Jade Putters Review: Are They Worth It?

Jade putters are extremely rare putters not often discussed or put in play by the golf community.

There aren’t club tests by major magazines or many reviews online to be researched by golfers.

They are a mystery to many players and golf aficionados. 

In this article, we will explain what jade putters are, where you can buy them, and how they are made. 

Jade Putter Features (What Are Jade Putters/How are they made?)

Jade putters are putters that are made from crystal quartz and fossilized vegetation also known as petrified wood.

Nephrite jade outcrops are locations where the putter makers find veins of nephrite to build the putter heads

Larger stones are selected so a carver can create four to five putter heads out of the object.

Wyoming is a good place to find nephrite rocks to make jade putters. There are different colors of rocks including black, white, and green.

  • After selecting the rock, the carver breaks the rock into smaller pieces so it is easier to mold. This can be done with a sledgehammer.
  • The designer then uses a rock saw in some instances to make the pieces even smaller. 
  • A coolant is then poured on the stones to preserve the color. 
  • Next, the jade is anchored in a wooden jig and is cut to a certain degree to form the sides of the putter head. 
  • A back section is then cut off so the club has a clearance off the ground during the putting stroke. 
  • Any excess uneven corners are removed to formulate the head so it can be hit smoothly. 
  • The product is nearly finished at this point as the designer sands the object so it is even in all places and maintains its symmetry. 
  • The stone is then polished so it looks presentable in appearance. This process can take about two hours. 
  • A hole is then drilled into the stone at the top at a 20-degree angle so a putter shaft can be inserted. 
  • A laser is then used to put the brand name on the putter. This can be used to also personalize it and add a customer’s name. Epoxy is put into the hole and the shaft is placed at an angle to be comfortable for a golfer’s standard putting stance. 
  • Lastly, the putter is cleaned and inspected and then sent to be sold at a store. 

📢 Need To Know: Some stones used to create the putters are billions of years old. It takes ages for these hard and fibrous crystalline structures to naturally form.

Are Jade Putters Any Good:

Jade Putters are used mainly for show. Like any putter, if you practice with it long enough to obtain a good feel on the greens and align your putts, hit them straight, and have distance control, then a jade putter can be useful. 

Regular stainless steel and titanium putters built specifically by top brands such as Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, and Odyssey have been tested thoroughly with feedback.

These are better options if you are trying to shoot low and be more consistent. 

Why use a jade putter

Some golfers who are interested in owning a jade putter ask: What’s so good about a jade putter? There or both benefits and drawbacks to putting one in your bag.


  • You will stand out from your peers on the golf course.
  • The golfer playing a jade putter is essentially using and owning a “piece of art.”
  • You can develop a different kind of feel vs. traditional putters.
  • They are made from expensive and natural materials such as nephrite and gemstone.


  • You will likely pay much more for a jade putter rather than a standard putter.
  • It will take a lot longer to get used to than a traditional putter.
  • You will have to take a lot more care of it so it doesn’t get scratched up or damaged.

Who Makes Jade Putters?

Michael Schulte, who passed away in 2020, was one well-known jade putter maker in the United States. He started the business: Wyoming Jade Putters. 

Schulte ran the company from his workshop at his residence. He used gemstone and jade from the state of Wyoming to build the heads. Schulte only sold about five per year but it was his passion to design the putters.

Cheyenne-based Jade Putters LLC is another company that sells Jade Putters. 

Where are Jade Putters for sale and What Is Their Average Cost

The best place to purchase Jade Putters is eBay (see link here). Especially since they are so difficult to find. Jade putter prices vary from around $150-$1,500 depending on the quality of the materials.

Do Any Pros Use Jade Putters Or Have They In The Past?

Jade putters are not used by any professionals and they have not been used in the past.  The most common material used to make putters is stainless steel. Popular putter brands such as Scotty Cameron and Ping use stainless steel. 

Jade putter history

Jade putters don’t have a well-documented history. They did grow in popularity when they appeared in 2012 on the Science Channel’s show: How It’s Made, which showcases the process of starting from scratch to polishing off the final product.

Jade Putters LLC was the company featured in the episode.


Can you still buy Jade Putters?

The official Jade Putters website is inactive, indicating that they are no longer available for purchase directly. However, it may still be possible to find Jade Putters for sale on online retailer sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Is Jade A Gem Or A Stone?

Jade is a gemstone that is typically green in color and is composed of either or both of two different minerals, jadeite or nephrite. Although it is often referred to as a gemstone due to its beauty and value, it is still classified as a type of stone. Jade has been used for decorative and ceremonial purposes for centuries.

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