GolfPass Review: Is It Worth It in 2024?

GolfPass provides a wide range of golfing content to subscribers. With its association with GolfNow, it also allows you to book tee times on selected golf courses.

However, a growing number of subscribers are questioning, ‘is GolfPass worth it?’

We will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of the service offered by GolfPass and GolfNow to enable you to make an informed judgment whether it is worth it for you.

What Is GolfPass and Who Is It Suitable For?

GolfPass is a subscription service that provides access to a wide range of golfing content under a single subscription.

You get access to over 4500 on-demand lessons from pro golfers and coaches, plus 650+ hours of archived GOLF Channel shows, GolfPass Originals, and live streams, featuring Rory McIlroy and other coaches.

When considering GolfNow vs TeeOff, it’s worth noting that GolfPass members have their fees waived for tee times booked via either service.

📢 Need To Know: GolfPass offers $10 credit towards your tee time, travel tips, and credit at leading golf resorts as part of the subscription.

Looking at the offering it still raises the question “is it worth it?”

GolfPass Key Benefits

The GolfPass benefits, available with a monthly subscription, include:

  • Earn GolfPass Points for each round of golf you book, saving on future tee times and membership.
  • Access all GolfPass videos from anywhere with the GolfPass App
  • Coaching plans designed for your game set up by top instructors
  • Exclusive pricing on content for members only
  • $100 travel credit to be used at any of the affiliated golf resorts
  • GolfNow provides access to 19,000 courses across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and other countries
  • Exclusive member support
  • Includes a 1-year Peacock subscription, granting access to a wide selection of popular TV shows, originals, movies, and live golf.
  • Waived fees for GolfPass+ members on tee times booked via or

GolfPass Biggest Drawbacks

  • GolfPass is only useful if there are affiliated golf courses near you
  • GolfNow promotions are only available for “Hotdeals” rounds after 12 on Monday to Thursday
  • You have to pay an additional $200 per year to have the GolfNow booking fee waived
  • GolfNow convenience fee, ($3.49) excluding taxes, is applied for each golfer booked on GolfNow.
  • Reservations can only be canceled when the course is closed which they will verify with the club before refunding you
  • GolfNow promotions and rewards only apply to the person making the booking and not the group as a whole
  • A significant percentage of subscribers posted negative reviews regarding their experience with GolfNow

How Much Are GolfPass Subscriptions?

GolfPass+ vs GolfPass Video plans: Differences and Things To Know

If you’re wondering how much is GolfPass membership, there are three options to consider.

  • GolfPass Video monthly subscription is $4.99 / per month which will activate after a 7-day free trial and automatically renews every month until you unsubscribe
  • GolfPass Video annual subscription is $49.00 / per year which will activate after a 7-day free trial and automatically renews every year until you unsubscribe
  • GolfPass+ annual subscription is $99.00 / per year which will activate a 7-day free trial and also includes Peacock streaming service with membership.

All options provide:

  • 7 days of free trial period.
  • Exclusive access to instruction from top Tour pros and their coaches.
  • Explore beloved GOLF Channel classics like Big Break and Feherty.
  • Easily access all GolfPass videos on the go with the GolfPass App.
  • Live coverage of featured groups & fast-paced rounds
  • The service is available from anywhere on any device
  • Weekly updates to subscribers only

In addition, GolfPass+ Annual subscription offers:

  • Receive $10 in monthly tee time credits that can be used anytime
  • Access to Peacock streaming service as part of the membership
  • Fees are waived for up to 10 bookings with a maximum of 4 players per booking.
  • Secure tee time protection for up to 10 bookings
  • Earn and redeem GolfPass Points for more benefits.
  • Save $40 on a qualifying purchase at
  • Exclusive savings available only to members.

Tee Times

  • Same Day Replay
  • Green Fees discounted by as much as 20%

Golf Shop

  • Purchases exceeding $30 get 10% Off
  • Soft Goods comes with a 20% discount

Food and Beverage

  • Buy one get 2 drinks offer
  • Food and beverages come with a 20% discount


  • Double the normal amount of golf balls for the practice range
  • Complimentary range balls


  • $100 credit towards your next resort visit
  • Complimentary green fee replay

What Do Past Customers Say About GolfPass?

A sizable percentage (72%) of reviews about GolfNow rates their service as 1 star out of a possible 5 while only 18% rate them a 5-star service.

The consensus is that GolfNow deducts money from their accounts even when there is no reason for doing so. This mainly revolves around claimed “no shows”. The golfer has to dispute this and GolfNow will then confirm with the club that the golfer paid.

Another major complaint is that GolfNow sends emails to subscribers to rate a golf course that they never played, or at least not on the day GolfNow says they did.

GolfNow admits its mistake by posting a general message in the review.

📋 Keep in mind: Rounds cannot be canceled on GolfNow once a booking is confirmed. Other Online Tee Time Agencies (OTTAs) allow for this to happen up to an hour before the tee-off time at no extra cost.

GolfPass Connection With GolfNow Service (And Differences Between Them)

What Is The Difference Between GolfNow and GolfPass?

GolfNow is an online tee time agency (OTTA) allowing you to book a round of golf on any of the available golf courses charging a convenience fee.

GolfPass is a subscription service that offers benefits to its subscribers using GolfNow and other booking agencies.

These benefits include waived green fees and cancellation protection for GolfNow bookings, $10 in credits monthly towards tee time, instruction videos, travel tips, and a free gift with a subscription.

It’s important to note that there are some golf courses not on GolfNow, and therefore, these courses can’t be booked through GolfPass.

📢 Need To Know: GolfPass entered into an agreement with GolfNow, and other online tee time agencies, to provide booking facilities to GolfPass subscribers making it easier to access available tee times while on the GolfPass app.

GolfPass and Sky Q

Sky Q offers their Sky VIP customers access to GolfPass.

GolfPass on Sky Q allows you to access golf tuition from the world’s leading players such as Rory McIlroy, and professional coaches, Golf Channel films, and live feeds, exclusively to Sky VIP customers.

GolfPass Courses: How To Find Courses Near You

Finding and booking a tee time from the GolfPass app is quite straightforward. You can select several options to narrow the number of courses available for booking a tee time.


The default is your current location.

Start Time

Tee times can be selected. The default is set to 5 AM through 9 PM.


The price range you are willing to pay for your round ranges from $0 – $130+


The distance you are prepared to travel to the course. The default is set to 50 miles but can be increased up to 100 miles.


The number of golfers the booking is made for up to a maximum of 4.


The number of holes you want to play. It allows you to select any number or the standard 9 or 18 holes.

Can You Get GolfPass On TV?

GolfPass can be accessed on TV through various streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. By installing the GolfPass app on these devices and logging in with your GolfPass account, you can stream GolfPass content directly on your TV. and the GolfPass app provide live-streaming content in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Ireland for select golf programming.

📢 Need To Know: Please note that not all events are available in every country, and geographic restrictions may apply.

In addition, new subscribers gain access to Peacock, which streams live golf events as well as a variety of other sports, TV shows, movies, and other content.

How To Cancel GolfPass Membership

You can only cancel your GolfPass subscription within 30 days of purchase or if you have not used any of the GolfPass perks.

Canceling your subscription can be done via the customer care line 833-465-3847 during office hours.

Cancellation requests are normally done within 72 hours after the request was submitted.

Monthly subscription payments are non-refundable, and no credit will be given for partially used periods

📋 Keep in mind: Cancellation near the end of your billing period may be too late for the renewal to be processed. This will be refunded.

Is GolfPass Plus Worth It? Summary

NBC GolfPass is a reasonable subscription service that offers many of the same perks and benefits you can receive from other subscriptions.

Its association with OTTAs, especially GolfNow, could come back to haunt them considering the number of negative reviews GolfNow receives daily.

Did this answer your question on whether GolfPass is worth it?

Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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