Melex Golf Cart: Everything About The Vintage Ride!

More common in international markets, the Melex golf cart is an electric option that has been around since the 1970s. 

This golf cart brand was modeled behind the ever-popular E-Z-Go golf carts. They began as antique three-wheel carts and later moved to a four-wheel model. 

Where are Melex Golf Carts Made?

The Melex golf cart is made in Mielec, Poland. There is a 75-year history with this golf cart brand. 

Below is the history of the Melex golf cart and what you need to know if you decide to purchase one used soon. 

The Early Days of Melex

Founded in Poland, this golf cart brand set the stage for the golf cart industry in Europe. Until 1994, all the models that were in production were electric. 

They were equipped with a seat brake that activated each time the driver got out of the cart. In 1994, the first gasoline line was introduced. 

This was in response to the growing trend of gasoline carts in North America. At that time, some carts and their parts were being shipped over to the U.S. to be assembled and sold. 

Melex Makes History

A good bit of info on the Melex brand is that they pioneered the modern solid-state motor speed controller for golf cart manufacturers. This was a big thing back in the 1980s, which forced all the other golf cart manufacturers to boost their production. 

Is the Melex Golf Cart Still in Production?

Yes, you can find brand-new models of the Melex golf cart, but they are almost all found internationally in Europe.

Only a few seem to make their way over to America. This is simply because of the similarities of other brands already here. 

Will The Melex Cost About the Same If It’s A Used Cart?

Since the Melex is similar to the E-Z-Go carts that are affordable, their cost should be about the same.

Some of their models are a bit different and made with higher quality features, increasing their value. 

Tips For Choosing a Melex Used Cart

Before you decide to go with a Melex-used golf cart, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the best decision. 

  1. Parts will need to be imported since it is an international brand. 
  2. You can choose between gas and electric models. 
  3. It may or may not have a serial number. 

Importing parts from Europe for this golf cart can be more expensive than other brands.

Your cart could be out of commission for a few weeks instead of days waiting for the right part to ship. 

Parts or even used golf carts that need to be imported will also have a higher price tag. This means that American brands will be cheaper for purchase and parts later when it is time for maintenance. 

Melex is like other models, though, having the option to choose between electric and gas models. Most of the models found in the United States will be used and will be one of the more affordable options.

The Melex golf cart carries 48 volts, which is standard for an electric golf cart.

Some electric golf carts are lower-powered at 36 volts, but the Melex will always have the higher-powered option. 

One of the most significant controversies surrounding Melex is the lack of serial numbers on their used golf cart models.

In many ways, you have to identify the general age of the golf cart by assessing the features.

Since there are only a handful of different models, the year range can be at least a decade or more for some models. 

That will give you an idea of when the Melex model was made in a range.

If you still are not sure, you can contact the company with pictures of your golf cart and see if they can provide you with more information. 

💡 Golfible Tip: If there is a serial number available for this golf cart, it will be around the engine tag. 

Can I Customize A Melex Golf Cart?

Since you are looking at different golf cart options, you may be curious about your options for customizing the Melex. You have the following options no matter what the brand:

  • You can wrap your golf cart
  • You can put bigger tires on your golf cart

If you want to add further customizations like rear-seat changes or a lift kit, you need to see what Melex has available.

It would not be safe to put a different brand’s lift kit or custom seat with their specific dimensions. 

Since all the parts are made in Poland, you will need to reach out to the company directly to see what types of accessories and options you have available for your Melex golf cart.

You may be able to do even more with your customization or find that it is not worth the cost of shipping. 

Is a Melex Used Golf Cart A Good Idea For Me?

If you are in an area where there are a lot of used Melex golf carts, like the Arizona area then yes.

They have a distribution center there and you may be able to find the parts you need and not spend an excessive amount on maintenance.

If you don’t, however, you may find that the international brand will not be the best fit for your family and what you are looking for. 

Considering a Melex?

Since Melex isn’t an overly popular golf cart brand in the United States, you would have to live in an area that is somewhat common before considering one of them for purchase.

You have to keep in mind that someone needs to work on it if you are not a mechanic, and the cart’s parts should be accessible. 

The Melex is an excellent brand but you need to be aware of the commitment that could come with an international brand.

Once you can narrow down the age of a Melex golf cart, you can determine if it is the right move or not.


Who makes Melex golf carts?

The Melex company, which is based in Poland, is the manufacturer of Melex golf carts. They have been producing electric and gas-powered golf carts, as well as other electric vehicles, since 1971.

What years were Melex golf carts made?

Melex has been producing golf carts since 1971, and they continue to produce them today. Over the years, the company has produced a variety of models with different features and capabilities, including electric and gas-powered carts.

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