How To Organize A Golf Bag: Never Waste Time Searching Again!

When a golfer is out on the course they usually want to shoot their lowest score which takes a lot of mental focus throughout the round. Having an organized golf bag and being able to easily find clubs, gloves, and balls can help make life easier for a golfer. 

This article will explain the best ways to store clubs in a golf bag (4, 6, 8, and 14 slot bags covered!).

How to organize a 4-way divider golf bag

Many golfers ask the question: How should I arrange my golf clubs in my bag? 

In this section, we will explain a step-by-step golf bag layout of where to put each item for a 4-way golf bag.

After this section, we will delve into bags with more slots. 

Step 1: Layout everything

Empty the bag and lay out each item separately which includes clubs, balls, clothing, accessories, and snacks.

Step 2: Where to place your clubs

Put your two woods and driver along with the putter on the top divider. Then your long irons are on the middle right divider.

Next, put your other three irons in the center left divider. Lastly, put your highest number (shortest) irons and wedges in the bottom section. 

Step 3: Clothing items

Place your folded clothing in the large apparel pocket of the bag. Don’t mix in anything else in this portion of the bag, especially tees, pencils, food, and drinks. Tees can poke holes through apparel. Pencils can do the same as well as stain mark them with lead. 

Food can get all over your clothes and obviously, fluids can soak them and make them unwearable should a bottle leak or spill. 

Golf gloves can be stored in a ziplock bag or velcroed outside the bag. Golf glove holders are convenient to own also. Your glove shouldn’t be crinkled up or stuffed among sharp items. 

Step 4: Golf balls

Keep your golf balls separate in their own small pocket. Keep tees in a different section because you don’t want to poke yourself when you reach in trying to find a ball. 

Step 5: Valuables

Accessories such as your wallet, keys, and phone should be placed in the valuables pocket that has a soft fabric inside. This part can be waterproof on some bags. 

You don’t want to accidentally knock any of these items out and lose them out of a different pocket when searching for something. 

Always keep the zipper closed for the pocket containing your personal items. 

You also wouldn’t want golf balls bouncing around on your phone or golf tees and pencils making contact with a leather wallet.

Step 6: Tees, pencils, and markers

Put your tees, pencils, and markers together in one area. Make sure to not place your glove here. These items can’t damage each other but they can create holes in a glove. 

Step 7: Food and drink

Food should be placed towards the top of an extra pocket if possible. Having food stashed deep in the bag can cause certain items to melt or spoil.

The same goes for liquids so they stay cool. Many bags have cooler pockets to put your water bottle or beverage in. 

If you find yourself having an adult beverage on the course then keep a bottle opener in your golf bag. 

💡 Golfible Tip: You can also ask for a cooler to be attached to the cart if provided by the course. 

The following video by Golfbidder showcases a guide on how to organize your golf bag.

What Differences Exist When You Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag?

A 14-slot golf bag has an individual slot for each club since the standard amount of clubs carried for a tournament or round is 14 total clubs. 

The difference between this and others is that the clubs won’t be hitting each other and will not be grouped together.

Make sure to keep your irons in numerical order with the taller ones starting at the top working your way down the bag to your middle irons and the shortest irons at the bottom. 

Your putter can go at the top or bottom. Many 14-slot bags have an individual slot to place your putter in. 

Your driver and woods will go at the very top. 

📋 Keep in mind: There will be many more outside pockets on this type of golf bag than one with fewer slots. Make sure to identify which pocket is which because it can be easy to lose items. 

The following YouTube video by Sports Ruby explains how to organize a 14-way golf cart bag and details where to place each club.

What Differences Exist When You Organize A 8-Slot Golf Bag?

An 8-slot golf bag will also provide a lot more separation and room for your clubs compared to a 6 or 4-way bag. 

Golf club placement in the bag is extremely easy in an 8-slotter. Just about every pocket will be holding two clubs each. 

The way to organize it is similar to the others.

You should place your driver and 3-wood in the top center slot, followed by your hybrids in the middle left area, your 4- and 5-iron in the center middle slot, and your 6- and 7- in the middle right section.

The four slots on the bottom will be used for 8- and 9-iron, pitching wedge and gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge, and the last pocket for your putter. 

There will be many pockets similar to the 14-way bag so be sure to memorize where each item belongs so you aren’t digging for items while your playing partners are sitting there waiting for you to play your shot. 

The following list and photo make it easier to understand how to organize a bag with 8 slots.

Slot 1: Driver and 3 Wood

Slot 2: Hybrids

Slot 3: 4-iron and 5-iron

Slot 4: 6-iron and 7-iron

Slot 5: 8-iron and 9-iron

Slot 6: Pitching Wedge and Gap Wedge

Slot 7: Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge

Slot 8: Putter

What Differences Exist When You Organize A 6-Slot Golf Bag?

Since there are only six dividers on a 6-way bag we will describe how to organize it in six simple steps. 

  • Step 1: Put your driver and 3-wood in the top center section of the bag.
  • Step 2: Stick your woods and hybrids in the next two slots that are below. 
  • Step 3: Place your irons in the next two slots that are considered the middle bottom dividers. 
  • Step 4: For the last bottom slot, you’ll store your wedges and putter here. 
  • Step 5: Put your clothing items in the long and large pocket of the bag.
  • Step 6: Keep your tees, balls, and other accessories in the remaining smaller pockets. For a rangefinder, clip it on one of the zippers or on the handle and make sure to always put it back in its case after use. 

How to organize golf bag pockets

Since there are so many pockets on golf bags it’s important to know where each item is located so a player can easily and quickly find what they need during a round. 

Study the different sizes and different locations in terms of convenience and place the smaller items in the small pockets and the bigger items in the larger pockets. Small items can get lost in bigger pockets and there’s no use in cramming a sizeable item into a small area.

How do you keep your golf club from chattering?

There are multiple ways to keep golf clubs from clanking against each other.

The easiest way if you want to keep all clubs from making contact is by buying a 14-slot golf bag. Each club will be protected by dividers and have space between each other.

If you want a bag with fewer dividers then make sure to purchase head covers for your drivers, woods, hybrids, and putter. Be sure to put them back on after each use rather than tossing them in the back of the cart. 

💡 Golfible Tip: If you are super conscientious about irons chattering then you can buy iron covers but be ready to be the laughing stock of your golf group. 

Benefits Of An Organized Golf Bag

Golf bag organization can lead you to focus more on playing the game of golf and shooting low scores rather than trying to find misplaced items. 

Knowing where everything is and each item has a storage spot of its own can save you time and bring you the tranquility of not worrying about where something is and having to look for it.

There isn’t solely one proper way to organize a golf bag but the methods we’ve explained in this article work fantastically. 


How many dividers should a golf bag have?

It’s up to the player themself how many dividers he or she wants for their bag. Some people prefer 14 slots to store each club and others prefer four because the bag is usually lighter and smaller. 

There isn’t an exact number of dividers needed for a bag.

How many towels should be in a golf bag?

It is recommended to carry two towels in your golf bag. You can use one for wiping down clubs or balls and to remove mud or condensation from them.

The other one can be serviceable for keeping your golf grips dry, wiping away sweat, or cleaning your golf shoes.

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