ICON Golf Cart Review (Key Facts and Expected Cost)

ICON Electric Vehicles is a relative newcomer to the industry. While they don’t have the name recognition of some of the big players – Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha, for example – they’re quickly making a name for themselves.

Let’s talk about ICON – who they are, what they do, and what kind of value they’re bringing to the market.

We will also break down each golf cart model at Icon so you know which one is best suited to your needs.

Who Are ICON?

Based in Tampa, FL, ICON Electric Vehicles was established in 2017.

ICON isn’t worried about being a newcomer to the market – they’re confident their carts can stand up to the very best that the Big Three have to offer.

Their main selling points include:

  • Street legal – all Icon golf carts models are street legal approved in the majority of American states so they are not just for the golf course.
  • Customization built-in – their golf carts include customized features as standard which you will pay extra for with competitors.
  • Warranty – 2-year manufacturer included with purchase.

Does ICON Offer both Gas and Electric Golf Carts?

As you may have guessed by their full company name – ICON Electric Vehicles – ICON golf carts come only in electric models.

But don’t let that be a deterrent. From the sounds of things, they’re manufacturing their electric carts to keep up with their gas counterparts.

Plus, as more and more golf courses and municipalities lean toward electric-only mandates, ICON’s product offering may be ahead of the curve.

How Much Does an Icon Golf Cart Cost?

Since ICON sells its golf carts through a network of distributors, prices aren’t readily available on the website, although you can request a quote.

📢 Need To Know: Research indicates ICON carts are priced between $8,000 and $14,000, depending on the model and distributor.

Top Speed of Icon Electric Vehicles Golf Carts

Icon golf carts typically max out at 25 mph. Check out the video below to see a test drive of the Icon i60L where the driver reaches 25 mph.

Icon Golf Cart Range

different icon i20 golf cart models displayed on a white background.

Their base model is the i20, and it’s a nice-looking cart right off the line. ICON says their carts come fully loaded, so there isn’t the level of customization that some of the other top manufacturers offer. There are multiple color options with this 2-seater cart.

Check out the full specification list below for more info.

🔍 Do you need room for more than two in your cart? If so, ICON’s got you covered. Let’s talk about their line of i40 golf cart models: the i40, the i40L, and the i40F.


different models of icon i40 electric golf cart showcased on a white background.

ICON’s i40 model is somewhat similar in looks to the base i20 model, but with some premium features included as standard on this four-seater. The i40 has a different roof from the i20 as well as side mirrors. And, of course, it seats four.


The ‘L’ stands for Lifted. This means the 140L cart has a raised height. This allows the cart to have bigger and wider tires.

Those bigger tires will give you added speed and power. The i40L height will also give you added clearance if you decide to go off-road.

Pictures on the ICON website highlight the bigger tires, an upgraded suspension, a front bumper guard, and premium seats.

📢 Need To Know: Like the i40, the i40L model seats four, and quite comfortably on those premium seats, it looks.


The i40F has a look very similar to the i40, but with a bit of a longer frame that allows the two back seats to face forward.

If you need a cart with room for more than four, ICON still has you covered.

different versions of i60 golf carts displayed on a white background.

Their i60 seats six, with model variations that follow what they did with the i40 – an i60 L and i60 F.

ICON doesn’t stop there for those that need even more room. Their i80 model seats – you guessed it – eight.

icon i80 golf cart electric golf cart on a white bakground.

Unlike both the i40 and i60 lines, ICON doesn’t currently offer any variations to the base i80.

ICON’s impressive lineup also includes a couple of utility golf cart options – the i20U and the i20UL.

📢 Need To Know: Their utility lineup follows the same naming structure that we’ve seen in the i40 and i60 lines. The i20U is their base utility model with the i20UL offering a few more features upfront.


where are iCON golf carts manufactured?

They are mostly manufactured in Tampa, Florida, where ICON Electric Vehicles is based. Although they are primarily assembled in Florida and have no other outlets outside of the United States, the original ICON golf carts were previously manufactured in Mainland China, and many of the parts are imported from China and other Asian countries.

What is the range of an ICON golf cart?

ICON golf carts can go 25 to 50 miles on a single charge with a fully charged 48-Volt AGM battery. However, the per-charge range is greatly dependant on the terrain over which the ICON carts are frequently operated, as well as the battery level. As the battery life drops, so does the range.

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