Golftec Review: Is It Worth It?

Many people desire to improve their golf games, often weighing Golftec vs traditional lessons, while also considering practicing and getting fitted. Golftec, a company based out of Denver, Colorado, that has spread across the world lets golfers do exactly those three things.

The company has become popular for many amateurs to advanced golfers.

This article will review Golftec and determine if it’s worth spending money on the company and its instructors’ services.

What Is Golftec?

Golftec is a company with facilities that allow golfers to take lessons, practice and have professionals analyze their swings indoors.

Upon your first visit to Golftec, a representative will offer a swing evaluation for $125, which is part of the various Golftec packages you can choose from. After this evaluation, where you get tips, you can sign up for lessons based on your swing and skill level.

A personal coach will help teach you how to improve your swing and shoot lower scores.

How Does Golftec Work?

Personal Coach:

You’re assigned a personal coach at Golftec that you can meet with weekly, monthly or whenever there is availability. This coach will help you improve your swing and make the proper changes to your game so you become a better golfer.

Your coach will help you with any part of golf from putting, chipping, iron play to hitting the driver.

📢 Need To Know: Most of the instruction will be done indoors at the facility with the golf simulators, but the instructor can meet at the course sometimes for short game instruction.

Golftec Swing Evaluation:

Golftec’s swing evaluation is the main service provided by the company and it is what many customers enjoy.

The customer is able to receive feedback on their swing and figure out what they need to change in order to swing smoother and make better contact with the ball.

An evaluation is priced at around $125. A simulator and launch monitor will give you detailed results about your swing as well as your instructor who shows you what you’re doing right and wrong.

After the evaluation you can leave or begin a plan of lessons for a certain period of time.

Custom Fitted Clubs:

One of the benefits of Golftec is that the company offers custom club fitting services. The simulators, launch monitors and coaches tell golfers what angles and lengths their clubs need to be at.

There are tons of top-branded clubs available to try out in the building and different shafts and options to best suit each individual golfer.

The technology at Golftec along with it’s clubfitters can easily guide a player towards the right options.

The monitors at the facility function like a Trackman and give data regarding ball speed, smash factor, spin, carry distance and trajectory to name a few statistics.

💡 Golfible Tip: The club fitting session goes for around $100. It is worth doing it because you’d rather not spend $600-$1,000 on clubs that don’t fit properly and then turn around and sell them or play rounds of golf that could’ve been more enjoyable.

Motion Measurement Technology During Lessons:

Another detailed data collector that shows golfers and instructors how to improve a swing is Golftec’s 3D Motion Measurement Technology.

Electronic sensors are put on your shoulder and hips during your swing in the hitting bay. These sensors show the degrees of your shoulder turn, shoulder tilt and hip turn. These sensors can help in a variety of ways, for example, if you are swinging to inside-out or outside-in.

Another factor that can be corrected is the amount of sway at the top of the backswing. This can also be corrected with Golftec’s technology.

📢 Need To Know: Golftec defines sway as “movement toward or away from the target with the upper body and hips in relation to address”.

Online Access To The Golftec App/Clubhouse:

One of the nice things about Golftec is that every student has access to their lessons via the app.

The app and clubhouse allows students to view videos of their previous lessons. They are also able to view the data regarding their swing and attain information regarding their next lesson.

Most places that give lessons do not offer this interactive, hand on approach at a student’s fingertips.

📋 Keep in mind: Being able to view the stats at any time and see where to improve each week is a major plus in the long journey to achieving your golf goals.

How much are Golftec lessons, what do they cost, and how long do they last?

The initial swing evaluation, which is considered the first lesson and a key part of Golftec pricing, usually costs around $100-150 depending on the region. It is one hour long.

The initial swing evaluation, which is considered the first lesson, usually costs around $100-150 depending on the region. It is one hour long. After that, your coach will suggest a plan that can vary from five 30-minute lessons, to even a year-long deal with lessons and practice sessions.

Clubfitting can be from 60-90 minutes. Golftec evaluates your current equipment and analyzes your swing to set you up with the right clubs and shafts.

📢 Need To Know: You can purchase clubs from Golftec.

Is Golftec Good For Beginners?

It is really up to the person if they think it’s worth receiving services at Golftec as a beginner.

For someone who has never swung a golf club before, it might be worth practicing and attaining a grasp of the game before going to Golftec to analyze your swing. You need to at least have a swing before you can get one fixed.

Golftec is a good investment for a high-handicapper who can navigate their way around the course but wants to reach the next level. For example, breaking 100 or 90.

It is definitely not worth paying for a club fitting if you are brand new to the game of golf.

What Is Golftec University?

Golftec University is a thorough multi-week training program for its coaches to become certified.

At the training, the program aims for its teachers to master advanced swing techniques and teaches them how to become certified clubfitters.

The coaches are also taught how to use all technology used in Golftec facilities.

Does Golftec Do Trade-ins?

Golftec doesn’t do trade-ins at their actual facility, but does have a partnership with as a third party where you can mail in your clubs for money.

On, you can fill out a form to see how much your clubs are worth and then begin the trade-in process. You mail your clubs to 2nd Swing and receive a check after they are evaluated.

💡 Golfible Tip: You can use this to lessen the cost of the custom-fit clubs you purchase at Golftec after being fitted.

How Do Golftec Instructors Get Paid?

Golf Instructor salaries at GOLFTEC can range from $25,616 – $36,865 per year according to The hourly wage is around $15. Golftec workers rated the compensation and benefits package 2.9/5 stars.

Conclusion: Is Golftec Worth It?

So, are Golftec lessons worth it? They are definitely worth it for golfers who are trying to lower their scores and improve their swings to become consistently better players. With all of its technological resources, club-fitting capabilities and well trained coaches, it is worth a try by golfers of all skill levels.

Be sure to comment if you have tried Golftec and how your experience was.


Do you wear golf shoes to Golftec?

There is no particular demand of the golf game to buy those specific shoes nor any prohibition of any shoe brand. You should wear shoes that are soft and easy to wear in which you really feel comfortable while hitting the shot. However, tennis shoes and golf shoes are recommended.

Can you practice at Golftec?

Yes, you can practice golf at Golftec, but if you want to avail yourself of practice sessions at Golftec, you have to be a regular student and pay some charges for these practices. It does matter if you are experienced or skilled, you can avail of practice sessions at Golftec.

How long does a Golftec fitting take?

It will take approximately 60-90 minutes for irons fitting to launch a monitor and Golftec proprietary TECFIT software to dial in the perfect fit.

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