Editorial Guidelines and How We Test

Our Approach

At Golfible, every piece of golf simulator and launch monitor content we produce is put through a comprehensive fact-checking and editorial process. Our team has a deep understanding of golf technology and adheres to detailed editorial standards to ensure accuracy and impartiality.

We rely on first-hand testing data from our Golfible testing centre, to inform our reviews and articles.

Every golf simulation product review we publish is accompanied by a test video. We believe this is critical to show evidence we have used and tested the golf launch monitor or simulator set-up.

We know that golf jargon can be daunting, especially when trying to understand the various data parameters of launch monitors.

To make this golf tech world more accessible, we use a mix of informative and casual language to engage our readers in our reviews and guides. 

How We Research and Test Products

At Golfible, our research and review process is rooted in our comprehensive testing conducted at our own Golfible Testing Centre. This facility is where we rigorously test every launch monitor and golf simulator, ensuring our reviews are grounded in real, hands-on experience.

In our Testing Centre, each golf product has a series of standardised tests designed to assess various performance metrics, such as accuracy, responsiveness, user interface, durability and realism. This allows us to provide objective, comparative data, offering insights that go beyond what is typically available.

Research insights from interviews with launch monitor brand employees, other golf tech experts, product manuals and industry reports complement this testing.

Our golf simulator and launch monitor experts, with extensive backgrounds in golf technology and analytics, interpret the data from the Testing Centre and research insights. 

They bring over 3000 hours of golf tech experience to their analysis. This means they can offer insights that go beyond numbers to provide a clear understanding of each product’s performance and value.

How We Recommend Products

We understand that every golfer’s needs and preferences are unique. Golfible’s recommendations for golf simulators and launch monitors are tailored to suit individual requirements. We consider a variety of factors to ensure our advice is as personalized and relevant as possible.

Key considerations include

  • your skill level
  • the space available for setting up
  • your budget, ease of use and specific goals,
  • whether it’s improving your long game or mastering wedges.

We also look at technological features like swing analysis, accuracy of feedback, variety of courses offered, and ball/club data parameters available.

This approach allows us to recommend a product that aligns perfectly with your individual golfing needs.

Fact-Check and Update Policy at Golfible

Our golf tech experts, alongside our editorial team, are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in fact-checking and regularly updating our content with the latest developments in golf technology. We understand that the world of golf simulators and launch monitors is constantly evolving, and accurate information is crucial for our readers.

Our process includes verification of each data point before publication.

Our product reviews and guides are examined, not just for technical accuracy but also for clarity and relevance. This task is overseen by an editor who ensures that all content meets our quality standards before going live.

In instances where a fact is misrepresented, we act swiftly to update our site with the correct information.

Our commitment at Golfible is to provide reliable and current information, directly from the source or based on the latest industry developments.

How We Keep Golfible Free for Readers

At Golfible, we are committed to offering free access to our golf simulator and launch monitor reviews and guides. We believe that every golfer, whether amateur or pro, deserves access to high-quality information to enhance their game and equipment choices.

To this end, we do not charge our readers for access to our comprehensive reviews and detailed guides.

To support the website financially, we employ a balanced approach to monetization that respects the reader experience.

We strategically place advertisements but limit them strictly to our informational articles and non-golf simulation review articles.

This ensures that our golf simulation product reviews and comparison articles remain free from any commercial influence, providing unbiased and focused content.

In addition to ads in informational content, we include affiliate links within our product reviews and comparison articles. These links direct readers to retailers or brands, and when a purchase is made through these links, we earn a small commission. This affiliate model is crucial in supporting our operational costs, and we openly disclose this practice in our earnings disclosure for full transparency.

The potential to earn affiliate revenue does not dictate our review process or sway our opinions. We do not shy away from pointing out flaws or shortcomings in products, even those of our affiliate partners.

Addressing Reader Inquiries at Golfible

Engaging with our readers is a priority at Golfible. We try to respond to comments and inquiries about golf simulators and launch monitors as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s a detailed query about a product’s features or a request for advice on choosing the right equipment, we’re here to support and guide our readers in their golf tech journey.

How to Contact Us

For inquiries or feedback regarding our content, the best way to reach us is by completing our contact form. If you prefer traditional mail, you can also send a letter to us at the address below.

320, 8 Esther Anne Place, London, N1 1UN. United Kingdom