EZGO Golf Cart Models: Explore the Latest Innovations and Features

Probably the most popular golf cart brand on the market, EZGO golf carts have a few different models that new owners can choose from during their golf cart search. Some of these models come in electric, gas, or both.

Below are the most popular EZGO golf cart models that you can find used or brand new if that is in your budget. Some of these models are meant for strolling the greens and neighborhoods while others are designed for work or specialized duties.

1. RXV Model

With its first year of origin in 2008, the RXV model helped breathe new life into golf carts and those looking to use them for more than just the course. This model comes with a variety of upgrades and features that can get you out on the course or street.

This model is a step up from the basic golf cart, allowing owners to head in the direction of street legal. Many of these golf carts are also ideal for farm life, but they are personal golf carts.

  • Single-seat in the front and rear of the golf cart
  • Taillights are available and vertical
  • Parking lights and headlights for night driving

The more recent model names that incorporate the RXV model are the Shuttle 2+2 and Freedom models that you can buy used or brand new.

2. 2Five Model

Coming out a year after the RXV, the 2Five makes the transition into street legal requirements and is designed for family use. There are a number of features applied to this model to make it ready for the streets:

  • Seatbelts
  • Headlights and Taillights
  • Turn Signals
  • Glass windshield that meets law requirements and wipers

Those who purchase a 2Five model find themselves seeking a title and registering the golf cart so it can be used in cart-friendly neighborhoods and towns. This model is slimmer than other model options that are new or even discontinued.

These models are available in 2-seat, 4-seat, or even 6-seat options.

📋 Keep in mind: They are ideal for larger families because they come with seatbelts to secure all members while carrying the necessary items.

3. New TXT Model

Since 2014, this model is designed for fleet use or personal, giving riders a smooth and comfortable ride each time it is powered on. This is due to the roof supports and suspensions and is a slimmer version of the TXT model that was released in 1996.

  • Single-seat back for the rear and front
  • Comes with 20 inches lifted tires
  • Handles on golf cart frames

It does have a standard plastic body and comes with a single seat back. This model does perform better than its predecessor with 3HP, but it is still one of the more basic options.

The TXT golf carts are equipped with TruCourse technology that helps with braking and acceleration in these models.

📋 Keep in mind: There is little opportunity to customize this model as compared to others.

4. MPT Model

There is a model meant to be used commercially or industrially on the golf course or on large properties. The MPT Model is often the model found used for security purposes along with large campuses.

  • No lifted tires on these stock models
  • Both parking lights and headlights 
  • No rear seat, cargo options available

What you will find on the rear of these models is a utility seat for work and carrying cargo throughout the day.

📋 Keep in mind: It comes with just one single seat, and has no customizations such as lifts or upgraded lights.

5. ST Models

Some of the newer EZGOs that have been released in recent years include the various ST models that are also ideal for off-road work. These models are more square and have the option for up to two different headlights on the front.

These models can come with a top of 54 inches or can be purchased without the top. There are also larger tires on these models to allow them to navigate off-road and through various terrain.

  • Single-seat or double-seat option
  • Brush guard option for the front of the golf cart to aid with outdoor work
  • Standard color options and handles on the frame
  • Choose from a golf cart with a roof or no roof option

In many cases, this model is found in fleet options, purchased by city governments, large campuses, and other properties that need reliable transportation. Many of these models are used to transport materials for landscaping, products, and getting equipment from one area to the other.

6. Express Models

Taking over the scene for a decade now, the Express EZGO golf cart model is designed to offer the highest level of luxury. Whether you are buying used or new, you will be riding in class and living your best life.

Some of the features of the Express models include:

  • Factory brush guard for protection
  • Headlights and Taillights on all models
  • Extended roofs for your golf carts
  • Premium seats in all rows
  • Various golf cart colors for frame and seats

No matter which seat size you go within your Express model, you can expect to have premium seats and luxury.

📋 Keep in mind: You can choose between electric, gas, or lithium in these models, and for any of the seat options.

How To Choose Your EZGO Golf Cart Model

There are so many features with each EZGO Golf Carts that differ from each other, it is important that you make the right decision when you choose the model for you and your family. Understand how you plan to use your EZGO golf cart, determining if it is work, play, or both.

This is the most important question and will help you narrow down the models that are right for you. If you are looking for a golf cart to help you with work, take to the course, or cruise the neighborhood, you need to make sure you get the right model.


How can I tell what model my EZGO golf cart is?

You can tell the model of your EZGO golf cart by locating the serial number on the frame of the cart, usually located on the passenger side. The first two letters of the serial number will indicate the model and year of the cart. You can use this information to look up the specific details of your EZGO cart model online or in the owner’s manual.

Which is better, a 36 or a 48 Volt golf cart?

The choice between a 36 or 48-volt golf cart depends on individual needs and preferences. A 48-volt golf cart generally offers better speed, torque, and range compared to a 36-volt golf cart. This is because a 48-volt system provides more power to the electric motor, which results in better performance. However, a 36-volt golf cart may be more affordable and suitable for short distances or flat terrain.

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