time rather than going and purchasing more balls.

It’s not a good idea to do this because you’re hurting the business as well as potentially yourself if you get hit in the head by someone’s stinger or mishit.

Don’t Hit The Range Picker!

Nearly everyone wants to be “devious” at some point in their life. Now is not the time to do so.

Put yourself in the range picker’s shoes. Even if they’re protected by an enclosure, it’s not fun being hit at and feeling or hearing the pelting golf balls slam against the cart. 

They’ll probably flinch, and you would too.

Safety Guidelines at Driving Range

There are safety guidelines you can use to stay safe at the range:

  • If you see an inexperienced golfer mishitting everywhere, don’t get too close to them, and make sure to be behind them and to the side at all times.
  • Be sure to stay a decent distance away if you are a right-handed golfer driving balls at the range next to a left-handed player. Both players will be facing each other, and stray shots from the club head may come your way.
  • Hold onto your club when you’re hitting. You don’t have to grip it overly tight, but the last thing you need is for it to fly toward someone or onto the range.

Dress Code and Appearance: What Should You Wear to the Driving Range?

General Guidelines

Most ranges don’t have a golf dress code unless it’s connected to a golf course. In this case, be sure to check the website or call in and ask before arriving.

If there are requirements for driving range attire, it’ll likely require collared shirts, golf shorts or pants, as well as golf shoes.

📋 Keep in mind: Jeans, sleeveless shirts, athletic shorts and t-shirts are generally a “no-no” at nice courses.

Do you wear golf shoes to the Golf Practice Facility?

Most golf ranges don’t require golf shoes. It can be beneficial to wear them so you stay in place and don’t slip. This can lead to more stable shots and improved performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wear a glove at the driving range?

At the driving range, it is optional if you want to wear a glove or not. Gloves help grip the club better.

Do you have to be quiet at the driving range?

You don’t have to be completely quiet at a driving range, but it’s good manners and courteous to others if voices are kept down. Loud noises can bother or mess up other players.

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