Is Sonocaddie Out Of Business?

If some of you golfers and Sonocaddie members are having issues accessing the Sonocaddie website or having trouble downloading Sonocaddie software downloads for its golf gps’ there is a reason for that.

This article will explain what the Sonocaddie company entailed and good alternatives to switch to if you used any of their products.

Is Sonocaddie Still In Business?

Despite being a reputable GPS maker and yardage measurer for many years, Sonocaddie’s golf gps brand has shut down.

The company’s website has been unavailable since October 2020.

This was proved using the wayback machine archive or just trying to reach the site.

The last screenshot of the website being active in 2020 is featured in the link here from Wayback Machine archives. It is clear there haven’t been any recent updates.

What Was Sonocaddie?

Sonocaddie was a golf company that made golf gps’ with interactive screens that allowed users to visualize the entire layout of fairways and holes.

The device gave exact yardages from wherever a player measured on the course.

A detailed layout was given of the fairway, hole, bunkers and water hazards. It made it easier for golfers to see where they should hit the ball according to certain distances and yardages.

The display was fully colored on certain models making it easy to notice details.

There have been seven popular Sonocaddie products released.

Some of the most popular are the Sonocaddie XV2 released in 2008 and the Sonocaddie V350 plus which was made available to the public in 2011.

Other popular products from the company include the Sonocaddie V300 and SonoCaddie V500.

In these 3 years, the brand utilized technological advances and practically turned a flip phone into an iphone.

Sonocaddie garnered many users around the world to trust in their product to give them the proper club selections around the golf course.

What If I Just Bought A Sonocaddie Product?

Since there are a plethora of new GPS’ and rangefinders available on the market no one should be looking to buy a Sonocaddie product.

If you purchased a Sonocaddie GPS recently you should definitely return it as quick as possible since the organization shut down and isn’t adding new courses to the database.

The only way it would be worth acquiring one would be if you play the same courses and you don’t care about updating it and loading new courses onto the device.

💡 Golfible Tip: A second-hand Sonocaddie can be bought for a reasonable price compared to a Garmin or SkyCaddie.

Best Alternatives To SonoCaddie

A few great GPS alternatives to the Sonocaddie are the Garmin Approach S20 golf watch and the Garmin Approach G80.

The S20 is a compact watch with black and white graphics that make it easily manageable to see yardages and pick out the right club for an approach shot.

The Approach G80 is a more sophisticated handheld device with color that allows you to see the layout of the entire hole and document statistics.

Check out the link here to our Golfible article for the best golf gps’.

Different people have different preferences.

Some prefer the visual outlook with gps’ and others would rather use a click and shoot rangefinder for a more exact number.

Two great picks aside from the Sonocaddie in terms of rangefinders are the TecTecTec VPRO 500 and the Precision Pro NX7. These two options are more affordable. A third option that is more top-end is the Bushnell Tour V4 Slope.

All three products have slope options for a more accurate reading.

The first two products are simple products and lesser-known than Bushnell. The Tour V4 has a vibrating effect when you lock onto the pin to show the exact yardage.

Here is the link to our Golfible best rangefinder article.

📋 Keep in mind: If you’re playing in a tournament because certain competitions disallow the slope feature.

If you’re not looking to spend any money on a gps or rangefinder, there are great apps that can be downloaded for free with premium features available for purchase.

Three great options that show entire layouts of holes are Golflogix, SwingU, and 18birdies.

Golflogix’s premium package even shows the break of the greens and SwingU uses Google Earth for its primary view.

Why Is The Sonocaddie Website Down?

There is no concrete reason as to why Sonocaddie shut down, but the logical thought is due to golfers being able to access yardage finders in apps for free on their phones rather than purchasing a product.

The company more than likely lost a ton of revenue once smartphones and apps became more prevalent.

If a consumer did purchase a product, rather than use a Sonocaddie, they bought laser rangefinders to point and shoot at the target.


Sonocaddie was one of the first companies to create a revolutionary golf gps but after technology evolved and more people bought rangefinders the demand dropped. Their items are still worth a look if you stick to local courses but are more often than not, not worth purchasing.

Be sure to mention in the comments if you’ve owned a Sonocaddie or other golf yardage measuring device and describe your experiences with them.


Can I still get a sonocaddie v300 battery replacement?

Yes, you can still get a sonocaddie v300 battery replacement from physical or e-stores like Amazon or eBay. However, after replacement, charge the battery to full before using it.

Can I still download sonocaddie v300 software?

Yes, if you’ve lost the previous version of sonocaddie v300 software, you can download it from  the official Sonocaddie website, ManualsLib, or Freedownloadmanager. However, downloading the software again means you won’t have access to the previously downloaded drivers and programs.

Can I still download sonocaddie v500 software?

Yes, you can download Sonocaddie v500 software from almost all online stores. These stores include Official Sonocaddie, Amazon, softadevice, etc. You can get it from there and enjoy a new world of exciting golf courses and drivers.

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