30 Awesome Golf Cart Names To Show Off Your Personality

Whether you’re a sports lover or a movie buff, naming your golf cart is a great way to show off your personality and start up conversations on the course.

It’s also an excellent way to forge a connection with your new golf cart while making a powerful impression.

So how do you come up with a name?

While brainstorming is never easy, there are many sources of inspiration. You may find that your cart names itself — or you may get an idea from your favorite movie or TV series.

In our list, we’ve included names that describe a range of golf carts.

Whether your cart is new or used, we hope our names can get your mind on the right course.

While you thinking of a good name, you can also consider some accessories for your golf cart which we cover in the link.

Basic Golf Cart Names

For those that want something unique, but not too out there.

1. [Course Name] Express

Adding the word express after the name of your go-to course conveys efficiency. While on the simpler side, [Course Name] Express still feels elegant and official.

2. Carolina Cruiser

Great for…

  • Golfers living in North or South Carolina
  • Fans of the Tar Heels, Hurricanes, or any Carolina sports team

You can even swap out the name Carolina for any state starting with a “C” or “K” to keep the double “K” sound.

3. The Tank

Perfect for a cart that can plow through anything. While clunky, your cart can handle a storm or two before taking damage.

4. Booze Cruise

If you see golf as less of a competition and more of an excuse to drink with your friends, Booze Cruise may be the perfect descriptor for your golf cart.

You can even name your cart after your go-to golf course drink if you want to be more specific.

Punny Golf Cart Names

For those that never miss an opportunity to tell a Dad joke. Punny golf cart names are perfect if you love comedy and want to bring a sense of humor to your game.

The best part is that you can use any aspect of golf to build a clever pun.

5. The Fore Fathers

Depending on your group, Fore Fathers can have a triple meaning.

  • Fore Fathers
  • Forefathers  → short for the founding fathers of our country.
  • Four Fathers → a four-seat golf cart carrying four fathers.

Regardless, the sound fore carries many meanings, making it perfect for puns.

6. Fore-Wheel Drive

Let the world know your cart is a 4×4 with this punny nickname.

7. The Bogey Man

Do you own a light green cart? Do you consistently end each hole with a plus one?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, The Bogey Man may be the perfect name for your golf cart.

8. Crusty Caddy

Crusty Caddy is a great name for a cart that gets the job done, but not much else. What your cart lacks in amenities, it makes up for in reliability.

You can also spell it Krusty Kaddy to reference The Krusty Krab, the infamous fast-food restaurant from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Cool Golf Cart Names

These names are perfect for those that want to convey the speed and power of their brand-new or top-of-the-line cart.

9. The Rocket

You recently upgraded your cart to speed through the course. Or maybe you just bought the fastest golf cart on the market. Either way, nothing says fast golf cart than the name Rocket.

10. Shadow

Do you own a cart that’s:

  • Black, blue, or gray?
  • So quiet you can barely hear it?

Give your cart an aura of mystery with the name Shadow, also the name of Sonic the Hedgehog’s archrival.

11. Panther

Big cats make great golf cart names, especially if you modify them to reference your favorite sports team or comic book character.

Some examples include:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Nashville Predators
  • Detroit Lions

Comic book references:

  • Tigra
  • Black Panther
  • Hellcat
  • Sabretooth
  • Cat Woman

Combining your favorite cat and adjective can also generate a powerful name.

For ideas, just look at the color of your golf cart and then choose a matching adjective. Black carts can be named dark or shadow, while snow works for white carts, fire for red carts, and so on.

12. Desert Fox

Desert Fox is perfect for players in Arizona, California, or any other part of the American Southwest, that want to draw attention to their stealthy carts.

Other types of landscapes like forests, mountains, and sand can also be referenced in your golf cart name.

13. Triceratops

Some people never grow out of their dinosaur obsession, and who can blame them?

Not only are dinosaurs strong and powerful, but they are also cool and mysterious. If you have young children or grandchildren, they may love your dino-inspired name.

History/Mythology Inspire Names

These names are perfect for the history buff looking to combine their passions. The number of historical figures and events to draw inspiration from is virtually endless, but some make, especially powerful golf cart names.

14. Trojan Horse

You may be familiar with the story of the Trojan Horse when the Greeks hid inside a hollow wooden horse to breach Troy’s gates and win the war.

If you pride yourself on your ability to craft lofty strategies, you may identify with this name.

Or perhaps your golf cart has enough storage to hold a small army.

Whatever your reasons, The Trojan Horse is a powerful name sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

15. Hercules

In Roman Mythology, Hercules completed a series of trials to receive eternal life among the gods. As one of the most recognizable heroes, Hercules is often a symbol of bravery and strength.

If you own a golf cart that can carry an exceptional load, consider naming it after the hero.

16. The Sun King

According to history.com, King Louis XIV “saw himself as the direct representative of God on Earth, endowed with a divine right to wield the absolute power of the monarchy.”

To symbolize his divinity, King Louis called himself The Sun King.

Even if you are not a fan of history, the sun still symbolizes light, power, and even summertime.

While some prefer overcast weather, others thrive when it is warm and hot. If you are someone who loves the summer, you may love the name Sun King (or Queen).

17. The Mayflower

If you trace your ancestry far enough, you may find a relative who arrived on the Mayflower. Many founding fathers and former presidents are descended from these early settlers, so it’s more likely than you think!

Even if you are not someone interested in genealogy, the story of English settlers leaving their homes to settle in an unknown land is a powerful one and continues to symbolize the determination and tenacity of early Americans.

Also, The Mayflower carries a double meaning if your golf cart is really, really old.

Famous Cars

If you are still stuck on a name, why not name your golf cart after a famous car? With all the cool cars out there, your imagination will never run out of gas! 

18. Knight Rider

Perfect if you’re a fan of this iconic 1980s television series — or just enjoy taking your cart out at night. Ideally, The Knight Rider describes a cart that’s high-tech and nearly indestructible, but even if your cart is none of those things, it still sounds cool.

19. Herbie / The Love Bug

Is your cart small but speedy? Consider naming it Herbie or The Love Bug, after the famous racing Volkswagen.

20. Lightning McQueen

Speaking of sentient vehicles, Cars are full of them.

Like Herbie, Lightning McQueen is a professional race car. After getting stranded in the fictional town of Radiator Springs, he meets his closest friends Doc Martin, Sally Walker, and Tow Mater, who help McQueen see there is more to life than winning.

Lightning McQueen is perfect for fans wishing to honor the Cars franchise. You can even make the name punny by naming your cart Lightening McGreen.

21. Christine

Christine — a 1983 novel penned by horror writer Stephan King — tells the story of a malevolent, possessed vehicle by the same name. Though less wholesome than other names on the list, Christine is a great way to pay tribute to the father of modern horror.

22. Flintmobile

Fans of the Flintstones may remember Fred’s feet powering his prehistoric vehicle. If you don’t mind poking fun at your golf cart’s age, the Flintmobile may be the perfect name for your vehicle.

23. Mystery Machine

Pay homage to one of the most iconic children’s television shows by naming your cart the Mystery Machine. Bonus points if it stores your favorite Scooby Snacks.

Superhero Names

There’s no better way to show off your golf cart’s speed, strength and power than to name it after your favorite superhero. Whether you love Marvel, DC or other franchises, there is no shortage of inspirational figures.

24. The Flash

Name your bright red golf cart after DC’s fastest man alive. While other characters from this universe — like Superman or Batman — also make great golf cart names, none of them convey the same sense of speed.

25. The Batmobile

No superhero has a sicker ride than Batman. If you own a golf cart decked out with cutting-edge tech, The Batmobile may be the name for you.

26. The Hulk

There are so many iconic characters from the Marvel franchise, but none of them are quite as recognizable as The Hulk. If you have a massive green golf cart, naming it after the monster just makes sense.

Other Marvel characters that may inspire fun names include Thanos, Vision, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and many others.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Names

Show off your love for action and adventure with a name pulled from science fiction or fantasy. Using these iconic character names is a great way to start conversations with other like-minded players.

27. Black Pearl

Are you a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean? Or just love pirates in general?

Draw inspiration from the franchise by naming your golf cart after Jack Sparrow’s ship, The Black Pearl.

If you are looking for something spookier, try The Flying Dutchman. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is also a great name if you are a fan of Blackbeard.

28. The Iron Throne

Game of Thrones may have ended three years ago, but its memory (and the possibility that George R.R. Martin will finish the books) still lives on.

Although we have abolished the monarchy in America, a golf cart named The Iron Throne will make anyone feel like royalty.

29. Millennium Falcon

We found the perfect name for Star Wars lovers with a speedy golf cart. Known for its ability to accelerate to the speed of light, the Millennial Falcon played a key part in securing some of the most important victories for the rebel alliance.

30. USS Enterprise

Whether you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek, both series inspire fun golf cart names. While the USS Enterprise may be the most recognizable Star Fleet, Star Trek fans may name their golf after any of the federation ships.

Have a cool name that’s not listed? Share it in the comments below!


What should I name my golf cart?

Naming your golf cart can be a fun and creative task. You can consider naming it after your favorite golf course, celebrity, movie character, wordplay, or even a punny phrase. Some popular names include “The Beast,” “Golfzilla,” and “Putt-Putt Express.” Ultimately, the name you choose should be catchy, and reflect your personal style.

What is the big name in golf carts?

The big name in golf carts is Club Car, a brand that has been producing golf carts and utility vehicles since the 1950s. Club Car is known for its high-quality golf carts, including gas and electric models, that are widely used on golf courses around the world.

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