Golf Shaft Kick Point: Help Increase Your Distance (And Knowledge)

Understanding shaft kick point can help you make a decision when purchasing your next shaft.

Depending on the type of player you are, a high, mid, or low kick point can benefit you. 

Selecting the wrong one can negatively affect your game and hinder your potential to shoot low scores.

We break down the details of kick points in this article in order to aid you in selecting the right style.

You can also compare golf shafts here once you have familiarised yourself with kick point’s role in shaft performance.

Golf shaft kick point explained

The kick point is the location of the shaft where it flexes. If the shaft has a high kick point, the shaft will bend towards the lower part of the shaft.

Kick point affects the trajectory of the golf ball and the feel of the club during impact. 

A mid-kick point will bend in the center of the shaft.

With a low kick point, it will bend towards the lower part of the shaft, closer to the head of the club.

📢 Need To Know: Kick point is a similar way to discuss the difference between the butt stiffness of the shaft and the tip stiffness. If the tip is softer versus the butt end, then the kick point is lower. If it is softer towards the top of the club, closer to the upper middle or grip area, it has a high kick point.

Kick point relationship to shaft flex and torque

Shaft kick point and torque, as well as flex, are different categories and define certain characteristics regarding the shaft.

The shaft flex affects how much the shaft can bend during a golf swing. 

There are different flexes of shafts including senior flex, ladies, regular, stiff and extra stiff. 

Different swing speeds are better suited for each type of shaft flex

For example, a slow swing speed will match with a senior flex or regular (also average swing speed).

A fast swing speed will do better with a stiff or extra stiff depending on how fast. 

You can get help choosing the right golf shaft flex for your game in our linked article.

Torque references how much the shaft will resist twisting while swinging.

A shaft with a low torque, about 2-3 degrees, will barely twist, maybe even not twist, and a shaft with a higher degree of torque (5 degrees or more) will rotate a lot more. 

📋 Keep in mind: Shafts with lower torque work well with players who have fast swing speeds while high torque shafts are more suitable for slow swing speeds. 

Different types of kick point

Low kick point shaft

Low kick point shafts promote golfers to launch the ball higher in the air.


  • Helps golfers who slice the ball and fade the ball.
  • Lower kick point shafts are more forgiving to hit compared to mid and high-kick-point ones.
  • Helps add more spin to shots so attacking the pin will be easier, more predictable and highly precise.


  • Some shots might have too much trajectory for your liking, causing you to lose distance.
  • Windy days might be cumbersome. Lower ball flight is easier to control in high winds.

Mid kick point shaft

Mid-kick point shafts help golfers achieve a medium ball flight.


  • The medium ball flight doesn’t put too much or too low spin on shots.
  • Using a mid-kick point shaft lets you see if you want to move up to a higher or lower kick point shaft for low or high ball flight.
  • Mid-kick point shafts fit a wide variety of players with both fast and slow swing speeds as well as at different handicaps.


  • Some golfers can’t seem to settle on a mid-kick point shaft and end up switching to a high or low.
  • Most stock golf shafts have a mid-kick point, so if you’re trying to experiment with other ball flights, it isn’t the best option.

High kick point shaft

High kick point shafts enable players to have lower ball flights.


  • Helps players who want to control the ball better off the tee and hit it straighter with a low flight.
  • Great for golfers who have fast transitions from the top of their swing to the bottom of it.
  • Perform well for low-handicap players who know how to keep the ball on a rope.


  • Not as forgiving as the other two kick points, so beginners might have trouble hitting high kick point shafts.
  • If you have a slow swing speed, it’ll probably be harder to strike the sweet spot consistently with a high kick point shaft.

Golf shaft kick point mythbuster

Kick point determines shaft ball flight trajectory

Kick point doesn’t completely determine a shaft’s trajectory.

There are other factors such as players that unhinge their wrists later in the downswing which gives them higher swing speeds. 

The stiffness of a shaft also plays an important role in regard to how low or high a ball flies. So yes, it is a myth that kick point determines ball flight trajectory. It’s just one small factor.

Are there different kick points on different clubs

Most stock shafts and different clubs on the golf market come with a mid-kick point shaft. So most clubs have a mid-kick point.

📋 Keep in mind: When buying used clubs, if not specified, you might purchase a club equipped with a high or low kick point shaft due to the previous owner swapping shafts.

Why is a golf shaft’s kick point important?

A golf shaft’s kick point is important and beneficial for golfers because it allows them to pair the right shaft for their game.

If they use a shaft with a kick point that doesn’t suit their game then they are losing some capability and leaving strokes out on the course.

Golf is a hard game and setting yourself up with the right equipment for your swing style and speed can make it a little easier. 

How does the kick point of the best driver shafts affect ball flight?

Driver shafts are affected by kick points similarly to irons but it is crucial to use a driver shaft with the correct kick point.

  • If you’re looking for a lower piercing ball flight that is harder to lose in the trees or rough, than a high or mid-high kick point is a good option. 
  • If you’re trying to bomb your driver with a high ball flight and don’t play in windy areas, a low kick point is a suitable fit.

Does shaft material affect shaft kick point performance?

No, shaft material does not affect kick point performance.

Both graphite and steel shafts have kick points and will relay the same characteristics whether it is higher up near the grip or lower by the clubhead. 

Tips To Find Out The Best Kick Point For Your Game

The easiest way is to head to a golf shop with launch monitors and club fitters. 

You can try out different kick points and compare them to your swing speed and swing tempo. 

A professional can probably recommend you the right kick point for free but if you’re trying to get fitted, then it will cost money. 

💡 Golfible Tip: Another way is to use friends’ clubs with various kick points on the range. See what you’re comfortable with and what works best

Our Favourite Kick Point Shafts (Low, Mid, High)

Below we will share Golfible’s favorite shafts among the three kick points. Many manufacturers consider “wood” shafts driver shafts.

Best low kick point driver shaft

UST ProForce V2 HL Graphite Wood Shaft

The ProForce V2 is a great low kick-point driver shaft.  

UST added a stiff tip to give golfers additional control on the spin during contact.

There is a spring effect in the walls of the shaft to help garner more energy for higher velocities and greater distances. 

The shaft is cheaper than many options on the market and is one of the highest-rated. Any level of golfer can use this shaft but it is great for high-mid handicappers.

📢 Need To Know: The “HL” stands for high launch due to a high trajectory. These shafts promote a long carry distance through the air.

Best mid kick point driver shaft

Mitsubishi Tensei CK – Blue 60 Wood Shaft

The Mitsubishi Tensei CK shaft offers the best of both worlds as a mid-kick point shaft.

Golfers who want a medium trajectory flight can enjoy this club. The mid trajectory makes it suitable for players who play in a variety of conditions including in the wind on occasion.

Mitsubishi designed the shaft with chemical carbon fiber and DuPont Kevlar woven material to make it extremely stable throughout a golf swing.

The butt-section of the shaft allows the club to provide a feel to the user and adjust it to their tempo. 

The shaft is extremely light and allows players to increase their swing speeds which leads to better distance.

The Tensei CK features tour-level MCA GOLF bend profiles to maximize feel at impact.

Best high kick point driver shaft

Project X HZRDUS Black Graphite Wood Shaft

The HZRDUS stiff shaft is a prime combination of both low launch and high distance. It is one of the best low kick-point golf shafts on the market.

The extreme thickness throughout the shaft makes it better for faster-swinging golfers with experience. 

The middle part of the shaft is very stiff and when struck with power on the sweet spot, enables golfers to achieve a combination of maximum power and distance.

Project X offers its players a 65-gram or 75-gram option for this model.

📢 Need To Know: Project X is one of the most reputable shaft makers on the market and is known for providing control to its players.


Is There A Difference between kick point and bend point?

No, there isn’t a difference between the kick point and the golf shaft bend point. The two are considered synonyms and retain the same meaning. Many golfers do not know this and ask the difference when trying to purchase a shaft.

Which shaft kick point gets the ball up in the air?

The shaft kick point that gets the ball up in the air is a lower kick point. The trajectory will increase as well as the spin. If you like landing the ball on the green and having less rollout, then a lower kick point is a better option rather than a high one.

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