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      Driving Range FAQS

      What Should I Hit First At The Driving Range?

      You should hit your wedge golf club first at the driving range. You can start with the sand wedge, for example, and hit a few shots 25 yards to a target. This loosens your arms up and gets you a feel for the golf club. Our Never ever start with the driver!

      How Many Range Balls Should You Hit?

      You should hit around 60 range balls at the golf practice facility. This is assuming you are applying a pre-shot routine (which you should be). With a pre-shot routine, each shot should take between 45-60 seconds. There are no practice rules in terms of many golf balls you should hit but 60 works out at around an hour at the practice range with your pre-shot routine.

      Do Driving Ranges Provide Golf Clubs?

      Most driving ranges provide rental golf clubs. There will be some smaller driving range facilities that do not provide rentals and you will be expected to bring your own golf clubs. Use our filter above “Rental Clubs Available’ to see a list of golf training centers that provide them.

      Can you get better at golf at the driving range?

      You can get better at certain elements of your golf game at the range with focused practice. For example, practice facilities are excellent for developing swing mechanics as it is a more controlled environment where you can use training aids like alignment sticks to asses your swing. Some areas like playing from the rough will always be more beneficial at a regular golf club.