Oversized Driver Grip

There is a lot of talk in the online golf community about thick driver grips. Are there any benefits or reasons why an oversized grip on driver would be more suitable than others?

While they exist for a reason and have benefits for individual players, they are not necessarily better overall. In a little bit, we’ll discuss who they’re best for and why.

Why do Some Drivers Have Oversized Grips?

Oversized grips are beneficial in a few cases. Some players have larger hands and find it difficult to get a good hold on regular-sized grips. Senior golfers who are unable to get a strong enough hold due to ailments like arthritis can benefit from a larger grip as well.

Certain trajectory types can be affected by using larger grips. If you’re a draw player, oversized golf grips are said to help you straighten out your shot.

However, if you’re a slicer, then larger grips may exacerbate the problem.

Ultimately it comes down to the comfort and feel of the shot.

📋 Keep in mind: If you’re unsure of how to hold a driver comfortably due to the size or strength of your hands, oversized grips may be a better option

Advantages of Oversized Driver Grips

  • Suitable for players with large hands
  • Can help straighten hook shots
  • More comfortable grip for players with hand strength issues

Disadvantages of Oversized Driver Grips

  • Makes “turning over” a little harder
  • Could exacerbate slices
  • May offer too much of a “cushy” feel for regular-sized hands

Do Any Pros Use Oversized Grips?

While the vast majority of professional golfers are sticking with traditionally sized grips, a few players use oversized handles on their sticks.

Both John Daly and Bubba Watson have used slightly larger grips in their days.

One of the most notable cases is K.J Choi, who switched his putter grip to a larger option. He has credited much of is tour success to the increased size of his grip on the putter.

Many professionals are experimenting with larger grips on various clubs, but it remains that regular-sized grips are the norm on the PGA Tour.

Best Oversized Grip for a Driver

The best-oversized grips for a driver, in our opinion, are the Golf Pride CP2 Wraps. The jumbo driver grips weigh 78 grams, have a thicker lower hand, and a super soft feel.

They may be the best grips for drivers, especially for golfers who need a little more size in their hands to help control their drives.


If you’re struggling with the comfort and feel of your driver’s grip, it may be time to try out a large driver grip and see how it feels. If you have any comments or questions, you can leave them in the section below.


What difference will a bigger driver grip make?

Oversized grips can help make a difference for golfers with large hands. They don’t have to grip it too tightly. It allows them to maintain a comfortable grip and make better contact leading to crisper shots with high trajectory and added spin.

What is the difference between oversize and Jumbo golf grips?

The difference between oversize golf grips and jumbo golf grips are that oversize grips are slightly bigger than standard grips. Jumbo golf grips are the largest size available.

Are Oversized driver grips suitable for high handicappers?

Oversized grips are suitable for any level of golfers. Golfers with larger hands can benefit by not having to squeeze a smaller grip so tight. This helps them at impact and throughout their swing. 

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