How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Golf Cart? Avoid Overpaying!

Painting a vehicle can take a lot of time and money, but that doesn’t mean painting your golf cart has to be the same way.

In this article, we’ll discuss painting your golf cart, such as how much it costs and how long it takes.

You’ll also learn how you should prepare your golf cart for painting, what types of paint you can use to paint your golf cart, and much more.

Let’s dive into how much it costs.

How much should you pay to paint a golf cart?

The cost of painting your golf cart depends on whether you choose to do it yourself or pay a professional. Both options have their own pros and cons.

For under $100, you can achieve a brand new paint job on your golf cart yourself. If you choose to have your golf cart professionally painted, however, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars, up to $1,000 or more, depending on your desired color and/or pattern.

While paint doesn’t necessarily cost that much for a golf cart’s small size, you’ll be paying mostly for labor when it comes to a professional paint job. The labor is something you’ll do for free if you paint the cart yourself.

What factors determine the cost of a golf cart paint job?

The paint you choose will determine the overall cost.

If you want a higher quality paint, you’ll be paying higher prices.

Your location, the size of your cart, and the color scheme you choose will also affect cost. The more intricate your design, the more you’ll pay for preparing that design.

One cost that many people forget to factor in is the cost of trailering your golf cart to the paint shop.

This, of course, only applies if you have it professionally painted.

Trailering the cart yourself can save money, especially if you are comfortable with doing that.

Most state laws prohibit golf cart use on public roads, so driving to the paint shop might not be an option.

Can you spray-paint a golf cart?

Yes, you can spray-paint a golf cart. In fact, it’s a cheap way to get a new paint job on your favorite golf cart.

If you do choose to spray paint your golf cart, you’ll need to have at least 3-7 cans of spray paint to get full coverage of 2 coats.

You’ll also want to purchase acrylic latex paint, which can be applied with or without a primer.

What should you do before painting a golf cart?

Professionals typically go through a golf cart’s bodywork before painting it by repairing any damage and sand-blasting the original paint away.

They will then prepare the paint for primer before shooting it with the base coat.

How long does it take for a painted golf cart to dry?

Golf cart paint, like automotive paint, can take up to a day to dry completely.

However, if you spray paint the golf cart, it should dry within the time specified by the paint manufacturer’s directions.

Can you paint a golf cart with automotive paint?

Yes, many professionals use automotive paint to cover golf carts. Most automotive paints are laid down on a primer and include a clear coat as well, but you can also have single- and two-stage paint, too.

Alternative to Painting Golf Cart: Wrapping/Decal

Many golf cart owners choose to wrap their carts instead of painting them. Not only is it easier to install, but it’s also a cheaper alternative as well.

Wraps are more delicate in some ways. Sharp sticks, branches, and other poky objects can pierce right through the wrap with ease.

Then again, these objects can also scratch automotive paint, which is a bit harder to repair if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The golf cart can also be customized with decals which are decorative stickers.

How long does it take to paint a golf cart?

The answer to this question depends on how intricate the paint job is. Most paint jobs can be applied within a few hours time if you’re applying a primer, base coat, and clear coat.

That being said, most of the time preparing for a paint job is spent on repairing and smoothing out the bodywork for the paint. This is why many people choose spray paint, which is much easier to apply and doesn’t necessarily require body work.

📋 Keep in mind: Most professional golf cart painters will want your golf cart for at least a few days to paint it. This way they can do the bodywork, paint the golf cart, and then go over the final product before delivering it back to you.

What kind of paint do you use on a golf cart?

You can use spray paint to paint your golf cart.

However, most people opt for acrylic latex paint.

This type of paint is first applied as a primer. On top of the primer coat, a base coat is applied.

Many people choose to lay down two coats of base paint for added durability. Then, you’ll want to apply the clear coat, which will protect the paint from daily use.

Can you have a custom pattern painted on a golf cart?

Yes, absolutely you can. Many golf cart owners take the opportunity to customize their golf cart when it gets repainted, whether it’s a pattern, picture, or particular color scheme.

How do I maintain my golf cart’s paint?

Maintaining your golf cart’s paint is similar to automotive paint.

You can buff the paint and shine it up with wax after washing it to keep it like new.

If you spray-painted your golf cart, simply keep it as clean as you can. If you do find there are scratches that pop up, have an extra can ready to touch that spot up.


What kind of paint do you use on a golf cart?

For painting a golf cart, it’s important to use high-quality automotive-grade paint that can withstand outdoor exposure, such as acrylic enamel or urethane-based paint. These types of paint provide durability and protection against the elements, making them a good choice for golf carts.

Can you spray-paint a golf cart?

Yes, you can spray-paint a golf cart. It is a popular way to customize or update the look of a golf cart. However, it is important to properly prepare the surface by cleaning, sanding, and priming before painting to ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish. It is recommended to use high-quality acrylic spray paint to paint your golf cart.

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