Golf Clubhouse: Origin and Tradition

A golf clubhouse is the first port of call for golfers when they arrive at a golf course. This is generally where all golfers are welcomed, and financial transactions related to the round of golf are executed.

It can be found at all types of golf courses and even par 3 courses have one.

The origin and tradition of the golf clubhouse will be explained in more detail in this article.

At nearly every course you will encounter some Golf buildings that house a variety of functions required by golfers to enable them to play a round of golf.

What is the building on a golf course called?

The building is called the golf clubhouse combining all the features required by golfers in a single place.

What Is a Clubhouse in Golf?

The golf clubhouse is the main building at the golf course containing a variety of functions such as the changing rooms, cafeteria for food and drinks, and the pro shop.

What Does Golf Clubhouse Typically Contain?

Most clubs strive to have some facility to allow golfers to spend some time at the club after the round and socialize with other golfers, maybe even have a refreshing beverage.

Clubhouses also offer golfers a facility to replenish their beverages and food supply for the second half of the round.

Does Every Golf Club Have a Clubhouse?

Although not every course will have a large clubhouse, there should be some facility at the course to confirm your booking, pay for your round, and some space to change into and out of your golf gear.

The maintenance of a golf clubhouse is recovered from the fees that golfers pay for a round.

📋 Keep in mind: The bigger and more luxury the golf clubhouse offers, the more you are likely to pay for your round.

Does A Golf Clubhouse Have a Dress Code?

More exclusive golf clubs with executive clubhouses often put dress codes in place. However, many municipal golf courses do not have any dress code in place.

Types of dress codes that you can expect from golf clubs are:

  • Collared or polo-style shirts are mostly accepted provided it is tucked into your bottoms. T-shirts and ill-fitting shirts are frowned upon by the golfing establishment.
  • Sweaters, collared button-down shirts, light jackets, and windbreakers are generally approved on cold days providing it offers a trim clean look.
  • Trousers, shorts, and skirts manufactured from a breathable material, that do not restrict your movement, and wick away moisture are generally accepted provided it does not look untidy.
  • Most golf courses do not allow the use of metal spiked shoes. This is to protect both the golf course and the flooring within the clubhouse. Spikeless shoes are the preferred footwear.
  • Accessories such as golf caps, sunglasses, and a belt are highly recommended.

Origin and History of the Golf Clubhouse

Privately owned golf courses with private membership became prevalent in the 19th century in Great Britain. Existing golf clubs built clubhouses allowing golfers to spend time with other golfers building social groups.

The term clubhouse originates from the location of the building on or close to the course where the club was housed.

This building generally houses the canteen, pro shop, and bar.

📢 Need To Know: The first official clubhouse was built at the Golf House at Leith, on those same Leith links in Scotland in 1768.

What is a golf course bar called?

As the golf course bar is a place that often houses golfers after the completion of their eighteen holes, it is often called the nineteenth hole.

What is the golf movie where he hits the ball out of the clubhouse?

In the movie, Tin Cup Roy McAvoy, played by Kevin Costner, is challenged to hit a shot from inside the clubhouse after the first round of the US Open.


Can you wear trainers in a golf clubhouse?

It depends on the specific dress code policy of the golf clubhouse. Some clubs may allow trainers, while others may require more formal footwear such as golf shoes. It’s best to check with the clubhouse or consult their dress code guidelines before deciding what to wear.

What is in a golf clubhouse?

A golf clubhouse is a building on a golf course that serves as a central hub for golfers and a place to relax before and after a round of golf. It usually includes amenities such as a pro shop, locker rooms, a bar or restaurant, and sometimes meeting or event spaces.

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