How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Golf Cart: Your Ultimate Guide

Wrapping golf carts is something that has taken off in the world of customization, allowing owners and families to make a statement as they stroll through the neighborhood. 

If you are considering wrapping your golf cart, you may be interested to know what the average costs are and what types of factors will influence these costs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Golf Cart Today?

If you are looking to wrap the average four-seat golf cart, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $350 on average.

For a two-seat golf cart, the cost is a little less, between $150 and $250 on average. This is an average depending on the following types of available wraps.

  • Labor cost
  • Type of wrap (typical pattern or licensed)
  • Size of Golf cart

Some wraps are more expensive than others because they are licensed, and permission is required to use them. Not all patterns have that need for approval.

Keep in mind if you use a logo or a brand, you can expect to pay more. Purchasing these wraps often comes from the company directly, costing more than standard patterns purchased in bulk. 

We have also created a full guide on the best golf cart wraps available today.

What Types of Wraps Are Available

There are several types of wraps to choose from when you are considering the options available:

  • Standard average patterns such as tie-dye and checked patterns
  • Licensed Sports Teams
  • Camouflage (both non-licensed and licensed brands)
  • Retail and Grocery brands with logos

Whatever style you want to put out there on your golf cart, your options are pretty much open. You have to keep in mind what is required when you take on licensed branding and logos displayed on your golf cart. 

Is It Easy to Wrap a Golf Cart?

Wrapping a golf cart can be easy once the wrap is ordered. It is applied with a bit of patience so that it is even and displays the image correctly.

Once it is wrapped, you do not have to let it dry or wait before driving your golf cart. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Wrap

1. Consider something that you or your family are passionate about when choosing a wrap. 

2. List out several wrap options if your first choice isn’t available. 

3. If you are on a budget, wrapping is cheaper than painting. 

Deciding to go with the wrap-over paint is a practical option and one that is becoming popular. Customizing a golf cart is excellent for many, but you don’t want to put a lot of money into it. 

What Is The Difference Between Wrapping and Painting a Golf Cart?

You may be wondering if is it cheaper to wrap or paint a golf cart.

The answer is wrapping and there are several differences that will explain why.

If you attempt to paint an image onto your golf cart, you may not get it right with a free hand.

You would need to be an experienced artist to make a custom paint job or hire someone to get the images you are looking for. 

With wrapping, you can get a perfect look and pattern for your golf cart, and it is applied easily.

Paint jobs require several steps to ensure it is correct while wrapping only has a few steps.

If you did want to paint your golf cart, you would have to go with acrylic paint to meet the durability demands. Most of the wrap used on golf carts is vinyl and matches the durability of the acrylic paint. 

Will The Wrap Hold Up Compared to Paint?

While a standard paint job can last up to 10 years with quality paint, you can get close to that with wrap.

Since vinyl wrap is the most commonly used for golf carts, you can expect to get at least 6-7 years out of the wrap you choose before having it done again with the same or a different pattern. 

At that time, you can choose to upgrade your wrap to a different design, or you can opt to have it painted if you have a larger budget. 

Alternatives to Paying For A New Golf Cart Wrap

If you are looking to purchase a used golf cart, you could find one that is already wrapped and within your price range.

If you are looking to get a customized golf cart, there are some affordable options available.

They are just a few years old. 

With one that is already wrapped in a pattern you like, you do not have to worry about the extra expense of having it done right away. 

Are You Ready To Get Wrapped?

Depending on the size of your golf cart and the pattern you are considering, you could pay a few hundred bucks for a good wrapping job on your golf cart.

That is significantly less than a quality paint job, and you can expect it to last almost as long. 

Wrapping your golf cart allows you to step outside the box and add a new dimension to your golf cart with patterns or branding.

Wrapping is a great way to advertise your business or become a promoter for your organization. 

It is durable on your golf cart and can withstand different weather elements and exposure to the sun regularly. Wrapping is also a better option for those who are on a budget.


How long does a golf cart wrap last?

A typical golf cart wrap can last up to 7 years, but it depends on several factors such as the quality of the wrap material, weather conditions, and how well it is maintained. Regular cleaning and avoiding harsh chemicals can help prolong the lifespan of the wrap.

How do you remove a golf cart wrap?

To remove a golf cart wrap, use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the vinyl material, then slowly peel it back from one corner. Keep the vinyl at an angle to the golf cart’s surface to avoid tearing. Clean off any adhesive residue with a solvent like rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover.

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