How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? Tips for Extending Their Life

Unfortunately, there are too many variables to fit into a single response when looking at the longevity of golf cart batteries.

We have created this article hoping that it will help explain once and for all why you shouldn’t ask the question, “How long will this golf cart battery last?” and if you do, why the answer you receive could be wildly inaccurate.

homer simpson explains that there are many variables that impact how long a golf battery's life is

So How long do golf cart batteries last?

It is impossible to give precise numbers to answer how long owners can expect golf cart batteries to last because the answer depends on a host of variables that entirely depend on individual circumstances (we will go into those in the next sections).

As a very rough estimate, and assuming their owners have properly cared for them, then batteries in commercial-use golf carts might last between four and six years, while batteries in personal-use golf carts might last from six to ten years.

Looking after your golf cart battery (usage)

The two types of golf cart users

There are two kinds of cart users:

  • those who own their personal golf carts
  • those who hire a golf cart as and when needed.

Personal-use golf cart batteries don’t have to take a hammering–but they often do just the same

Personal-use golf carts (the industry calls them private carts) do the same two or three golf rounds, not in a day, but in a week at most–and sometimes, not even that frequently.

The burden on these carts, therefore, can be considerably less. However, some owners drive their golf carts to and from the golf course, which tacks on the miles–and consequently, the wear-and-tear–considerably.

Commercial-use golf cart batteries take a hammering

Commercial-use golf carts (the industry usually refers to them as fleet carts) can have to do two or three golf rounds a day at the height of the golfing season.

Drivers are more inconsiderate with these units, putting the peddle to the metal, aircon blasting, and radio turned up to the max. Each of these activities puts a strain on the cart’s battery pack, adding to irredeemable wear and tear.

The other thing that debilitates commercial-use carts is that each is usually packed with a full complement of golfers, catering to business and social golfing groups of three or more per round.

Factors affecting golf cart battery length

Looking after your golf cart battery (maintenance)

Correctly looking after batteries means:

  • maintaining the proper level of the battery’s electrolytes (commonly referred to as battery ‘water’)
  • keeping the battery topped up when it isn’t in use (i.e., keeping the battery fully charged),
  • never leaving the battery completely run down (fully discharged).

📋 Keep in mind: This last is a big no-no, and one extended period of a few weeks in a state of complete discharge will render many types of batteries as dead as dead dodos.

Looking after your golf cart battery (battery load)

Few things are smoother than a fully loaded golf cart on a golf course.

Headlights, taillights, high-end HiFi with quadrophonic (or even better) speakers, a complete CB radio kit, air-conditioning, drinks cooler with ice dispenser, and a smorgasbord of gauges to monitor the cart in real-time

All this indisputably adds to the cart’s wow factor, but each of them is also an extra drain on the cart’s batteries.

The more a battery drains, the more it needs to be recharged, and the more it goes through the charge/recharge cycle, which means the quicker it will reach the end of its serviceable life.

📢 Need To Know: The number of recharge cycles is the primary limiting factor of a battery’s lifecycle.

Afterword: How long do golf cart batteries last?

Well-cared-for batteries in moderately used fleet golf carts can last up to six years.

With the same due care and attention and assuming the same average usage, batteries in personally owned golf carts can last for up to ten years.

The big “however” in both of those estimates is that no one can confidently say what the dependent factors of care and usage will be in any particular case.

In a very real sense, asking, “How long do golf cart batteries last?” is like asking, “How long is a piece of string?”

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How do you know when golf cart batteries are dying?

You can tell that a golf cart battery is dying if you notice a decrease in driving distance, weaker power, longer charging times, decreased acceleration, visible damage or corrosion, or low electrolyte levels.

How far will a golf cart go on a full charge?

The range of a golf cart on a full charge varies based on factors such as battery type, terrain, speed, and weight. A standard 48-volt golf cart can go up to 20-25 miles, while some high-performance electric carts can travel up to 50 miles or more on a single charge.

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