GolfBuddy Voice GPS Review 2024

Hitting a perfect drive onto the fairway or getting the exact distance to the flag for your approach shot often leaves you perplexed.

This GolfBuddy Voice GPS review will provide information to guide you in selecting the best distance finder to make this easier.

GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

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Editors Rating: 9.1 /10

What We Like

Audio readouts in 8 languages allow golfers around the globe to use the same model and features.

Automatically course and hole detection on 35,000+ preloaded courses increase the chance of you finding your local course without having to download it.

Accurate Front/center/back distances to within 1 yard allow you to select the best club to get the ball closest to the flag.

No additional fees are charged when updating course information allowing you to download any course without it affecting your budget.

What We Don’t Like

It can take a while to connect with the satellite on cloudy days so it can delay your start should you arrive at the course late.

No historical data is kept therefore you cannot track scores or statistics to identify specific areas to work on and improve your scores.

Key Summary

GolfBuddy Voice GPS provides accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of the green enabling you to select the correct club.

Flexibility is provided through the feedback in 8 languages reducing the models available and offering the same features for increased consistency

GolfBuddy Voice GPS Features & Benefits

GolfBuddy Voice technology – Our rating 9.1 /10

The device assessed in the GolfBuddy Voice review is a lightweight and compact distance finder measuring at 1.68” long, 1.68” wide, and 0.43” high weighing in at a mere 0.99oz inclusive of the battery.

This makes it easy to clip it onto your hat or belt. The GolfBuddy voice wristband comes at an additional cost.

The 1” mono LCD consists of 128 pixels X 64 pixels. This is not a high-definition display.

To aid you in determining the distance that you hit every club in your bag, the GolfBuddy Voice will show you the distance that the ball traveled on your previous shot.

📢 Need To Know: With an operating temperature between 14°F and 122°F, you can use it in most weather conditions. Rainy conditions could be a challenge as it is not waterproof.

Talking GPS – Our rating 8.8 /10

Distance feedback is available in 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).

A small button on the front of the GolfBuddy will provide audible feedback when pushed.

A single push of the button will audibly tell you distances to the center of the green.

Pushing the speak button twice will tell you the distance to the front of the green and three pushes will tell you the distance to the back of the green.

Preloaded Courses -Our rating 9.6 /10

GolfBuddy Voice reviews differ in the number of courses loaded depending on when the review was done. Initially, there were only 35,000+ courses from around the globe.

📋 Keep in mind: This number grew to approximately 38,000+ before the release of the GolfBuddy Voice 2.

Course Mapping

There are 2 views on the GolfBuddy Voice, Hole view and Green View. You can toggle between the 2 views by pressing the “Main” button.

Hole View – Our rating 9.1 /10

This is the default screen presented at the start of each hole. It shows a graphic of a generic green with a point at the bottom, center, or top of the graphic.

The distance shown on the LCD screen corresponds to the location indicated on the green.

To switch between the 3 locations and distances, you keep the main button pressed in for a couple of seconds.

This will then switch between front, center, and back locations and distances.

📢 Need To Know: Additional information displayed on the Hole View is battery life and the symbol “M” if you selected to indicate the units of measure in meters.

Green View – Our rating 9.0 /10

The Green View provides a rough graphical representation of the shape of the green.

The view of the green rotates depending on your position in relation to the green.

Additional information displayed on this view is the par score, hole number, and satellite strength.

If the green complex consists of multiple greens, the distance finder will indicate which green’s information is displayed. 

You can toggle between the two greens by pressing and holding the “-“ button while on the play screen.

How Accurate Is The GolfBuddy Voice? -Our rating 9.2 /10

A common question that comes up is, how accurate are golf GPS watches? The Golf Buddy Voice is accurate to within 4 yards which should be ample for most golfers.

GolfBuddy Battery – Our rating 9.0 /10

A Lithium Polymer battery is included in your purchase with an operational life of 9 hours per charge, enough for 2 rounds of golf.

The battery can be recharged within approximately 2 hours with the wall charger.

📢 Need To Know: Car chargers are available at extra cost.

There has been some complaint from users that the battery life, the number of recharge cycle, is not competitive with similar distance finders.

You may have to replace the battery sometime in the future but provided you charge it correctly; the time interval can be extended.

Portability – Our rating 9.8 /10

Given the compact size of the device, it is highly portable. It is shock-resistant and durable.

These features make it easy to carry and able to withstand regular use.  

Rainproof – Our rating 9.5 /10

The GolfBuddy Voice is IPX3 water-resistant.

Warranty – Our rating 8.9 /10

All GolfBuddy products come standard with a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

The warranty is limited to normal consumer use.

Other Questions About The GolfBuddy Voice

How do you do an emergency reset on the GolfBuddy Voice?

  • To do an emergency reset on the GolfBuddy Voice you have to connect the USB cable to your computer, press the “P” and the main button at the same time.
  • While both buttons are pushed down, link the USB cable to the GolfBuddy voice device
  • A message should appear on the screen indicating that the reset is in progress.
  • Once the screen starts blinking, the device has been reset.

How do you replace the GolfBuddy Voice battery?

Please watch this video on YouTube on how to replace the battery on your GolfBuddy Voice distance finder.

Alternatives To The Golfbuddy Voice Golf GPS

GolfBuddy Voice 2

Newer Model

As an alternative, this GolfBuddy Voice GPS review looked at the GolfBuddy Voice 2 and the upgrades from the GolfBuddy Voice.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 is compatible with most smartphones and can be download from the relevant app store.

This will assist in keeping the course library up to date by linking to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Distances to the front, center, and back are displayed simultaneously and no toggling is required.

Its number of preloaded courses have increased to 40,000+ global courses and its updates policy is similar to Garmin GPS updates in that they are free of charge.

Dynamic green and Hole views are retained from the previous version.

Accuracy improved on the Golf Buddy Voice 2 to within 1 yard.

📢 Need To Know: Battery life increased from 9 hours from the previous version to 14 hours on the Voice 2.

Closing Thoughts On The Golfbuddy Voice Golf GPS

Guessing the correct distance on approach shots and par 3’s can often lead to wrong club selection leading to increased scores and much frustration.

This GolfBuddy Voice GPS review provides detail to aid you in your selection of what is the best golf watch and the best distance finder 

The GolfBuddy Voice provides accurate distance to the green on more than 35,000 preloaded courses.

Auto-advance ensures that your distances are correct on the hole that you are playing.


Where are GolfBuddy rangefinders made?

GolfBuddy rangefinders are made in Santa Fe Springs, California. The company has been making high-quality rangefinders for golfers since 2003. GolfBuddy is committed to providing accurate and reliable products like GPS devices and laser rangefinders that help golfers improve their game.

Is GolfBuddy any good?

Yes, GolfBuddy is worth considering. They proved to be over 99.5% accurate, making them one of the most reliable options on the market. Plus, it’s easy to use and has various helpful features that golfers of all levels will appreciate. 

How long does GolfBuddy battery last?

GolfBuddy batteries can last up to 13 hours, so you can enjoy a full day of golf without worrying about running out of power. Even if you forget to charge your GolfBuddy overnight, you’ll still have plenty of juice to get through a round the next day. 

Can I replace the battery in my golf buddy voice?

Yes, you can easily replace the battery in your Golf Buddy Voice GPS. All you need is a device opener and a new 280mAh YK372731 Battery. If your Golf Buddy Voice GPS is still not working properly after you’ve replaced the battery, it may be time to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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