How Does Topgolf Work? Step-by-Step Guide

From Friday night fun to work events, Topgolf plays host to all sorts of individuals and golfers.

Some of the games available and the Topgolf fee structure can be a bit confusing though. 

In this article, we will provide you with a guide to Topgolf and explain how it works

How does Topgolf work and what is it?

Topgolf is a triple-decker driving range that features an electronic ball dispenser that gives players one microchipped ball at a time.

The establishment also features a large bar and a full kitchen. There are also gaming areas for children in most Topgolfs. 

Players are able to compete and play against each other in different types of games with a TV showing you stats such as ball location, distance, ball speed, and trajectory.

There is a small monitor that allows you to pick what type of game you want to play.

To play, you and your friends or family can rent a bay together. You have your own waitstaff as well who come by and deliver food, and drinks or extend your range session.

How does Topgolf scoring work?

To score points in Topgolf, a golfer must hit their ball into one of the gaps on the green.

The greens have flags like on a regular course. The closer they hit to the center gap, where the flag sticks out, the more points they’ll receive. 

The center gap with the flag is considered the bullseye. Making it in will give the maximum points possible.

There are multiple colored greens to aim at.

The greens are similar to electronic dartboards. Each green has a bunch of gaps with nets and when the ball makes it into the net, points are awarded.

A player can view the TV or monitor to see exactly where the ball went and how many points they received for the shot.

📢 Need To Know: There are different greens at different distances to aim at. The further away the green is, the more points you’ll receive for putting your shot on target. Some require a wedge, others a mid-iron or short iron, and others a driver or wood.

What are the key Topgolf rules?

The following set of rules is used directly from the Topgolf website

  • Follow the written rules that are posted as well as verbal and any instructions. Make sure to use common sense so you nor other people don’t get hurt.
  • All players must hit from the mat at all times. No running starts. (Topgolf is alluding to the movie Happy Gilmore starring Adam Sandler.)
  • The player who is hitting the ball in the bay should be the only person standing across the red line. The rest of the party should stand behind it. This ensures that no one gets hit during a backswing. Golfers are responsible for the people around them so they should look around before they hit the ball.
  • When hitting, only aim for the targets. Obviously not at other golfers or the moving cart, or if someone decides to break the rules and run onto the range itself. 
  • Do not hit balls over the net. Any player who hits the ball outside of the net and damages a vehicle, or building, or injures someone is liable and responsible personally. The micro-chipped balls report to the system that they’ve been hit outside of the nets.
  • Throwing the golf balls is not allowed.
  • Any Guest under 16 years old, or under 18 after 9 p.m., must always be supervised by a guest over 21.
  • Players must stay behind the yellow line at all times. Please take extra care when playing from upstairs bays.”
  • If an item is lost or stolen Topgolf is not responsible.
  • The next few rules are common sense unwritten rules:
  • You can’t throw golf clubs onto the range.
  • Try not to overdrink because an accident can happen.
  • Don’t lean over the bay or jump into the protective net. Serious injury can occur if you somehow went over the protective net and fell onto the range.

Do you need to be an experienced golfer to play at Topgolf?

No, you don’t have to have any experience golfing to play at Topgolf. The company lets in any level of golfer, even people who have never swung a club in their lives. 

Many people ask: Is Topgolf fun if you don’t golf?

Even if you don’t golf, you’ll be spending time with friends or family and there should be a lot of laughs and smiles throughout the experience. 

There are couches and seats to sit on and a table for each bay so everyone can gather around and enjoy adult beverages or a meal.

The favorite thing most people order is the injectable donut holes. Your waitress or waiter will provide you with the flavored jelly to inject into the holes.

📢 Need To Know: Topgolf also offers lessons so if you haven’t tried golf taking a lesson can help launch your golf journey. 

How To Win At Topgolf and Beginners Tips

Winning at Topgolf is extremely fun, especially during a friendly rivalry with your buddies.

How to be good at Topgolf and beat your opponent?

The following tips should help you out. 

One tip is if you’re aiming for a target, aim short so the ball can roll out into one of the gaps.

You would rather miss it short and have the ball roll into the target and gather points than miss long and overshoot, therefore earning zero points.

Another tip is in game modes where certain shots give double points, take more time, and put a lot of focus into those shots so you can maximize points.

A third and final tip is when playing a game mode where the furthest targets provide the most points, don’t always pull a driver or wood and aim for the far targets.

It is harder to make them in these. It is a high-risk and reward scenario but it’s a lot easier to miss the far targets.

Aim for shorter and medium targets that are easier to hit. You’ll have a better chance of getting it closer to or inside the bullseye. 

How much does Topgolf typically cost?

Topgolf costs differ from location to location and on the day of the week as well as the time of day.

For example, here is a chart from the Las Vegas Topgolf showing the variations in prices.

FloorDay of the Week9 am to Noon12pm to 5pm5pm to Closing
(12am or 1am)
1st and 2nd FloorMonday thru Thursday$30$45$60
1st and 2nd FloorFriday and Saturday$45$60$75
1st and 2nd FloorSunday$45$60$60
3rd FloorMonday thru Thursday$45$60$75
3rd FloorFriday and Saturday$60$75$90
3rd FloorSunday$60$75$75

Reserving a bay will be as low as $5 in other locations depending on the time of day and week. Use the link below to check pricing at your location.

You must pay a one-time membership fee of $5 to play at Topgolf. This applies to everyone and will give you club rentals for life.


The membership fee in the UK is £1.

In the UK, it is usually £9 per game for adults that are 16 years or older. Monday through Friday there is a special where if you buy one game, you receive another free until 11 am. 

There is also a deal where you can buy 3 games for £13 on Mon-Fri from 11am – 4 p.m.

Juniors under the age of 16 in the UK can play for £8 and are also offered special deals during certain hours on weekdays.

Memberships with different levels and varying features are available at multiple price points. They range from platinum club to platinum elite. Check them out in the link below as an example.

What sort of games can you play at topgolf

What is Topgolf gameplay? It’s actually a specific game in the list of many games.

Below are descriptions of different games from the official Topgolf website.


In this game, Topgolf’s signature game, players earn points when hitting balls in any target on the range. If your shot is closest to the center and further in length, you can earn more points. 


In TopScore, you get rewarded for aiming at the farther flags. This high-scoring game provides you with opportunities to score more points in bunches. Similar to Topgolf, the further the target and closer to the middle awards you many points.


In TopShot, the goal is to hit different targets during different rounds of the game. For example, you’d hit five shots to the red target and then five shots to the rest of the colored targets.

📋 Keep in mind:  It’s crucial to be accurate in this game mode. Missing the target many times proves to be costly. If you hit it to the wrong target you actually are deducted points. 

Closest to the hole

Closest to the hole entails taking 9 approach shots on well-known courses throughout the world.

The objective is to land closest to the pin. You and your opponents’ total distances will be tallied. The lowest distance wins. If you hit a ball into a hazard or the rough you will lose points. 

There are many other games including Angry Birds, Quick 9, and Top Drive to name a few. Check out the full list of other games at Topgolf here.

What clubs to bring to topgolf or should you rent?

Many people ask is it weird to bring your own clubs to Topgolf. 

They think that others will judge them for showing up with their full set of clubs and bag.

If that’s what you want to do then go for it. Obviously, you don’t need your putter and if you were to bring a tour-style staff bag, expect laughter and looks headed your way


How many balls do you get at Topgolf?

You receive an unlimited amount of balls at Topgolf from the machine that dispenses them. What’s limited is your time to an hourly rate.

Is topgolf outside or inside?

Topgolf is considered both inside and outside. There are heaters for the winter when it gets cold and there is cover in case of rain.

How long does a game of Topgolf last?

It lasts as long as you want it to. As long as you pay the bay fee at its hourly rate.

What’s a bay at Topgolf?

A bay is a small area with a piece of turf, a ball dispenser, Toptracer that tracks the ball, a television, and couches.

Can you drink alcohol at Topgolf?

If you are of legal age you can be served alcohol at Topgolf. This includes beer, wine, and liquor.

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