Nitro Golf Balls Review: Can They Help Your Game?

The ever-increasing cost of golf balls and other premium accessories is making it difficult to play regularly. This is especially true for beginners that have to invest in clubs and tend to lose golf balls during the learning phase.

Nitro Golf, previously known as Nitro Leisure Products, has been in the golfing industry for more than 25 years but the brand is still unknown to many golfers.

This is changing rapidly as they supply budget-friendly golf balls that are long off the tee.

These golf balls are ideally suited to golfers requiring extra distance off the tee including beginners and golfers with lower swing speeds.

This Nitro golf balls review will look at the most popular golf balls in the Nitro range and how it stacks up against some of the premium brands.

Are Nitro golf balls any good? Features and Benefits of 3 Main Versions

Nitro golf balls provide excellent value for money in a competitive market for affordable golf balls.

The description of what is inside a Nitro golf ball explains why it offers good distance for the money.

So, what is in a Nitro Golf Ball? Most Nitro golf balls are made with their High Energy Titanium core that is surrounded by their cover made from 50 percent rubber and 50 percent surlyn.

This will be explained in more detail in the sections allocated to each golf ball. Their 3 best offerings are:


Nitro Crossfire with its High Energy Titanium core is focused on maximizing energy transfer from club to ball to create more distance.

The outer cover is made from 50 percent rubber and 50 percent Surlyn with an innovative dimple pattern for maximum distance off the tee without sacrificing feel and softness on and around the green.

Crossfire golf balls with their aerodynamically engineered dimples slice through the air boosting speed while maintaining a steady trajectory.

The use of DuPont lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover coating on the Nitro Crossfire balls prevents scuffing making it durable to last a few rounds.

Unfortunately, Nitro Crossfire golf balls are only available in white.

The compression of the Crossfire at 70 makes it one of the softer golf balls in the Nitro collection.

📋 Keep in mind: Nitro Crossfire golf balls may be soft compared to their distance golf balls but feel hard when compared to the soft premium golf balls.


  • Affordable Nitro Crossfire balls are available in a box of 45 and are currently priced at under $25.
  • Crossfire balls are easier to control than the harder distance balls in the range
  • Compression rating of 85


  • Despite being hard and the High Energy Titanium core golfers feel that they do not the distance on offer from popular branded golf balls
  • Crossfire golf balls are only available in white

Ultimate Distance

Ultimate Distance golf balls made by Nitro have the same reactive 2-piece titanium core as used in the Crossfire range. Nitro claims to maximize the energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball, generate less spin, and provide stability in windy conditions.

Drag is reduced through the use of an aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design. This also increased lift and decreased drag allowing for farther shots.

Its Dupont Lithium Surlyn coating improves its durability compared to other brands in this category.

Nitro’s Ultimate Distance golf balls are USGA approved and conform to all USGA rules.

It is aimed at all levels of golfers but has not made a major impact in the market servicing better golfers and professionals.

Colors range from White, Orange, Pink, and Yellow.

A 15-ball pack of highly visible balls can be picked up below $10.


  • 2-piece construction
  • Excellent value for money
  • Vibrant colors make it easy to find


  • These balls are extremely hard and are not suitable for elite golfers.
  • The dimple design makes it difficult to control the spin rate on Nitro balls
  • They lack the workability required by elite golfers

Maximum Distance

Similar to the previous two balls reviewed, the Maximum Distance is another 2-piece construction with a titanium core to create maximum energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball.

Nitro golf ball compression of the Maximum Distance balls is set at 85 rating to provide a soft feel while the dimple design improves lift and drag for shots that travel farther.

The Dupont Lithium Surlyn® coating improves the durability of the Maximum Distance option.

Available in pink, white, and green for maximum visibility.


  • USGA approved for competition play
  • A 12-pack sells for as little as $10 which is great pricing for a tournament-approved golf ball


  • These balls are rock-hard and impossible to control the spin
  • It bounces and will be extremely difficult to control on a hard course


Whiteout golf balls from Nitro offer a 2-piece construction designed for golfers at all levels. However, it will be more popular with beginners and high-handicap golfers than single-digit golfers.

It provides peak performance distance off woods.

The White Hot Core with a 70 compression rating is covered by a surlyn cover and a Dupont Lithium coating to provide for long-term durability. Semi-translucent covers are available in Orange, Pink, White, and Yellow for the best visibility in the industry.

Low compression core delivers the softest feel of the range of Nitro golf balls.

Dimples with their aerodynamic and symmetrical design promote increased lift and lower drag for a high-flying trajectory that provides extra distance.

Nitro Whiteout golf balls are USGA, and R&A approved and can therefore be used for competition play.


  • Excellent visibility
  • 2-piece construction
  • Dupont Lithium coating enhances durability


  • Spin rate is not comparable to premium golf balls
  • Lack of spin results in low workability

💡 Golfible Tip: Out of the balls reviewed above the Crossfire is the best suited for beginners that need any help they can get to hit the ball farther.

Nitro Maximum Distance and Long Distance Peak Performance golf balls are approved by the USGA and R&A for tournament play. Other balls in the Nitro stable are only approved for recreational and practice rounds.

Nitro Golf Balls vs Titleist Golf Balls: Key Differences

The Nitro golf ball is more durable than Titleist golf balls range due to its use of the Dupont Lithium Surlyn® coating.

Golfers that want workability from their golf ball will not enjoy Nitro golf balls as it lacks the workability of TaylorMade golf balls. This is a result of the difficulty to control the spin rate on Nitro golf balls.

Priced at the low end of the pricing spectrum enables any golfer to play a new Nitro golf ball without having to take a loan from the back for every round while Titleist golf balls are amongst the priciest golf balls on the market.

Beginners, golfers with slower swing speed, and high handicap golfers that place distance ahead of feel will enjoy Nitro golf balls as they are out-and-out distance balls.

Titleist golf balls are aimed at better golfers that want workability from their golf balls and are not dependent on extra distance.

Who makes Nitro golf balls?

Nitro Golf is owned by Reliable Knitting Works, yeah, I know it’s a wonderful name for an aspiring golf brand.

They are based in Stuart, Florida, USA. However, the back of the box indicates that the golf balls are manufactured in China and refers to a mailbox in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nitro Golf is one of the fastest-growing golf companies that won’t compromise performance.

📢 Need To Know: Their philosophy is to put customers first and to listen to customer feedback whether it be price or performance-related.

How many dimples does a nitro golf ball have?

Golf balls typically have between 300 to 500 dimples on any branded golf ball.

The best-selling golf ball, Titleist Pro V1, has 352 dimples, TaylorMade has 322 dimples and Callaway has 332 dimples.

Nitro is not forthcoming with the number of dimples on their golf balls, but the USGA-approved balls will have a number within the legally allowed limits.

A Different Budget Alternative: Kirkland

The Kirkland Signature golf ball is Costco’s answer to premium golf balls offering ample distance and low spin off the tee without losing out on the feel on and around the green.

Its 90 compression provides a feel that rivals that of the best-selling tour golf ball, Titleist Pro V1.

Kirkland Signature golf balls provide ample ball speed and roll to generate the distance required.

Its affordable price allows golfers to experience what it would feel to play with the best golf ball available without damaging their budgets when losing a ball.


Is Nitro a good golf ball?

Nitro golf balls are an affordable option for beginners and high handicappers, but they may not offer the same performance as more expensive balls for more experienced players. Their low price and decent distance make them a decent choice for those starting out, but those looking for more spin, control, and consistency should opt for higher-end balls.

Do Nitro Golf balls go further?

Nitro golf balls are designed to travel further due to their lower compression core and aerodynamic design. However, the distance a golf ball travels is also influenced by factors such as swing speed, clubface angle, and wind conditions.

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